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Students express their school spirit differently and unexpectedly. 




Troy State University 

Troy, Alabama 36082 

Volume 84 

After the announcement of Homecoming Queen, Daphne Coleman is surprised. 

Alumni, students and fans join together to support the Trojans. 


2 ■ Studenl Life 

Student Lite ■ 3 


n the past. 
Troy State 
University has 

provided students with a 
progressive environ- 
ment: suitable for social 
activities and suitable 
for both personal and 
physical improvement. 

Troy State 
opened its doors and 
welcomed more than 
5,000 students during 
1994-95. An increasing 
number of TSU students 
managed personal 
challenges including 
jobs, families and 
spouses and academic 
challenges such as term 
papers, final exams and 
grade reports. The pace 
of college life never 

From the newly 
equipped recreation 
facilities to the new and 
improved intramural 
playing fields, unex- 
pected change filled the 
air. The unexpected 
theme captured all of 
these unique moments at 

Tiffany McNeal and Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. during a game. 

4 ■ Studenl Life 

I SI' siiuli'iiis read io a winning season. 



TSU students join the new T-Roy. 

Student Life " J 

Students approve of the new T-Roy. 

6 ■ Opening 

TSU fans show their spirit at a football game. 

Opening " 7 

very year, 
student enroll- 
ment expands 
on Troy State Univer- 
sity's campus. In an 
effort to meet their busy 
schedules, students 
strive to balance 
classes, work and a 
social life. They do so 
with the goal of accom- 
plishing the dream of 
getting a college de- 
gree. Students at TSU 
found during the 1 994- 
95 year that preparation 
for the unexpected was 



Homecoming 10-17 







New at TSU 


New at TSU 


State/Local News 


International News 








Honors Convocation 38 

Track runners show their support for their 2nd favorite sport 

TSU students 

8 ■ Student Life 

take a break on Wednesday nights to view the latest movies. 

Student Lite ' 9 








Celebrating occurs on and off the field. 





Student Life 

'The 1994 Homecoming 
week was nothing but one big 
"Trojan Spirit Celebration." 
With more activities than ever 
before, this year's Homecom- 
ing festivities had the largest 
attendance and student partici- 
pation in Troy State history. 
Some of the activities of this 
eventful week included Spirit 
Day, the Appreciation Day 
Parade, lunch under the tents 
and a victory over Charleston 

Trojan fans enjoy lunch under the tents. 

Daphne Coleman, Camie Trail and Maria Race show their spirit in the 1994 Homecoming Parade. 

Student Life 






12 ■ Student I ,ife 


The alumni hand entertains the crowd at half time. 


Balk ^Tki'S'i" 


I he alumni majorettes get hack into the swine of things. 

Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. congratulates Terry L. Butts, Thomas Harrelson and James Rowell. 

^During Homecoming, Troy 
State proudly recognized three 
Alumni of the Year. These awards 
are based upon a high standard of 
personal living, professional 
achievement, community service, 
service to the University and to the 
National Alumni Association. The 
Alumni of the Year for 1 994-95 
were Terry L. Butts, Thomas 
Harrison and James Rowell. 
Terry L. Butts, a 1979 graduate 

of TSU, is serving his third six-year 
term on the 1 2th Judicial Circuit where 
he once served as judge. He was also 
the Democratic nominee for the Ala- 
bama Supreme Court. 

Thomas Harrison, who graduated 
from TSU in 1966, served as dean of 
student development services at 
Wallace State Community College in 
Dothan. He has also taught on both 
high school and college level. In 
1978, he was selected Outstanding 

Young Educator for Montgomery. 

Since James Rowell's graduation in 
1 958. he has worked in all levels of the 
government. Presently, he is the assis- 
tant finance director for the state of 
Alabama. Rowell is also the past presi- 
dent of the Montgomery Metro Ex- 
change Club. 

Student Life ■ 1 3 

Camie Trail congratulates Daphne Coleman at Skit Night. 

The Queen and her court: from left, Maria Race, Tracey Bennett, Daphne 
Coleman, Christine O'Reilly and Holly Turney. 

jviosl girls have a childhood 
dream of becoming a queen. For 
Daphne Coleman, that dream came 
true during Homecoming 1994 
when she was chosen to reign over 
the Homecoming festivities. 
Coleman was involved in Alpha 
I'm Omega drama society, the TSU 

Gospel Choir, the Pied Pipers 
children's theater ensemble and 
served as a pre-college orienta- 
tion leader. She was also a mem- 
ber of the Alpha Kappa Alpha 
sorority and served as a resident 

Student Life 

(Daphne Coleman 

Student Life ■ 15 





Band members play an important part in Homecoming festivities. 


Student Life 

fMany of the Homecoming ac- 
tivities centered around the 50th 
anniversary of the end of World 
War II. Everyone in the community 
was given the opportunity to learn, 
as well as have fun, at this year's 
festivities. Some of the special at- 
tractions included the World War II 
Symposium, the aircraft display al 
the Troy Airport and the flyover by 
WW II planes. 

Clayton Henderson and Richard Britt and the Burbash yard display. 

Students get involved at the Pep Rally. 

Student Life ■ 17 




Everyone loves to picnic with family and friends. 

at the 


1 8 ■ Student Life 

Cooking out before the big game is a must 

'Troy State had a new hot 
spot on campus this football 
season, Trojan Tailgate Ter- 
race. Sometimes as early as 
the day before a home game, 
faithful fans and alumni would 
gather at Tailgate Terrace in 
their campers with all of the 
family and friends they could 
find. Game day brought more 
fans, filling the Terrace with 
coolers, grills and picnic blan- 

Trojan fans enjoy hanging out at Trojan Tailgate Terrace. 

Student Life ■ 19 

The Hill Crest House provides a substance free environment for students. 

Hill Crest 

20 ■ Student Life 

'The Troy Stale Universit) Mill 
("rest Mouse was dedicated Jan. 
26. 1995. This addition to the 
campus offers a new and ret resil- 
ing change to "dorm life." The 
Hill Crest House is a wellness 
residence hall. It is a 14-occu- 
pancy cottage that pro\ ides a 
substance-free environment for 
students. "Wellness involves 
taking a holistic approach to 
health by molding physical, 
mental and spiritual health into 
one philosophy," said Dr. Jack 
Hawkins Jr. "The emphasis goes 
beyond exorting students to ab- 
stain from unhealthy behavior to 
a program that teaches students 
about alternatives and forms the 
values that lead to decisions for 


Hill Crest House was dedicated by the Hill Crest Advisory Board and Dr. Jaek Hawkins Jr. 

Student Life ■ 2 1 



Fashion show models strike a pose for a worthy cause. 

fears of yesterday... 

22 ■ Student Life 

I ■ ■ 1 
•■ ■ ■ 

^^m.4& ■nrntt r ' Bu ■ 

fl I^^M 1 K ^fl -■ ■ iff' 9 1 I 



^^^^HS^ ' '^^^^^^^^^^^^^ 



s— - 

Members of the African American Alliance sponsor an annual talent and fashion show. 

The African American Alli- 
ance of Troy State University 
celebrated Black History 
Month with the Night of Color 
Talent and Fashion Show. The 
theme for the evening was 
"From Fears of Yesterday to 
Dreams of Tomorrow." This 
theme was depicted through a 
five-act skit tracing the history 
and triumphs of African- 
Americans from slavery to the 
present day. along with a fash- 
ion show of four scenes dis- 
playing the latest trends in ca- 
sual and formal wear. 

Skits are another part of the Black History Month celebration. 

to dreams of tomorrow \ 


Student Life ■ 23 

Trojan fans love to hang out at sporting events. 

'There are millions of places to 

hang out on the Troy State Cam- 
pus. Students can be found "hang- 
ing" anywhere from Fraternity 
Row to the Computer Labs to the 
Art Department. Troy State Uni- 
versity has something to otter stu- 
dents from different backgrounds 
and from all walks of lite. There 
is something or somewhere for 


24 I Student Life 

♦ ** 

«■ ■ 

Hr/' * * « .7.7 •>*••»•• » • • • / • • • ::::::: 




Crashing on the couch is always an option. 


—4 1 



r " 


r ^rl 


m *%■ 




' VI »• 




^ wTLa 


■ , 1 

1 fB 

•. ■ 

ft jjr^ 

^ ft 


Hah y 





g» i 


\ w \ M 








r ^- 


s ^ 






1 ( 


^ > ^^f «* ., 

^ ^ P*J 

1 r 

_ t 





**3 ii t& 






► ^ 




The Grill offers good food and a place to meet new friends. 

Student Life ■ 25 





A new student parking lot makes life easier for some. 

ITie University Store gol bigger and better. 

26 ■ Student Life 

This year brought many 
changes to the Troy State cam- 
pus. One of the greatest changes 
was the move of the Grill from 
the Adams Center to Stewart 
Hall. This move helped save 
thousands of dollars in renova- 
tion fees and aimed at conve- 
nience for students. 

The new parking lot beside 
Alumni Hall was long awaited ad- 
dition to the Troy State campus. 
The 166 space lot solved some of 
the parking problems. 

In the Adams Center, changes 
included the Trojan Room taking 
the place of the Grill, and the Uni- 
versity Store and the Recreation 
Room trading facilities in order to 
make more room for the Univer- 
sity Store, which now sells text- 

TSU students find a new location for the Grill. 

Student Life "27 




O.J. Simpson has spent most of his life in the public eye, but nothing could have 
prepared him or his tans for the role he would play in 1994. Simpson was accused 
of brutally murdering his ex-wife Nicole and her friend, Ronald Goldman. The 
nation followed O.J. down California's freeways and even into the courtroom via 

telex ision cameras. 


28 ■ Student Life 


II ■ 

Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley, a match made in tabloid heaven. The 
only child of one of the two biggest stars in rock history married the other 
biggest star in rock history. After dodging the press for weeks, the newly weds 
made a very public coming out: they opened the MTV Music Video Awards 
ceremony, live from the Radio City Music Hall. The couple held hands and 
exchanged a long kiss for the wildly cheering audience. 

'This year was filled with fascinating 
headlines. From a surprise wedding to 
baseball strikes to a murder trial. 1994 
had it all' 

The 1994 baseball season ended early 
when owners and players could not 
agree on a contract. It was the first time 
since 1904 that the World Series was 
not played. 

Forest fires swept across more than a 
dozen Western states while Tropical 
Storm Alberto hit the South unloading 
more than 20 inches of rain. 

Nelson Mandela was elected to gov- 
ern the violent country of South Africa, 
ending white minority rule Mandela is 
the first black South African leader. 

Refugees fleeing the dictatorial re- 
gime of Fidel Castro were refused entry 
into the United States. President Bill 
Clinton ordered U.S. ships to intercept 
those fleeing Cuba and they were de- 
tained at the U.S. Navy Base in 
Guantanamo Bay. 

After centuries of being enemies, Israel and Jordan finally made peace. Israeli Prime Minister 
Yitzak Rabin and King Hussein of Jordan shake hands on the South Lawn of the White House. 

Student Life ■ 29 


■ ■ ■ 

The 68th Miss America was 2 1 -year-old Heather Whitcsione oi' Birmingham, Ala. 
Miss Whitestone, who has been deal' since she was IS months old. became the first 
hearing impaired contestant to win the title. Alter receiving the crown, she saids "I 
love you" amidst thunderous applause from the audience at the .Atlantic City Con- 
vention (enter. 

30 - Student Life 

The torch was passed in the summer of 1994. After hearing about the legendary rock festival from their parents for 
years, a new generation seized the opportunity to create their Woodstock. From folk music to heavy metal, the 
weekend concert in Saugerties, NY. was filled with music 24 hours a day. 

Andre Agassi was one of the best known participants in the 1994 
U.S. Open, but a year of a largely indifferent attitude toward tennis 
left him unseeded and unheralded. So everyone was amazed when he 
won the tournament— including Agassi. 

This was a year full of ups and downs, 
wins and losses but most importantly it 
was a year full of adventure. 

The United States served as the host 
for the 1994 World Cup Soccer Compe- 
tition. The U.S. team lost to Brazil in 
the second round and an estimated two 
billion people worldwide watched Bra- 
zil defeat Italy 3-2 in the finals. 

Jon Secada came back from a disap- 
pointing 1 992 debut album with a smash 
in 1994. "Heart, Soul & A Voice" 
became an instant hit. 

Michael Jordan made the career move 
of the year when he signed a contract to 
play minor league baseball for the Chi- 
cago White Sox. By the time the season 
ended, it was clear that the 31 -year-old 
rookie outfielder still had a long way to 
go before he'd be ready for the big 
leagues so he returned to the NBA. 

Student Life "31 

At the Box Office 

■ ■ ■ 

1. Timecop 

2. Forrest Gump 

3. Clear and Present Danger 

4. Natural Born Killers 

5. The Mask 

6. Milk Money 

7. Corrina, Corrina 

8. The Lion King 

9. The Next Karate Kid 
10. True Lies 

Top Video Rentals 

32 ■ Student Life 

The Client 
Blown Away 

When a Man Loves a Woman 
I Love Trouble 
Renaissance Man 
Guarding Tess 
Beverly Hills Cop III 
Wyatt Harp 



Top Ten 



1. The Hits 

Garth Brooks 

2. Dookie 

Green Day 

3. II 

Boys II Men 

4. Hell Freezes Over 


5. Vitalogy 

Pearl Jam 

6. Smash 


7. My Life 

Mary J. Blige 

8. Crazysexycool 


9. MTV Unplugged in NY 


1 0. No Need To Argue 


Hot Rap Singles 

Big Poppa/ Warning by the Notorious 


Get Down by Craig Mack 

Tootsie Roll by 69 Boyz 

Cocktales by Too Short 

5. I Never Seen A Man Cry by Scarf ace 

6. Flava In Ya Ear by Craig Mack 

7. Whutcha Want? by Nine 

8. Bring the Pain by Method Man 

9. Kitty Kitty by 69 Boyz 

0. Mad Izm by Channel Live 

Rock Tracks 

1. Don't Tell Me by Van Halen 

2. Better Man by Pearl Jam 

3. Bang and Blame by R.E.M. 

4. When I Come Around by Green Day 

5. You Wreck Me by Tom Petty 

6. You Don't Know How It Feels by Tom Petty 

7. Bridge by Queensryche 

8. Inerstate Love Song by Stone Temple Pilots 

9. Thank You by Jimmy Page & Robert Plant 

10. Unglued by Stone Temple Pilots 

Garth Brooks 

Country Hits 

1 . Gone Country by Alan Jackson 

2. Mi Vida Loca by Pam Tillis 

3. 'Til You Love Me by Reba McEntire 

4. Goin' Through the Big D by Mark Chestnut 

5. Not a Moment Too Soon by Tim McGraw 

6. I'll Never Forgive My Heart by Brooks & 

7. You and Only You by John Berry 

8. Doctor Time by Rick Trevino 

9. Night Is Falling In My Heart by Diamond 

0. This Time by Sawyer Brown 

Stone Temple Pilots a 

Student Life "33 





■ i 

Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. leads the commencement faculty walk. 

Members of AFROTC stand with pride. 

34 ■ Student Life 

The future is a new 


* - •• ' i 

*■«.'. - ^n 


- * *x.«j«r^T^^ *f vi l 

J^^^jtgj M^W^SiiN 

'The American Heritage Dic- 

tionary defines graduation as 
the "...receipt of an academic 

degree or diploma marking 

^H ^fl ^"^1 » ^Mi^k. .^^^^MV^ 

completion of studies," but 


» ^ ^k ^| 

graduation is much more. It is 


J' 1 

the day that students spend so 
much time and dedication striv- 
ing for and the day parents 
dream about. It marks the end 
of an era but most important, it 
marks the beginning of a new, 
frightening and thrilling adven- 
ture. Commencement is 
merely the ceremony that rec- 
ognizes those students who 
have gone the distance. The 
real test is the road that lies 

, J * 1 


Congratulations are well deserved for the class of 1995. 

Graduating seniors look to a promising future. 

and editing adventure. 


Student Life ■ 35 





• t 


The Troy Boy Scouts are among those who come to help out. 

Canoe rides, barbecue and wildlife exhibits arc all part of the celebration. 

36 ■ Student Life 

The 1995 Earth Day celebra- 
tion was April 17-22 and was 
sponsored by the SGA, the 
Environmental Club and the 
Chamber of Commerce. The 
week was paeked with exciting 
events for all ages. Some 
activities were tree planting at 
the Arboretum, a mountain bike 
tournament and the Troy City 
Clean-up. The 25th Anniversary 
Earth Day Celebration was 
definitely a success with approxi- 
mately 40 different organizations 
participating and more than 500 
bags of liter collected. 

— — — — — — — — — 

People of all ages come to enjoy the fun at Earth Day 1995. 

Student Life "37 





Gordon McKerral congratulates journalism student Rhonda Salter. 

38 ■ Student Life 

Guest speaker Dr. Samuel Hav inspires and encourages all students. 

1395 Honors 

TSU Collegiate singers uplift and entertain. 

'Each year, students look for- 
ward to Honors Convocation, 
the one night when the year's 
outstanding students are rec- 
ognized for all of their hard 
work and dedication. One spe- 
cial student is chosen from 
every field of study and rec- 
ognized on this memorable 
night in front of faculty, ad- 
ministration, fellow students, 
friends and family. This year, 
Dr. Samuel Hay of North 
Carolina A & T was chosen to 
present the outstanding stu- 
dents with an inspiring mes- 

Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. presents Kenneth LaBrant with the Ingalls Award. 


Student Life ■ 39 

I pJ very year, 

E^ student enroll- 
M ^' ment expands 
on Troy State 
Universtiy's campus. In 
an effort to meet their 
busy schedules, stu- 
dents strive to balance 
classes, jobs and a 
social life. They do so 
with the goal of accom- 
plishing a dream of 
getting a college de- 
gree. Students at TSU 
found out during the 
1994-95 year that 
preparation for the 
unexpected was essen- 


Fall Concert 46 

Miss TSU 48 

Will Rogers Follies 50 

Pit Stop 52 

Hadda Gabler 54 

Piano Lesson 56 

Fall Concert 58 

Behind the Scenes 60 

Miss Tesman looks pretty good at 60. 

Advice given in a pub should be ignored. 

Ah Joseph! 

40 ■ Features 


Our little brother is in heaven. 

Features "41 

'Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat' provides colorful lights, costumes and music. 





Calipso dancers entertain Joseph and beg for their brother's release. 

42 ■ Features 

Joseph and his dreamcoat make a first appearance. 

'Light and Truth Never Die.' 

'Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat' | 

A French cowboy? A 

smooth performances fool you. 

All the lighting effects plus 3 

calypso dance in Egypt? A 

This show was as complicated as 

keeping up with the 19 microphones 1 

Pharaoh that looks like Elvis? 

they come. 

used made the technical side of 

What is this! 

Long hours of rehearsal 

"Joseph and the Technicolor 

It is "Joseph and the 

were extended when the choreogra- 

Dreamcoat" a full-time job. But as \r$ 

Technicolor Dreamcoat," an 

phy was introduced to the actors. 

the crew found out, teamwork 3 

entertaining spin off depicting 

Many scenes had long and compli- 

makes everyone's jobs go a lot 3 

the biblical account of Joseph. 

cated dance routines that looked 

smoother. j! 

Directed by Phil Kelly 

great when they took center stage. 

After the three shows in 

and with a cast of more than 50 

To make the show even 

Troy, the crew packed everything 

actors, a technical crew in excess 

more entertaining, many special 

up and traveled to the Davis Theater 1 

of 15 and the TSU symphony 

effects were added. Strobe lights. 

in Montogomery. There, two more 1 

supplying the music, all five 

fog machines and disco-style 

performances were given to a 

performances went off with 

rotating lights added to the atmo- 

packed house. 

relative ease. But don't let the 

sphere of the production. 

Features ■ 43 

Christie's dead dad returns feeling very much alive as the Widow Quin discovers. 


'Playboy the 



Christy Mahon Eugene Carter 

Old Mahon Keene Woodham 

Michal James Flaherty Jeremy Williams 

Margarel Flaherty Chris O'Reilly 

Widow Quin Lisa Ballard 

Shawn Keogh Zac Perry 

Philly Cullen Brian Mitchell 

Jimmy Farrell Dan Beamon 

Sara Tansey Kelly Roarke 

Susan Brady Suzie McGinn 

Honor Blake Wendi Decker 

Nelly Carr Angel Pippin 

The Porter Bobby Dewrell 

A little family squabble never drew so much attention. 

44- Features 

Pegeen Mike places an order for more ale and spirits. 

■■ ■■ ■■ 

Playboy of the Western World 

In keeping with his 
tradition of presenting qual- 
ity dramas, Tom Smiley 
gave TSU "Playboy of the 
Western World," a love 
story set in a public house 
in old Ireland. 

In the early part of the 
Fall quarter, the drama 
students began developing 
their versions of the charac- 
ters they would portray. As 
the actors and actresses 
worked on accents and 

attitudes, their characters 
began coming to life. On 
stage, their performances 
showed just how much work 
they put in to their parts. 

The crew designed and 
built a great set for the ac- 
tors to work on. Making a 
stage floor become the inte- 
rior of a home proved a chal- 
lenge. Rafters needed hang- 
ing and steps were built. 
But the final set was worth 
the effort. With the set in 

place, the lighting could be set 
and focused. 

Unlike other shows, the 
technical crew had it easy this 
time. Minimal but effective 
lighting was used to enhance 
the atmosphere. The musical 
tracks were added in the 
background for ambiance. 

Four performances were 
given to a packed house in 
the Adams Center Theater. 


Features ■ 45 


One of the hottest new stars in 
country music burned bright in the 
Garrett Coliseum. Tracy Lawrence 
gave Troy State students a perfor- 
mance they won't forget. 


46 ■ Features 


An emotional ballad echoes 
throughout as Trisha Yearwood 
performes on stage. 


1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 J, 

Tracy Byrd 

Opening the show and warming 
up the audience, Tracy Byrd 
gave a great performance. (Not 

mi i n r 


Features ■ 47 

Alpha Gamin chapter adviser Cathj Beckel was all smiles. 
48 ■ Features 

Out of the original group of 21, five rose to the top 

Miss TSU Top Five 


Miss TSU 

Joslyn Tinker 

First Runner-up 
Second Runner-up 

Third Runner-up 
Fourth Runner-up 

Darlene Houston 
Kelly Roark 
Carlene Dorris 
Heather Fulmer 


■if ■■■■■h 

Darlene Houston receives First Runner-Up. 


After two days of competition. 
Joslyn Tinker became the 1995 Miss Troy 
State University. Joslyn came to TSU on a 
scholarship that she won in the Alaska Junior 
Miss pageant. Even though she does not have 
an extensive background in pageants. Tinker 
feels at home on stage and in front of a crowd. 

Singing in choirs and performing in 
plays helped her prepare for the Miss TSU 

challenge. Tinker also won the talent competition 
with her rendition of "On My Own" from the 
Broadway Musical "Le Miserables." 

In the future, she hopes to travel to 
elementary schools to warn children about the dangers 
of drug and alcohol abuse. This was the topic of her 
platform in the pageant. Tinker will travel to 
Birmingham. Ala., to represent TSU in the Miss 
Alabama pageant in July. 


Features ■ 49 

ynimiiiinniiiiinf nr 

Yes, the life of a legend is a hard 
thing to relive. The cast and crew of Troy 
State University's Musical Theater depart- 
ment made it look easy though. "Will Rogers 
Follies " was a historical overview of the life 
of Will Rogers . The play also portrayed his 
humble and humanitarian side. Art Williams 
took on the roll of becoming Will Rogers and 
mastered the character thoroughly. Learning 
rope tricks, a new walk, smacking on gum 
constantly and overcoming a mild fear of 
heights, Art brought to life a historical 

Art was not the only star in the 
show. Sharon Sossaman played the roll of 
Will Rogers devoted wife. Supportive and 
loving, she merged into the part as if she 
really was Mrs. Rogers. 


Curtain call is the only call you don't want to miss. 

Who said being a cow isn't glamorous? 



Rope tucks and back-up singers: What every cowboy who is any cowboy must have. 

'Don't hate me because I am beautiful.' 

'Diamonds, rubies, spheres, emeralds and pearls. Is that enough'?' 

j Lead Rolls 

Four children is enough for any production. 

Will Rogers 

Z's Favorite 

Clem Rogers 

Betty Blake 

Wiley Post 


Art Williams 

Shelly Hatcher 
Carl Stephens 

Sharon Sossaman 

Jason Johnson 


Features "51 

How wonderful it is to be in love! 

Gossip is an essential part of a good day's work. 




Kate Lewis I 

; Luke 

Ray Smith ; 

!! Mary 

Wendi Decker ! 

; Janelle 

Wendy Alex 

ander * 

I Amber 
' Butch 


Gates ! 

Glenn LaMarque ■ 

[ Mrs. Riseborne Natalie Helms ! 



Hard decisions are best made together 



"Did you have to tell the therapist that 

ii imimimii iii i ii 

"Pit Stop" is a play that allows viewers to relate 
to the characters problems and situations. Set in a 
privately owned fabric store, the characters react to 
each day's unique but seemingly ordinary events. 

This play is the Capstone Project for Troy State 
University Theater major Kimberly Cockcroft. She 
produced, wrote and directed the play to meet gradu- 
ation requirements. 

The TSU Theater department helped present 
this play by supplying some of the needed props and 
set construction. 

"Pit Stop" represented some actual and some 
altered versions of life in a fabric store in a small 
town. Insightful and descriptive, the play was ar- 
ranged in a way that allowed for the characters to 
develop into real people as the play progressed. 

"Pit Stop" showed that no matter where you live, 
there are always problems and most importantly 
solutions. A little understanding and a lot of love can 
make relationships go far. 

'■ ■■■■■■■■ 

I shall not fear, 
I shall not despair. 
Although it may appear 
I am going no where. 
For in my heart of hearts 
I am aware 

This is just a Pit Stop along 
the way to somewhere. 

Kimberly Cockcroft 


= 53 


by frenrih Ibsen 

Bryce pleas for help from the Tesman family, but Hedda sees another opportunity. 

The judge is in, but there is no law in deception. 


A stare thai is cold as ice and sharp as a dagger 

j4" Features 



Bryce Sharon Sossaman 

Miss Tesman Lisa Adams 

^f\ George Tesman Blair Andress 

£^ Hedda Gabler Tesman Belinda Kusz 

f "} Thea Elvstea Cathy Bouler 

Judge Brack Brian Mitchell 

Eilert Lovebourg Jason Johnson 


Sometimes, deception is hidden within a smile. 

A good maid is just what every family needs. 


"Good God, People 
don't do such things." This is 
the last line in the play that 
describes lost love, ignorant 
relationships, envious peers, 
humiliation, deception and 

The TSU Drama Depart- 
ment presented Hedda Gabler 
during Winter quarter. Lori 
Hancock made her debut as 
Director of Hedda Gabler. 

The play is set in the 
early 1880s and describes the 
torments of a woman trying 
to obtain the respect of the 
community she and her hus- 
band live in. 

Hedda Gabler (Balinda 
Kusz) , the main character in 
this play, is no conventional 
heroine. She behaves atro- 

ciously with everyone she 
meets. Her moral sense is 
thoroughly defective. She is 
perverse, egotistical, sadistic, 
callous, even evil and de- 
monic, truly a femme fatale. 

While this impression is 
not in error, it fails to recog- 
nize the other side of her 
personality and situation. 

The role of Hedda was 
very challenging, but Balinda 
grabbed it with both hands. 
The role required not only 
strict mental preparation but 
also a commitment to become 
immersed in the character. 

George Tesman (Blair 
Andress) is the ignorant 
husband who is too wrapped 
up in his research to recog- 
nize the problems in his 

marriage. Unaware that 
Hedda is even pregnant with 
his child, Tesman proves to 
be not much of a man. 

The entire cast and 
crew of Hedda Gabler put 
forth a great effort to bring 
this play to life. By the end 
of the last show, it was obvi- 
ous that the long hours of 
preparation, set work and 
costuming paid off. 

Three cast members 
received nominations for the 
Irene Ryan Award for out- 
standing performance; 





Features ■ J J 

"Now that I'm here, what you gonna do about it?' 





A new suit and shoes, and he's 

ready to go. 

: c A ^T : 

' l h\ ^ ■ 

i K-jl \\^J X i 

^^^H .^RUm 

■ i 

" Junious Leak ■ 

flYJ r^^rJI 


! Doaker [ 

■mfl Wftr ■[»« 

J Toney Neal j 

■ y wm-W 

. Boy Willie ■ 


I Triedl Wooten [ 

■ Lymon ■ 

■ Tamekia Elder ■ 



J Berniece J 


■ Daphne Coleman ■ 

W in HH 

! Maretha ! 

^ , nf (l-i w v 

f *mm 

J Alex Johnson, III [ 

« Avery ■ 

! Jim Bell [ 

J Wining Boy ■ 

« Cheryl Johnson ■ 
J Grace [ 

"Ya want to sit on the 

couch and talk." 



A little gospel makes everyone happy 



The "Piano Lesson" is a fine 
example of a modern playwright's 
excellence in understanding the 
human psyche, particularly black 
culture and heritage. 

The play, although simple at 
a glance, reflects a much deeper 
angle. The piano acts as a central 
focus for the plot. A highly sym- 
bolic image, it represents the past 
as a heritage for black culture and 
also points to the future as a way 
to escape the horrors of the past. 
The future depends on the past in 
the way that the past is a blue- 
print for the future. The play is a 
cry for the full realization of black 
culture. Because of the atrocities 
done to blacks in the past, they 
are lacking a legacy on which to 
base their lives. The play uses the 
piano as a symbol that stands at 
these crossroads - the past and 
the future. 

The piano is a symbol of the 
past as well as a beacon pointing 
toward a new and better future. 

"Oh no! You ain't gonna take this piano anywhere." 

Features B 5 / 




Scened k 

'Chill out babe!' 

'Wow, what pretty lights. Oh yeah, I have to sing here. 

I am woman. Hear me mar 

I hank god this show is oxer.' 

58 ■ Features 

'What was my next line? 

A play has many elements. Script, actors, technical 
people, directors, producers, writers and so on. Any- 
one who has ever been a part of a play knows that 
sometimes there is a particular moment that cannot go 
un-noticed. Sometimes a look on an actors face or 
lack of tells a story in itself. In a production there are 
also times when you can tell just what someone is 
thinking; or at least make-up something good they 
might be thinking. 

11 kill you if you.. ..YOU BETTER RUN. 

Features ■ 59 

A - j&9 



LA^t^M fr 

How many pictures can one person take! 

I knew I could spin a rope. 

Behind the scenes 
continues with a 
few more pictures 
of pre-performance 
action. The stage 
allows for many 
things; personal 
recognition, per- 
sonal creativity, 
satisfaction and a 
lot of fun. 

'Ya sec. you gotta have the right angle to shoot some one righl 

60 ■ Features 

One of many chorus line acts. 

Will's sisters/ Betty's Sisters 

Cora Laura Brown 

Anna Cathy Bouler 

Waite Jessica Davenport 

Virginia Anna Doeren 

Zulecki Amanda Shaw 

The Will Rogers Wranglers 

1st Tenor Eugene Carter 

2nd Tenor Chris Grider 

Baritone Clif Render 

Bass Bradley M. Grantham 

The Rogers Children 

Will Rogers Jr. Aaron Rascoe 

Mary Rogers Anna Garrott 

James Rogers Matt Dahlman 

Freddy Rogers Richard Woodham 

Voice of Mr. Ziegfeild 
Mr. Z's Stage Manager 
Vaudeville Announcer 
Radio Engineer 
Announcer's Voice 
The Roper 

Paul R. McNeeley 
Bradley M. Grantham 
Kenne Woodham 
Cliff Render 
Jason Johnson 
Bruce Brannon 

Tap and Specialty Dancers 

Laura Brown, Jennifer Childree, Darlene Houston. 
Treva Thorpe, Amanda Shaw, Whitney McHugh 
The New Ziegfeld Girls 

Laura Brown, Jessica Davenport, Kelly Hawkins, 
Jennifer Masterson, Jana Lee Penney, Cathy Bouler, 
Anna Doeren, Darlene Houston, Whitney McHugh, 
Amanda Shaw, Treva Thorpe, Jennifer Childree, Amy 
Glines, Danita Judson, Angela Moss, Libby Synco 



A few of the cast members who set little recognition. 

Features -61 

he people 
section was 
created like a 
photo album. It was a 
way to make sure that 
you would be featured 
in the Palladium. 
Students had to take 
time from busy sched- 
ules to get pictures 
taken during two days 
in the fall. If students 
were unable to attend, a 
retake day was offered 
in November. This 
section not only states 
your name and classifi- 
cation, but it also shows 
your hometown resi- 

Students who 
took time to get their 
picture taken will 
someday take a look at 
their friends and them- 
selves in the 1995 

Naps became a necessity lor college students 

62 ■ People 

Students enjoy socializing and eating at Marriott. 

People ; 63 


Abbott, David, Notches, 

Abbott, Tiffany, Enterprise, 

Adams, Chandra. Opp. 

Adams, Dana, Troy, 

Adams, Jon. Phenix City, 

Adams, Michelle: Troy, 

Adams. Rachel. Bradenton, 

Adams, Renee, Wedowee, 

Adkmson. Paula. Flomaton, 

Ahart. Holly. Fairhope. 

Ait ken. Christie. Montgomery, 

Akings, Keven, Union Springs, 

Alburqueruue, Arenys, Orlando, 

Albriton, Felix, Tampa, 

Alday, Monica. Bainbridge, 

Aldridge. Marsha, Montgomery, 

Alford, Jon, Coosada, 

Allen. Brantley. Troy. 

Allison, Laura. Headland, AL; 2 

Alloway, Juan. Troy, AL: 5 

Alloway, Vanessa. Montgomery, AL: 3 

Alums. Vantney. Anton. AL: 3 

Amason, Susan, Prattville, AL: 2 

Ammons, Erika. Troy AL: 2 

Amos, Chris, Troy, AL; 4 

Amos. David. Thomasville, AL; 1 

Anders En-Rude, Amy. Great Lakes, IL; 4 

Anderson. Chad, New Port Richer. 

Anderson, Clint, Jackson. 

Anderson , Wesley, Kinston, 

Andress, Kimberly, Brundidge. 

Andrews, Christopher, Mobile, 

Andrews. James. Dothan. 

Andrews, Kim, Andalusia, 

Antoine, Shirley, Miami, 

Armstrong, Amanda. Abbeville, 

Armstrong, Darlene. Mobile. AL; 3 

Armstrong, Mum/re. Quitman, GA; 2 

Armstrong, Shelia, Peterman, AL; 2 

Arnold. Janice. Newville. AL; 4 

Arnold. Jenie, Dothan, AL; 4 

Arnold, Mary Kay, Dothan. AL; ■} 

Arnett. Sandy, Coffee Springs, AL; 4 

Arrant. John. Part St. Joe. FL; 3 

Asgedom, Mateos. Tampa, FL; 4 

Ashbei 1 1 Jot I ie, Opp, 

Askew. Tamika, Dothan, 

Atchison Karen Orange Park, 

Alt hi 'in, i. Lori, Birmingham, 

Atkinson, Eric, Sarasota 

Avera, Jennifer, Troy, 

Aver,, Judith, Trow 

Al ei ilt. Stefanie, Thomasville, 

Ayers. Anna. Satellite Beach, 

Bagents. Stephanie. Lucerne. 

liaggett Ah, in Glenn nod. 

Baggett, Sharon, Glen wood, 

l:, i ,, • II \m ■ Ozark. 

Hml, . Ann Son, iota 

i anda< ■ Montgomery, 

Bailey, Ellen Brandon 

Hal . ; linrrx ( 'liuitmi. 

I:,, i , i I:, fan Tallaha ■ ■> 

/,\w i , i 'audi, i Eclecti, 
Ba) ■ , I,,, I:, i 
Baldu in Gab) telle indalusia, 
Balkcom Stephanu M 

Bull. Jel>. Ho. Mm, II, 

Ballard Gu endol . n Rami i 

Ballard, Lisa. < > ml 

Bal il a Mont \om* > ■ 

Hah > Vfillbroo) 

AL; -2 
AL; 1 
FL; 1 

*B" 25 

64 ; People 


tmmerdale, AL I 
' mnellon, I I 


Beth, Tall 

\l. I 
\L, I 

\l. i 
I; ■ \l. I 

Bai "• i hi • Una l#< Da ■■ I FL / 

\ ■ da 
Barnes Joy Lawerenceville GA I 
Barm I ■<' I 

Barm ti Jessica, Talladt . a \l .' 

Gri FL; 2 

Bai i Mai ■ An • Bit n in{ ham \l .' 
m Jef) Blakel G \ i 

\l. I 

Hurrah lilili Hi \1. I 

Barsby, Stein-. Cambridge, ONT I 
Bartel Ra, h < Di stin II ! 
Barth'ii. Christy, si Petersb ! / ■ 
Barton. April. Red h I el .\l.. 2 
Barton Jennifer, Destin, FL;2 
Barton, Shawn, Saraland AL; 3 

Hasisla. Troy. Sarasota II i 
Bass, Brum . Opp. AL; 3 

Buss. Thomas, Fort (lames. GA i 
Bateman, Charles. Montgomery, AL; 2 

Hates, Km, Semmoi, II 2 

Battle. Cortney, Daphne. AL: 2 
Battle. Jeanim Marietta. (1A;2 
Baxter. Kelly, Troy AL; 4 
Bean. Rozeha, Montgomery, AL; 3 
Beasley, Betsy, Headland AL; 2 
Beasley, Shane, Eclectic. AL; 2 

Beasley, Shea. Wicksburg, AL; 3 

Beasley, Stuccx. E, let tn AL 3 
Beck. Jeremy. Scottsboro, AL; 2 
Beck. Kristn. Stem I. hndge, GA: 4 
Beck. Wendy. LaPine. AL; 1 
Bedsole. Cheryl, Paxton, FL; 4 
Bedwell. Ginger. Saraland. AL 1 
Bees. Adrienne. Luverne, AL; 1 
Beesley, Reid. Montgomery, AL; 3 

Belcher. Kimherly. Andalusia, .\L; 4 
Bell, Amy. Bessemer. AL: 3 
Bell. Kimherly. Silverhil. AL; 3 
Belser. Constant e. Montgomery, AL I 
Benefield. Zackary. Daleville, AL 1 
Benson. Carrie. Avon Park. FL: 2 
Benton. Adrienne. Pensacola. FL: 3 
Benton. Janet. Brundidge. AL; 5 
Bennett. Kerry, Andalusia, AL; 4 

Bennett. Tracey. Birmingham AL i 
Bennett. Sandra. Bainhndge. CA: 2 
Bergob. Heather. Birmingham. AL: 1 
Berliner. Sharon. Inverness, FL; 3 
Berrian, Kevin. Pace. FL; 3 
Beriy. Erinn. Cape Coral. FL i 
Berry, Hon ard, London. England: 4 
Bess. Leon. Samson. AL; 3 

Beuchabbat, David. Indialautic, FL; 3 

Biggs, Jeffery, Andalusia. .AT.: 2 
Billings, Lisa. Luverne. AL; 1 
Binion, April, Neu man I 
BintZ, Ryan. Seminole. FL 2 

■ Brian. Montgomery. AL: 4 
Bird. Mil hael Montgomery. 
Birdwell, Jamie, Climax GA i 
Black. Bobby, Donolsonville, GA 
Black, Carlye, Greenville, AL; 2 

People ; g5 


Black, Pamela, Beat ice, 

Blackburn. Michael, Georgiana. 

Blackmon. Bras well, Montgomery, 

Blackmon. Brian. Montgomery. 

Blackmon. Darren. Brantley. 

Blackshear, Ruth. Crest view, 

Blackstone. Brandon. Hazelnut, 

Blackwell, Christy. Foley. 

Blanton. Kevin, Moultrie. 

Blizzard, Brook, Montgomery, 

Blizzard. Heather. Montgomery, 

Bludsworth, Olivia, Ozark. 

Bock. Michelle. Mobile. 

Bodenheimer. Tonya. Tallassee. 

Bodiford. Latossia. Lucerne. 

Boothe. Melissa. Troy, 

Bond. Kevin. Warner Robins. 

Bone. Jaime. Tallahassee, 

Bonner. Billy. Loxley, 

Bonner. Eric. Robert sale, 

Bonner. Paul. Nei dham, 

Borgel. Chris. Mobile, 

Bosargc. Christine. Talladega. 

Bosarge, Pamelia. Ircington, 

Boudin. Greg. Fairhope. 

Boudreaux, Kathleen. Tampa. 

Boudreau.x. Kristin. Tampa. 

Bourne. LeAnn. Brunnell, 

Boutwell. Marsha D ., Troy, 

Bo wens, Glenda, Dothan, 

Boners. April, Dothan, 

Bowland, Brecken, Dunnellon 

Bowels, Terry, Dalet Me, 

Bon ling. Amanda. Eufaula. 

Bowman. Amanda. Clanton, 

Boyd. Johnathon, Montevallo, 

Boyd -lull urn nr . Lakeland, 

Boyd. Nam v. Montgomery, 

Boyd. Rodney, Troy, 

Boyd. Shannon. Neu ton, 

Boyd. Tohomasine, Ramer. 

Boyette, Kimberly, Ocala, 

I',,,. I in, Joshua, Port St. Joe. 

Bozeman, Cesily, Dothan. 

Brackin. Dorm. Headland. 

Bradley, Sonia, Andalusia. 

Bradshaw, Lisa. Hartford 

Bradley, Jared. Nil ei Me, 

Bradley, Nicole. Elba. 

Brady, Charles, Montgomery, 

Brad) Dun,, Blakel} 

Brady. Daniel. Prattville, 

Bragg, Suzane, Jemison, 

lirasn ell, Douglas, Gaskin, 

Ion n , II -In "» tin, IdcdgC. 

Braswell Trai ■ ' amden 

/:, I, m ./, ,, ,/,,, //in, \,,, thpoi i 
I:,, I,,,,,,, /;,, hard Wont form i 
Brewei \m, Troy 

Brewer. Melissa, (ire, in ill, 

Brewei Ten a ' offei Spring 

I;, n , . I, ffi , . I,, , ., ,11, 
I;, , I,,, , II William, !'■ n n, ola 

Brinson ' % i rcn< Groi i land FL I 

Britt i:,, l,,,,,l Dothan \l t 

I;, lit,,,. Shannon \toni ',ortu i . M ' 

/:.' ,.,;. h Tud \4onl ■■,",, rj \l I 

l',i ,,, i i in i t 'hipli II 1 

Broi I In ton \palm hu ola II " 

I'.i ,,. I I , mil, Vt i inn, II. I 
\ I 

Brool Kendall Tro \i I 

66 " Peoph 



/ Opp Al. 1 

ly, William (Jul; Short 

\l. 1 
B ■ I 1/. ". 

\ ; 
B I ille, AL, I 

i Laura, Elba Al. I 


UL. 2 

i. . 

,' : ■ P e.AL; 3 

B ' W. / 

Browning, Chris, J 
Bruce, D 

/:: .. './.■ heal, M Ml 

Bruci Warn ■ Troy AL I 

didj i S^ aro/i Prcfy .A/. 7 
Brunkalla, Terri - M. 2 

Bryan. Chris. Dothan. AJ^; 4 

Bryan, Jason, Webb, AL; 2 
Bryant, Miranda Lit 
Bryant I • avi I ilia 1 1 W. 2 
B> «irs, Crystal, Bay. Minetti 
Budathoki, Himalaya, Nepal, I 

Bu/onl Mi I I 

Bullan/ Watalu Troy, AL; 1 
Bullock, Kathy. W.Hollywood CA i 
Burbank, Patricia. Birmingham. AL; 4 
Burch, Gu ynm McKenzie, AL; 3 

Burdett. Michelle. Panama City, FL; 2 
Burk. Phillip. Saralaud.AL 
Burke. Dallas. Donalsonville. GA: 4 
Burkett, Claudia. Dothan, AL; 2 

Burckett, Jackie, Georgiana, AL; 2 
Burnham. Nicole, Andalusia, AL; 3 
Bush. Dare. Eufaula, AL; 2 
Butler. Denetrius, Abberville, AL, I 
Butler, Jeane, Equality. AL; 2 
Butler, Jonathan, Mobih AL ■ 
Butler. Rosalyn, Oseonta, AL; 4 
Butts. Bethany. Lurterne. AL; 2 
Butts, judy, Columbia. AL; 4 

Byrd, Dennis. Opelika, AL I 
Byrd. Eric. Monroeville, .\1. I 
Byrd. Richard. Troy, AL: 2 
Calfee. Kelly. Clanton.AL I 
Calhoun. -Jason. Vidalia, GA: 4 
Calhoun. Shannon, Troy.AL: 1 
Calloway, Shane. Montgomery AL 3 
Calvert. Jerome. Atlanta. GA; 4 
Campbell. Jason. Trox. AL I 

Campbell. Nikki, Pratvillem Al 
Campbell. Reginal Maplesville, AL; 

Cannon. Wendy. Andalusia. AL: 4 
Capps, Angel. Wilsonville, AL; 2 
Capps, Beverly, Camden. AL: 4 
Carballo. Carlos. Miami. FL: 4 
Carden. -Jannan. Cordele. GA; 4 
Carney. Donald, Venue FL: I 

Carnley, Leroy, Kinston, AL: 5 

Carpenter. Chrystal. Eufaula. AL; 2 
Carpenter. Juan. Elba. AL I 
Carpenter. Malinda. Columbia. AL: 4 
Carroll. Breck, Alabaster. AL; 4 
Carroll. Shea. Phenix City, AL; 3 
Carter. Angela. River Falls. AL; 4 
Carter. Christal. Panama City, FL, 2 
Carter. Donna. Greenville, Al 
Carter. Eugene, Trox. AL: 1 

People ■ gy 


Carter. Wendy, Andalusia, AL: 3 

Cassidy, Joe. Panama City, FL: 3 

Castleberry. Nann, Evergreen . AL; 1 

Cavanaugh , Virginia. Daleville. AL; 2 

Cawood, -Jenny. Jonesboro, GA; 1 

Challanan. Mark '. Belle Glade. FL: 4 

Chambless. Michael. Berlin. Germany: 2 

Chambliss. Jennifer. Blakely. GA: 4 

Chandler. Dana. Mary Esther. FL: 4 

Chandler, Norman. Troy, 

Chaney, Erie, Mobile, 

Chaney. Shana. Marietta. 

Chapman. Kevin, Pace. 

Chappell. Brian. Blountstown, 

Chappell. LaSaundra, Montgomery. 

Cherry. Angela. Mobile. 

Cherry-Spivey, Melissa. Andalusia. 

Cheshire. Belinda. Columbus. 

Chesser, Christopher. Alexander. 

Chesser, Patricia, Lapme, 

Chestnut, Jason, Calera, 

Childree. Cathy. Comer. 

Childree. Craig. Montgomery, 

didders. Patrick. Pace, 

Christiana, Susan, Sununerville. 

Chunn, Angie, Thomsi Me, 

Chunn, Barbara. Uriah, 

Chunn, Peggy, Uriah. AL: 4 

Cikovic, Richard, Sarasota, FL: 5 

Clark. Angela, Louisville. AL: 3 

Clark, Brandy. Lanett, AL; 4 

Clark. Britt. Eufaula. AL: 4 

Clark. Evelyn. Montgomery , AL; 3 

Clark. Marche, Atlanta.GA; 3 

Clark, Tan,. Eufaula, AL; 1 

Clark. Tonya, Georgiana, AL; 3 

Claunch, Cheryll, Linden, 

Clayton, Natasha. Grady, 

Cleckler.Amy, Clanton, 

Cleckler, Brandi, Clanton, 

decider, Larissa, Addison, 

Cleckler. Randall, Clanton. 

Clements. Gena. Selma, 

Clements, Robert, Montgomery, 

Cliatt, LeKeisha. Eufaula, 

Cloud, Stacy, Ramer, AL; 4 
Coalson, Tara, Clayton. AL; 1 

Coatc. Melissa. Elba, AL; 2 
Coats, Mary. Prattville, AL: 2 

( 'obb Melody. Mnnrocvdlc, AL: 5 

Cobb. Monika, Monroeville, AL; 4 

(.'nbb. Tonya. Pineapple. AL. I 
Cohans, Gerttreelar, Enterprise, AL; 4 

Cockcroft, Kimberly, DeFuniak Springs, El. / 

Coker, civdc Mi Willing 

('nil, urn. Doreen, Deatsnlle, 

Cole. Carl. Boa . . 

' 'fie Greg. Mobile. 

Coleman. Daphne. Smiths. 

I 'oil ""in Greg. Orlando. 

< "I, ■"mi, Mm I, ne Diilhun 

( 'oleman Xaoini, Greenville. 

Co/her. John. Marietta, 

' ollin indn a Troy, \L. I 

I i,n id Sim omb, AIj, 4 
i •'ilm Leigh Wimauria FL; I 

< iillm I .urn ,e Andalusia, AL: I 

( 'ollin \ii ii a si,„ omb, \l. 3 

Collin Richard Tifton, GA 3 

Cimi" ione inthon , Pa> e, FL, I 

i ',,ii,, I ,,,, \ alrii o FL: 3 
h I'm id, I'l" 'it ■ t a . \l.. 3 

68 ; People 




I ay, Kimberlt ■ M \/. _' 

1 . d I AL . 

.a a GA I 

Coon, 1 Funiah Spi 


Corby, Leann, Tui PA; 2 

Co < V ami /•'/. / 

Copeland D ii .1/. / 

I / . .'( / 
Cotton Jeffi 

Cotterman, Heidi, Panama City II. 1 
' ■ /; | ilardo Springs < 'O I 
Courtney Brian Foli \ \l. I 
I ... w Oxei Hill Ml) I 



( nin ford Hollii Wa 
( ford Sara Bv ■ in I in \l 
i rau I Shandra, Troy AL; 4 
Creel Eru Eufaula AL I 
Crittenden, Sharon, Riverfalh \l 2 
Crook, Jason, Bartleti l\ I 
Cross. Tara Ft Myers, FL 2 
( 'inn r Heather, Ramer, AL; 4 

('mil e Leah. Elba. AL. 2 

Cruteher. (Iregory, Mobilr AL 2 
Culberson Lisa Fairvieu Height II. I 
Culbreth, Cheryl, Tallahassee, FL; I 
Culbreth Olu ia Tallaha ■■ ■ FL I 
< 'ulley, < 'arol J at I sonville, FL; 4 
( 'ul/i. Stephen, Headland. AL: .1 
Culpepper, Claudia. Clanton, AL, I 
( 'ulpepper Larry, Clanton, AL; I 
Culpepper, Phillip, Montgomery, AL; 4 

Cunningham, Michele, Dothan, AL; 3 
Curry, Elizabeth, Dothan, AL; 2 
Curry, -Janus. Troy, AL; 1 
Curry, Jaime. Camden. AL: 3 
Custer, Damon, Mobile. AL: 4 
Cuthriell, Delila, Samson. AL. :i 
D' Andrea. Mindy. Troy.AL;3 
Dahn, Ginger, Stuart. FL: 2 
Damms Nicole Enterprisi AL; 2 

Dan ford. Jeff. Opp. AL: 4 
Daniels. Carol. Pmhard. AL: 4 
Daniels. Chris. Largo. FL: 1 

Daniels, Kemika, Troy AL;2 

Daniels. Mtmdi. I'aee. FL; 2 
Danner, Mare. Dothan. AL: 4 
Darbo, Heidi. Gadsden, AL; 2 
Darby. Kimberly, Montgomery. AL: 1 
Darnell. William. Panama City, FL: 3 

Dasher Donna, Apalaehleola . FL: 2 

Davenport, Dustin, Moi AL; 3 

I), in ii part. Yoshika, Troy. AL: 1 
Davis, Amy, Troy. AL; 3 
Davis, Amy, Montgomery, AL; 2 

Davis. Ashley. Catherine. AL I 
Davis, Brian. Brundidge. AL: 2 
Davis, Christy. Blakely. GA I 
Davis. Cynthis. Highland Home. AL; 3 

Davis, Gary, Loxley, AL I 

Davis, Jennifer. Breu ton, AL; 3 

Dans. Fell, I 

Dai is, J. Blanehard. I A: 2 

Duns. Jan ■ - I "■■ LL; 3 

Dans, Margaret, Bret* 

Dans, Mann, io, Yidaha. GA -' 

Davis, Paul. Dothan. Al I 

Dans. Paula. River Falls. .M: 3 

People : 69 


Davis, Pauline. Crestview, FL: 4 

Davis. Staci, Opp. AL: 3 

Davis, Stanley. Albony. GA: 3 

Day. Jason. Mobile, AL; 2 

Deal, Chad. Havre De Grace. MD; 4 

Dean. Amanda. Andalusia. AL 2 

Dean. Kim. Midland City, AL: 3 

Dean. Melanie, Dothan. AL: 4 

Deavers, Debbie. Highland Home. AL: 2 

Decker. Wendi, Ft Rucker, AL: 2 

Dederick. Correen, Troy, AL: 2 

Dennis. Christopher, Ozark. AL: 1 

Denson. Shon, Eufaula. AL: 2 

Dent. Jessica. Andalusia. AL: 3 

Denton, Kelly, Tuscaloosa, AL; 1 

DeRamus. Brook. Troy, AL: 3 

DeRamus. Carissa, Troy. AL; 4 

DeRouen. Deborah. Geneva. AL; 4 

DeVance. Felicia. Auburn. AL; 3 

Dhakal, Narayan, Jhapa, Xepal: 4 

Dial Matt. Mobile. AL; 3 

Diamond, Blake. Andalusia. AL; 4 

I in key, I hi mil At more. AL; 3 

Dickey, Jeff, Montgomery. AL: 1 

Dickinson, Daniel, Ozark. AL; 4 

lln kson, Derek. Dothan, AL; 5 

Dixon. Tracey, Selma,AL;3 

Doaty. Daphnea. Quinton, AL; 4 

Dobson, Branda, Orlando. FL; 4 

Doddy, Kimberlee, Niceville, FL; 1 

Doe, Mercy, Liberia, West Africa: 1 

Doeren, Anna Marie. Sebring, FL: 1 

Dolihite, Cris Castleberry, AL; 3 

Dollai . Dai id, Samson AL, 2 

Sonald, Cynthia, Atmore, AL; 4 

Donaldson . Rhodnex. Cairo. GA; 2 

Donahue. Michael, Marietta. GA: 3 

Donovan. Jennifer. Seminole, AL; 4 

Dorris, Carlene, Troy. Al.; 3 

Dortch. Kristy, Bratt. FL; 2 

Do Jennifei Guntersville, AL; 1 

Do tglas, Brooke, Piedmont, AL; 4 

Douglas, David, Headland. AL; 3 

Don ill. VU lie. Dalei lie. AL; 5 
Downey Zach, Venue. FL; 4 

Drawdy, Jodi, Perry. FL: 4 

Dreaden, Jonathan. Troy, AL: 3 

linn Daphne. Montgomery. AL; 3 

Driskell Christopher, Clanton, AL; 4 

Driskell. Jessica. Mobile. AL: 1 

Dub. Chad Cambridge, ONT 2 
Dm I. . Julie, Montgomery, Al.. I 
I In, Hi \ Dusty, Columbus. GA; 1 

Dudley Michele Valhermoso Spr., AL 2 

Dok< Vicki Blakely, GA; 4 
Dumas, Shakuntala, Dothan \l I 

an. Amanda Eufaula \l. 2 

Diiin an. Gina, Troy, AL, 2 

Dungan, Rii haul Pratt Me \l. I 

Dunn Jennifer, Troy. AL; 1 

Dunn \ln Inn I '/),,, \l. I 

Dutton, Marsha. Cottonwood, AL; 4 
Duykema Stephanu Troy,AL;4 

DuVall Stat Ft Walton Beach I- 1. I 
1 1 ., , Bill Tallahassee, FL, I 

DyeSS, Teresa. O/i/i FL, I 

Fai m i \ 1,1, i \l, Ken it \l 3 

/■ .,/ . in, Stephanie, Troy, Al. 5 

Eaton Sharon ^, Ima \l I 

I- . hoi < had Ha .i n n \i 2 

i,i. Birmingham \i 

IV, rtd Palatka II I 


70 " People 


Eddinas, Domiqui AL I 

Kendra, Walnut Hill FL I 
Edmondson, Emit 

I ' W. . 

[L I 

I akeland, FL I 
Eld* i i G ■ i I 

Eldridge, Joshua ' AL 2 

Eliason I ■ ■ I tvii u II t 
Elliot Paul.D ■ I I ; 

\ / / 
EW«, /A/,./ tl w. tumpka \l 2 
Ellis, Jill, U \l, i 

Watt, Mont \l 

Kills. M \i ■ 

i 1 1 i a 1 1 


\l.: 2 
Embit ■ ' II. I 

' / ' , \ I 

English. Tafi i >iri. AL; 3 
Epkini Patru > Pratt 
E co,L //■ Shalin a> Fl I 

dge, Emily, Jai > oi \l J 
Etkeridge, Jacqulyn, Nashville, 7'.V 
Evans, Angela, Tallahassee, II. I 

Evans, Angu Smiths. AL; 2 
Exford, Angela Montgomei . .\l. _' 
Fans. Laurie. Georgetown, ON; 4 
Fault mi Kei in, Calera, AL; ■'! 
Fannon, Angela, Valpariso FL I 
Fun Shea, Bessemer. AL; 4 
Fairish, Kwan, Breton. AL; 4 
Faulk, Stephen, Union Sprin, AL; 5 
Fcim. Richard. Clayton. AL; 4 

Fernandez. Axel Antonio. Bolil m I 
Fernandez, Roberto, Guatemala, 2 

Fuller. Mivhele. Bonsai I. CA I 
Fillingim, Mendi, Eufaula, AL; 3 
Finch. Amaliah, Hartford. AL; 4 
Findley, Callie, LaPine AL I 

Finley. Alicia. Montgomery. AL; 3 
Fish. Mane. Glen St. Marx. FL 1 
Fisher. Peter. Buffalo, NY 3 

Fisher, Shawn, Daleville, AL, I 
Fitzgibbons, Jill, Huntsvillt Al 
Fitzpatriek, Scott. Atmore, AL; ■'! 

Fiuliar, -John. Dayton. OH; 4 
Fleming. Diane. Ramer, Al. I 
Fleming, Janasky, Dothan, AL: 4 
Fleming. Jennifer, Troy. AL; 4 
Fleming. Ellena. Ramer. AL: 3 
Fleming. Marsha. Cracci die FL. ..' 

Flowers, Stacy. Troy. AL; 4 
Floyd, Amy. Eufaula. AL I 
Floyd Angi la Ti g M. I 
Fogle. Stephanie. Orlando. FL; 4 
Ford, Amanda, Athens AL 2 
Ford, Ron. Montgomery. AL; 1 
Forgey. Carter. Huntsville, AL: I 
Fart una. David. Palm Harbor. AL; 4 
Foshee, Tiffany, Orlando, FL; 4 

Foster. Carol. Bay Minctte. AL: 1 

Fountain . Amy, Vidalit GA 

Fouler. Anna. Cottondale. /• .' 
/■'rii Jennifer. Brew ton, AL 1 

/•'. m Linda. Winston Salem. XC: I 
Francis. Patrice. Bahamas: 1 

Franklin, Russell. Prattville, AL: 3 
! 'in, Sarah. Montgomery, AL. 5 

Franklin. Stephanie. Lin en I .W I 

People \ r ]\ 


Franks. Charles, Dallas, 

Frailer, Preston, Pace. 

Freeman, Tika, Atlanta, 

French. Julie, Tallassee. 

Fripp. Yolanda. Fort Myers, 

Frisby, Jinni, Pensacola, 

Fryer, Steie. Clayton. 

Fulaytar. Chris, Millbrook. 

Fulford. Clay. Samson. 

Fulkerson, James. Pensacola . 

Fuller. Lisa. Spanish Fort, 

Fuller, Mike. Reform, 

Fulmer, Heather, Birmingham, 

Fulmer. Renee. Montgomery, 

Furr, Marcus, Jackson, 

Furr, Michelle. Jackson, 

Gaddy, Jeff. Saraland, 

Gaines, Melanie, Hybart. 

Galbraith, Kristy, Milton. 

Gamble. Kristi, Phenix City, 

Gant. Nicole, Slidell, 

Garner. Angela. Cottonwood, 

Garner, Lori, Clayton, 

Gash, Mandi. Indian Rocks Beach. 

Gaskm. Greta. Ft. Walton Beach, 

Gates, Katherinc. Fairhope. 

Geisler, Bennett. Headland, 

Gentry, James, Pensacola, 

Gerhandt. Sandy. Enterprise. 

Gerstemschlager, Julie. Elberta, 

Gerstemschlager. Ryan, Foley, 

Giasone, Linda, Sarasota, 

Gibson, Tricia. Perdue Hill. 

Gibbons. Conduce. Prattt Ule 

Gilbert, Cecilia, Dothan. 

Gilbert. LaSonya, Rogersville. 

Giles, Amy. Elba. 

Giles. Heather. Troy, 

Gill, Susan. Birmingham. 

Gilliland, Heather, Prattville, 

Gilliland, Shannon. Clanton, 

(liltnore. Stcpliuniu Georgiana, 

Glasscock, John, Holtville. 

Glover, Larry. Troy, 

Godfrey, Sunshine. Hokes Bluff. 

Golden, Kelly, Martinsburg, 

Golden. Lisa. Troy 

Goodman , Allyson . Dothan 

Goodu in Sfi phen, Georgiana 

Gore. Tammy, Clanton 

Got ski, Brian . Bradenton 

Glutei Fred , /', nsiu iila 

Goss. Tif/any. Montgomery 

Graham. Kimberly. Brantley 

Graham, Tracy. Birmingham 

Grummet Sin i ret Hreii ton 

Grant, Tonya, Breu ton 

Grant Y\ onne, Eufaula, 

Grantham, Bradley Donalsonnlle 
Grantham, Ttimm v. Vidaliu. 

Grai i Sam )da> ianna 
1,1,1. indy Gordo 

Gray Hazel, Dothan . 

Graj Tean ■ u < tumpka, AL; I 

Grei u Ifo) . Elk n Bakei . AL, 2 

n Uexandra Eufaula .\l. 3 

t,ie. ,, \ie I I ... \l I 

( o, en indrea Troy, AL; 4 
Gret n \ngi line Troy, AL; 2 

I o. n /•'' 'i Hunt i Ull \l .1 

n, 'i oi Wa hin fton D.C I 
■ e . m \ionu a Loui n UL \l I 

72; People 


Harts field 

and, ( 'olun 



Griffu I ■ Prattuille Al 

Griffin Da i I • '■ 

Griffin Jennifer, Euf aula Al 

Griffin Kei ia I >■■ \l. I 
G) ' bile AL I 

Griffin Brundidge AL 2 

(Infix*- Erie, Ozark, AL I 
Gi inn"-. Jai quelii ■ ' II. I 

Grimslei Jw GA I 

Grovi I <> Fan M 'bill \L; 4 

Jarru Dothan \l 
Grubbs, Jason, Panama City, II 
Grube Dann i Vi u but ■ VT; 5 
Gruber, A h Ha \l I 

Gruenewald, Monica Gi \L; 1 

Gruman Nissa W'etumpka, AI. I 

Gurley, Mattheu Wahunta <1A;4 

I In* If Itnii. Kanssii. (ireen Core Spa, FL; 

Hagan. Ebb Evergreen AL 2 

Hager, James Ariton,AL I 

Hale Wanda, Troy, AL; 4 

Hall. I'lirllmi Xin/alii^ni Al. I 

Hall, Danielle, Auburn, Al. 2 

Hall, Glorietta, Huntsville, AL; 4 
Hall, Heather, Palmbay, FL; 1 
Hall, Kenny, Dothan, AL; 4 
Hall, Mary Kay, Butler AL 1 
Hall, Phyllis, Evergreen, AL; 2 
Hall, Rosemary, Montgomery, AL; 4 
Hall TessU, Mobile AL; 5 
Hall. Tina. Andalusia. AL: 2 
Hall, Wes, I 'man Springs, AL; 4 

Hallcc. Anne Julie. Canada: 2 
Hamilton. Hart. Opelika. AL; 3 
Hamilton. Rhoda, Eufaula, AL; 4 
Hamlin. William. Roberta, (!A; 2 
Hammonds, Lakia, Elba. AI^; 2 
Hammond. Leesa, Panama City, FL; 4 
Hand. Julie. Atmore. AL; 4 
Haney. Heather. Athens. AL; 2 
Hanners, Alicia, Dothan. AL; 2 

Hansen. John. Montgomery. AL; 4 
Hansen. William. Montgomery, AL; 4 
Hanson. Heather. Enterprise, AL; 4 
Harden, Charles, Bainbridge, GA; 4 
Hardy, Anthony. Douglas. GA; 2 
Hare, Valerie. Saraland. AL; 1 
Hardin. Fanchon, Montgomery, AL; 4 
Harmon. Beth. LaFayette, AL; 4 
Harper. Mamanne. Andalusia, AL; 2 

Harrell, Leigh Ann. Atmore. AL; 4 
Harper. Jason, Bessemer. Al. 3 
Harrelson, Stacy, Troy. AL; 3 
Harris. Jeffrey, Slocomb. AL; 4 
Harris. Karen. Mobile. AL; 4 
Harris. Robbie, Reeltown, .\L: 3 
Harris, Shann, Fayette. AL; 1 
Harris, Stephanie. Satsuma. AL; I 
Harrison, Angie, Gulf Shores. Al. 2 

Harrison. Belinda. Montevallo.AL; 1 
Harrison. Chad, Stanton. AL: 4 
Harrison. Gray. Dothan. AL; 4 
Harrison. Kim, Uriah, AL; 3 
Harrison. Veronica, Brewton. AL. 1 
Harrow, Ricky, Columbus. GA: 1 
Harry, Bud. Lake City, FL; 4 
Hartley. Chad. Brewton. AL: 4 
Hartsville, Kimberly, Ozark, AL: 3 

People J 73 


Hagel. Knsti. Memphis. TN; 3 

Hall. Amy. Vicksburg, MS 2 

Hartzog, Andrea, Greenville, AL: 4 

Hartzog, Jennifer, Dothan, AL: 1 

Haslam, Keisha. Clayton. AL; 4 

Hataway. Lunnie. Kinston. AL: I 

Hataway, Steve. Kinston, AL; 4 

Hataway, Wendi, Kinston. AL: 2 

Hatcher. Jason. Dothan. AL 2 

Hawker, Theresa. Riveruiew, FL: 4 

Hawkins. Amanda, Kennesaw (l.\: 2 

Hawkins. James. Dothan. AL 4 

Hawkins. Jenaila, Bloomfield, CT: 3 

Hawkins. Jennifer, Dothan, AL: 4 

Hayes. Dons. Troy, AL: 4 

Hayes, Wade, Enterprise. AL: 4 

Haynes, Deborah. Mon tgomery ,AL I 

Haynes, Julie, Dothan. AL; 2 

Haynes, Milton, Troy. AL: 3 

Headley, Jennifer. Prattvile, AL; 3 

Headley. Jennifer. Clan ton. AL; 4 

Hemecke. Becky. Dothan. AL: 2 

Hemike. Heather. Huntsville, AL: 1 

Helms. Alllison. Ozark. AL: 4 

Helms. Ckanda, Ozark, .\I. 2 

Helms. James, Eufaula. AL; 4 

Helms, Lori, Andalusia. AL: 4 

Helms. Michael. Trow .\1.. 2 

Helms. Michael. Luverne. AL: 4 

Helms. Natalie. Ozark, AL: 2 

Helms Wan, la. Ozark, AL;4 

Helton. Kathy, Blakely, GA; 2 

Hemingway, Brian. Bronson, FL; 2 

Henderson. Clayton. McRae, GA; 3 

Henderson, Cynthia. Florala, AL; 4 

Henderson, John. Troy, AL; 1 

II, n, i,i son, Maranda, Dothan. AL: 3 

Hendrix, Gwendolyn, Troy. AL; 4 

Hendrix, Kristal, Monroeville, AL; 2 

Henley. Brandy, Morris. AL; 1 

Henley, Parieia, Andalusia, AL: 2 

Henley, Paul. Grady, AL: 4 

Henningan, David, Troy, AL; 4 

Henery, Beverly, Gulf Shores, AL: 3 

Herren, Kendra, Prattville, AL; 1 

Herrin. Clay. Patterson, GA; 2 

Herring. Cassandra. Union Springs. AL: 2 

Herring, Doretha, Clayton. AL, •>' 

Herring. Jeff, Mobile. AL; I 

Herring, Sally. Ozark, AL, I 

Herrlein, /•-''" Lilburn, GA; 3 

Herring, Tameka, Clayton, AL; 3 

Hester, Staeey, Waynesville, NC; I 

Hicks, Andrew, Troy, AL; 4 

Hi i Rashandra, Eufaula, AL; 2 

Hilbert Jeffei i Higgston < i\ I 

Hill Angela Sulligent, AL, 1 

Ihll. Belinda, Anniston AL; 2 

Hill, John, Eufaula.AL I 

Ihll Kn ii Montgomery, AL; 2 

Hill I. mil, i Montgomery, AL; 2 

Hi, I, /,',./„ , I I \iniilrll \l 2 

Hi,, .,,,, Dai i,i Troy, AL; 2 

11.,/, i, M, linda Ifonroei ill, \1 I 

II.,, I , i,,, itmori \l 

11,,,/ t, Shi a ■ In, • ill, LL;3 

//. I, | on 1 1, hi ■ II, ,,,ll, i,,, I \1 :' 

ii.., ,.,,,/, i ),,,,,,,, i Iba \i i 

Holcomb, Kristin, Fort Depo ii U 

Holeman Uexa u iggin CO I 

Holland Stuart Grei m illi LL ' 

//-,//, . s„ anm Vrm \l I 

Li." ' \ 

flr ""' *" ▼ 

74 ' People 



i, Wetump) 

II. I 
Holman Keith PI < \l. I 

tl Kltl. I'lutti ill, AI. I 
i \ I 

Horn I eri, Tuscumbia, AL I 
Home, Jeren Dot 

1 1 < 1 1 

H Toby, Eufaula \l I 

Horta Monica, Man I \/ 

Houston, Darlene, Dothan AL, 2 

Hou ara \mbei Culli ai \l. I 

/I'm ai \l. 2 

Howa l.E ■■ B 

Hou ard ( 'aroline, Tro$ AI. I 

Hou i Sprin \l. I 

Hou ell -In on, Vidalia GA I 
Hou ell W < , \ I 

Hou ton \ii-ii >' I'm " i" han \l 2 
Urn I abaa Ia ia indalu >ia AL I 
Hudson, Melody, Wilmer, AL _' 
Huffman, Kristen, Roanol . \ \ . 
Hughes, Lisa, Troy, AL; 4 

I llirhr 'full ■ !/' im, I . ,\I. .', 

Hughley, Princess, Lafayette, AL; 3 

Huner, Tracie, Tin, ,AL I 
Hunt. Steve, Ft. Thomas, AT; 4 
Hurley. Jennifer, Dothan, AL; 2 
Hutchins, -Jennifer. Brewton, AL; 4 
Hutchison, Misti, Fur/sun GA I 
Hutchisson, Christophei Mobil* AL; 3 
Hutto, Bridget. Thomasuille, AL 2 
Hiittn. Natalie, Headland. AL; 4 
Hyatt. DeWayne. New Brockton. AL; 4 

Hyde, James, Birmingham. .\L. 2 
Idliind. Rhett, Greenville. AL; 3 
Igari. Koshi, Fukushima, Japan: 4 
Iley, Trent. Huntsville, AL: 2 
Ingram. Daryl. Pleasant Unite AL .. 
Ingram, Kelly, Alex City. AL; 2 
Ingram. Kristi. Alexander City, AL; 4 
Inman. Patricia. Montgomery, AL - 
Irvin, Heather. Troy. AL: 2 

Isbell, Robert. I 'nniii Grote. AL: 3 
Isom, Randy, Abbeville, AL 3 

Izumi, Michael. Laurel. MD; 3 
Jackson, Jacqueline, Demopuhs. AL: 
Jackson, John, Ozark. AL; 4 
Jackson. Mackenzie. Opelika. AL; 1 
Jackson. Michelle. Calera, AL; 4 
Jackson. Nypka, Eufaula. AL; 3 
Jackson, Rebecca, Prattvdle. AL: 2 

Jackson, Sandra, Fairhope I 
Jackson, Sharon, Troy, AL: 1 
James. Dana, (\itii, rim AL: I 
Joules. Matthew. Enterprise, AL I 
Jarnagin, Karen. Theodore. AL: I 
Jayroe, Stacey, Luverne. AL; 4 
Jef/ers. Melissa. \l, AL. 2 

Jenkins Anna Mobile, AL; 4 
Jenkins. Cindy, Dothan. AL: 3 

Jensen. Carol. Lancaster CA; 3 

Jernigan, Eufaula. AL: 5 
Jernigan, Clay. Anton. AL; 4 
Jernigan, Trat ej Jat k AL _' 
Jimmerson, Tasha, Birmingham, AL; 2 
Jink - Jamie, Colquitt, GA I 
Joiner. Barry, Sylacauga, Ai 

Crystal, Hakes Bluff. I 
Johns. Angela. Brundridgt AI. _' 

People ; 75 


■Johns, Reggie, Panama City, 

■Johnson, Adell. Hurtsboro, 

■Johnson, Brian, Pensaeola, 

Johnson. Cassandra, Troy, 

Johnson. Cheryl. Albany. 

Johnson. Demetra. Opelika. 

Johnson. Dixie. Greenville. 

Johnson. Enka. Troy. 

Johnson. Jason. Albany. 

Johnson. Jay, Zephyrhills, 

Johnson, LaShunya. Seale, 

Johnson. Leslie. Blakely, 

Johnson, Mashone, Troy. 

Johnson. Sheri. Prattville, 

Johnson, Tara, Monroeville. 

Johnson. Vickie. Flornaton, 

Johnson. Static. Calera, 

Jones, Ashley, Almore. 

Jones, Beth, Tallassee. 

Jones. Carolyn, Newbern, 

Jones. Chad. Talladega, 

Jones, Charles, Montgomery. 

Jones, David, Century, 

Jones, Foster, Cordara. 

Jones, Jason. Rutledge, 

Jones. Jason. Greem Me, 

Jones. Jeffrey. Headland. 

Jones, Leandro. Clio. 

Jones, Merry, Opel i ho. 

Jones. Mica, Prattville. 

Jones. Mike. Lakeland, 

Jones, Scott. Phenix City, 

Jones. Steven. Greenville, 

Joneston. Leslie Phenix Citx, 

■Ionian, Jason. Ozark. 

Jordan. Joey, Dothan. 

Jordan. Tracey. Opelika, 

Jordan, Tracia, Troy, 

Jordan. Watty, Troy. 

Paula, Joivers, Birmingham, 

Julian. Andrea. Hayheville. 

Justice, Lana, Smiths. 

Kaetzel, Keith. Pensaeola, 

Kahlbau, Lori, Fairhope, 

Kale, Kate, Dothan. 

Kamm, Kerstin, Munich, Germany; 5 

Keel. Anita, Slocomb, AL; 3 

Keen. Joshua. Kinston, AL; 2 

Keil . Trisha. Lakeland. FL; 2 

Kelley, April, Elba,AL;4 

Kellogg Patrick, Helena, AL; 3 

Kelly. Heather. Tallassee. AL; 2 

Kelly, Krista, Satsuma, M. 3 
Kelly. Timothy, Belle Glade. FL, 3 

Kemp, C.W., Honolulu. Hawaii; t 

Kennedy, Kelly Brantley, AL; 4 

Kennedy, Mane. Bristol, FL, 1 

Kennedy. Mary. Louisi Me, AL; 4 

Kent Mn hette, Clayton^L, 2 

Keni,,. Fell,. Troy.AL, 3 

Ketchum, Jodie, Troy.AL; 1 

Key Brian, Troy.AL; 2 

Kittett Shawn West Palm Head,, hi. I 

Killough. Sandra Opp \l I 

Kilpartick, Jennifer, Panama City, FL, I 

King Sondra Tou n Creel AL, 3 

Kni).;. Tara, Montgomery, AL; 2 

Kingry, Jason Dapknt \L / 

Kinsaul, Lot \ Do iei \l. i 

Fnl Debbie, Kissimmee, FL, I 

Kirk, Scott, Jay 1 '•/ I 

Kirland \manda. Cottonwood, .\/.. 3 


76 ' People 

M ago nig a I 




I | \l. I 

I 2 
Kojima Tennifi 
Kowal Jonathai 
Kratzer, M 

Krpata, Law < Tallaha 

K> u ', Elisa, E U 

Ki //. >'/. phanit B) undid i AL; / 

A„/,./„ u, //„,,„ \/. ..'.,;. H ; 
Kaykendall Chri Enterpi • \l 
I. . , Buffi <> art \l i 
La i . Wr;/ . //-/:. ./,'r AL; 3 
I a» ■ /'■ tei Di al i i/i U 
I^icy, Sea/i / •"/• AL; 4 

Lacy, Shenika, Montgomery, AL; 2 
Lacy. Tonya Foley, AL; 3 
Lambert Jennifer, Samson. AL; 3 
Lambert, Lori Andalusia, Al 

Landry, Cynthia. Mobile, AL; 2 
Lange, Matthew, Birmingham, AL; 2 
Langford, Kelly, Bessemer, AL; 4 
Lansdon, Amy, Smiths Station, AL; 4 
LaPrad. Philip. Monroe MI, 1 

Laroche. Kristy, Crestview, FL; 3 
Lassiter, Mandy, Silas. AL; 1 
Laster, Regina, Samson, AL; 3 
Lathan. Suzanne. -Jackson, AL; 1 
Laughman, Scott, Atlanta. GA; 4 
Lan, Jeremy, Brundidge, AL; 2 
Lawley, Dawn. Birmingham. AL; 1 
Lawrence. Amy, Demopolis. AL: 1 
Lawerence, Connie, Clanton, AL; 3 

Lawerenee, David. Tallassee, AL; 3 
Lawson. Wendi. Americus, GA; 5 
Lay field, Kim, Albany, GA; 3 
Layton. Meredith, Troy, AL; 1 
Lazenby, Melody, Sanford, FL: I 
Leatherwood, Jennifer, Troy, AL; 2 
Lee, Angle, Troy, AL; 2 
Lee, Jennifer, Troy, AL; 1 
Lee, Jessica. Rumson, NJ: 4 

Lee, Paulette, Troy. AL; 4 
Leonard. Karen. Middleburg. FL; 4 
Lero. John, Dothan. AL; I 
Leverette. Kendall, Greenville. AL; 2 
Levy, Tamir. Phenix City. AL; 3 
Lewis, Kate. Greenville, AL; 2 
Lieb, Kelly, monroeville, AL; 3 
Ligon. Tara. Mobile. AL; 4 
Linch. Laura. Quimy. FL: 1 

Little, Amy. Panama City. FL: 2 
locklar. Eric, Troy. AL: 4 
Long, Brandy. Dothan. AL; 3 
Long, Daniel. Sarasota. FL: 3 
Longcoy. Norma. Bouhs. AL; 3 
Loughridge. Cathy. Montgomery. AL; 4 
Lopez. Alex. Fulerton, CA, I 
Lovfald. Ingelise, St. Petersburg, FL; 4 
Lovik.Juli, Troy.AL I 

Lowerx. Fred, Greenville, AL : 4 

Lucas. Tammi. Bainbridge. GA; 4 
Lumpkin, Daniel. Fairhope. Al - : 
Lunsford. Blake. Andalusia. AL; 3 
Macy, Laura, Azores. Portugal; 3 
Maddox. Lynda. Troy. AL: 3 
Mallette, Monique, Cocoa Beach, FL: 4 
MalphritS, Abby, Andalusia. AL I 
magomgal. Erin. Ozark. AL: 2 

People ■ 77 


Mahan, Stephanie. Deatsville. AL 2 

Mancil, Kelley, Andalusia. AL; 4 

Mandel, Mary, Ft. Walton Beach. FL 4 

Mann. Colin. Motgy, AL: 1 

Matin. Kevin. Panama City, FL: 3 

Manning. Carol. Brundidge . AL 3 

Manning. Carrie. Troy. .\L: 2 

Manning. Charles. Vidalia. GA; 3 

Manning. Deborah. Troy. AL: 5 

Manning. Nathan. Fort. Dayne. AL; 4 

Mansmann, Louis. Highland Home, AL; 3 

Mansmann. Michelle. Highland Home. AL; 4 

Mapps. Jerome. Valdosta. GA: 2 

Marcus. Mark. Huntsvile, AL; 4 

Marks. Steve, Ft. Myers. FL; 1 

Marsden, Nikki, Nokamis, FL; 3 

Marsti, Lori, Elba, AL; 3 

Marshall. Derek. Natchez. MS; 4 

Marshall. Jennifer. Montgomery, AL; 4 

Martin. Dai id. Silverhill, AL. 2 

Martin. Jennifer, Atlanta. GA; 3 

Martin. Michelle. Enterprise. AL; 4 

Mather. Renee. Sarasota, FL; 4 

Mathews, Tonya, Brantley, AL; 3 

Matthews, Carla, Opp. AL; 3 

Matlock. Joanne. York, AL; 1 

Maturi. Heather, Prattville, AL; 2 

Maund, Rene. Samson, .\l. 3 

Maxwell. Amy, Tallahassee. FL; 4 

May. April, Grady, AL; 4 

May. Rick. Birmingham. AL; 3 

Mi Bribe, Amanda, Foley, AL; 2 

McBride, Sharon. Fairbanks. Alaska, I 

McBryde. Sharon. Troy, Aly. 4 

McCarthy. Kim, Rainbow City, AL: 3 

McCarthy. Martin, Wetumpka, AL; 4 

M< ( andless, Allison, St. Petersburg. FL; 3 

McCav, Laura. Montgomery ; AL; 1 

McClain, Jill, Adel, AL; 2 

McClendon, Mandy, Auburn AL; 1 

McClure. Kimberly, Troy, AL, 3 

McColIum, Timothy, Arab. AL; 1 

McCroan. David, Jacksonville, AL; 4 

McCormiek, Joy. New Brockton, AL; 4 

McCrory, Lori, Jack, AL; 4 

McCoy, J ilcs. Greenville, AL I 

McDonald, John. Port St. Joe. FL: 4 

M, Donald, Lath. Canden.AL; 1 

McDonald, Michael. Cottondale, FL: 2 

McFadden, Angela, Las Vegas, NV; 3 

Mi Fiith-cn ('mime, Toronto. Canada 1 

McGhee, Belinda. Set ma, AL; 3 

McGhee Fell ia, Lucerne. AL; 3 

\L Ghee, slum n Enterprise, AL: 4 

M Ghee Tyle) At mine, AL; 3 

McGili raw Stai w. Troy, AL; 1 

\L Ginn Su ie I'm e, FL; 3 

\l t ,11:1,1 Vol i " LaGrange, GA 2 

Mcbourgin, Mimic linn tun, AL; 4 

\L i, in, 1 1, Brian Fori Myers, FL; 2 

McHargue Angela Valley, AL; 1 

M, Hugh Whitney Dothan AL. I 

Mckee, Jennifei Jackson, AL; 4 

Mi Kruii n Stephanii Crystal Rivei FL; 2 

M, Linl, Paige Franklin, AL; 2 

McKinney Sonia, Brundidge AL I 

\L Lendon Gai ■ < rain < ille, FL, I 

\l I , ,,,!,, i, Trih i In'. \L 1 

M I , od, Stephanii Go ihi n \l 2 

If, Vfillian Lorn Troy \l 

McNabb, Sunni Troy \l I 

Mi \. al \" i la I In elnui ' rA I 

78 " People 



Johnathan, Dot/tun 
dy, Keesha, Dotl 

I / Q 

\l. : 

'./. . S ai ham AL I 

W, in !' !■■ . I,! Ill, pOSlt .\l. I 

■ lis,- I \l. I 

W I : '.' U) \l 

'.; - Jane, Brundidgi At 2 

ton •/-/ Jo /•/. i 
\fiddl toi fiej i/e/ fa Pi 
Middleton Terrem e, Ei er^ • 
Mikell.Joy, Millbrool AL J 
\l Rosalyn, 1 \l. I 

Mill, , (in,,. Clanton, AL; 4 
Mill* i i 'kris, Bainbridt e.GA 
Millei U i I \L, 4 

Will, i I.,, 1 1 < ottonwood, Al 
Will, i W.n . Jo, Eufaula.AI 
Mills, Cami, Dothai \l 2 
Mills. Jarrid, Tuskegee, AL: 4 
Mis tildine, Susan, Prattville, AL: 
Mil, hell, Angela, Dozier, AL; 4 

Mil, lull Aril, i, i Va i a AL;4 
Wit, hell l',i i, in Grei w ill \l 

Mitchell. Kristin. Stuart. FI 

Mit, hell Leslii < ordova.AL; :t 

Mitchell. Mario. Op, hi I li 
Mitchell, taisha. Brantley, AL, 1 
Moahs. Brad, Clanton. AL: 4 
Mock, Chris. Albany. CA 1 
Much. Men. Albany, GA; 3 

Montee. Richard. Pine Apple. AL I 
Montgomery, Adria, Birmingham Al 
Montgomery, Erie, Atmore, AL 2 

Montgomery. Latisha. Orlando. FL:3 

Montgomery. Natalie, Birmingham, AL;3 

Moore. Small. M, <cia, AL I 
Moore. Stephanie. Roswell. GA; 4 
Moore. Yolanda. Selma. AL; 2 

Moorel . Weill til, em ill, \l. .' 

Moorer, Thomas. Ft Deposit Al I 

Morales. Ann. Foley. AL: 3 
Morales. Ft . Winter Haien. FL: I 
Morgan. Dario. Samson. AL: 3 
Morgan. Leslie. Samson. AL: 2 
Morgan, Melinda, Lucerne. AL 4 
Morris. Neal. Crestview, FL: 3 
Morris. Richard. Dothan. AL: 3 
Morrow, Angela, Daphne, AL I 

Moseley Noah, Georgiana, AL; 4 

Moses. -Johnnie. Clayton. Ai 
Moss. Angela. Northport. AL; I 
Motley, Lisa. Ozark. Al; 2 
Moultry, Jermaine, Troy. AL: I 
Mount. Davina, Brantley AL I 
Mugler, Byron, Ash ford. AL; 4 
Mullen. Cindy. Enterprise. Al ! 

Midler. Lonneke, Troy, AL 1 

Mullet, Gregory, Sarasota, FL; 1 
Mullinax, Shannon. Ft. Walton Bch, FL 1 
Mullins, Alan, y.ephyrhills. FL: 4 
Mullins. -Julie. Head/and. Al : I 
Murdoch. Heather. Aeon Park. AL I 
Murpkree, Michelle. Opelika. AL; 1 
Murphy. Lisa. Panama I 
Murphy, Michael, Gilbertown, AL; 1 
1/ Alicia, Mobile. AL 2 

People ■ 79 


Myers. Tiffany. Dillon, S.C.; 1 

Nabors. James, Montevallo. AL: 4 

Nail, Tara, Clanton, AL; 4 

Nail, Mario. Atmore. AL: 3 

Nail, Melissa. Red Level. AL, 4 

Napier. Aleah. Dothan. AL: 2 

Nappier. Joe, Alexander City. AL: 4 

Nazary, Jill, Montgomery, AL; 4 

Neal, James, Troy. AL; 1 

Neal. Marvin. Clayton. AL: 4 

Neal, Tashawn. Brundidge, AL; 1 

Neal, Tawaina, Brundidge, AL; 1 

Neal , Tammy. Abbeville, AL; 3 

Nelson, Christopher. Tarpon Springs, FL; 4 

Nelson, Lucy, Talladega, AL; 1 

Nelson, Michelle, Clanton, AL; 4 

Nelson. Rhonda. Wetumpka, AL: 1 

Nelson, Shelia. Elba. AL; 4 

Nessi, Matthew, Simi Valley, CA; 5 

Neupane, Pradumna. Troy, AL; 1 

Newman. Shana, Lakeland. FL; 1 

Newman. Valeric. Hawkinsuille, CA; 2 

Nil /mis. Sherry. Geneva. AL; 4 

Nichols, Woodfin, Marion. AL; 2 

Nikolakis, Meg, Mobile, AL; 4 

Noms. Julia. Newcastle. Australia; 4 

Norris, Kimberly, Newton AL; 4 

Nortoll.. Rafeal, Dothan, 

Nowell. Rhonda. Headland. 

O'Bannon. Trixie. Clanton. 

O'Hara. Brent. Troy, 

O'Hara. Michael. Troy, 

O'Neal, Rusty, Maplesville, 

O'Reilly. Chris. Greenwood, 

Oates, James, Deatsville, 

Odom. Bettina. Columbia. 

Odom, Brittney, Columbia. 

Odom. Charlie. Clanton, 

Odom, Kris, Antioch, 

Odom, Neal. Demoplis, 

Odom, Tiffany. Prattville, 

Oeters, Dawn. Lakeland, 

Ogden. Chris, Powell, 

Ogleshy, Ashley. Elba, 

Oliver, Russell. Andalusia, 

Oldnettle, Scott, Deatsville, AL; 2 

Olivastro. Andrew, Farmingtown, CT; -i 

Orlandella, Brian, Medford, MA: 4 

Orzolick. Aaron. Niagara Fall. NY; 2 

Oscarssar. Fredick, Getinge, Sweden; 4 

Osunde, Joyce. Goshen. AL; 4 

Oswald. Jason, Troy. AL; 2 

Owens, Regina, Luverne, Al,; 2 

Owens, Shirley. Daleville. Al^; 4 

Pure. Lisa. Breutun. AL: ~> 

Padgett, Amy, Union, Springs, AL; 3 

Padgett. Midge. I'nmri Springs, AL; 1 

Padgett. Mono I 'nion Springs, AL; 1 

Palmer, Julian, Tampa, FL. 3 

Palmer, Kerry, Montgomery, AL; 4 

Parker, Jenny, Headhunt. Al '.. / 

Parker, Scott, Opp.AL, I 

Pun, ell. File. I),, than. AL, 3 

Parrish, Dana, Nu ei die 

Pamsh. Mu hurl Dnlliun 

Pate, David, Refoi m 

Patel, Ami. Troy, 

PaUl, Sunil Troy, 

Patru I John Mark Sill ei hill, 

Patterson, Brian, Springfield 

PatU i on Ft lit ia Tro . 

I'n , ne \"< i -/'" / "" 

AL, 2 

AL, 'J 
Al. 2 
PA 2 
\l I 
Al. I 

80 " People 


//. nderson, K\ 

Peopli s Wyi tli '•/ W / 

Perdm I 

/', III-H: Dl ' '■'•"' iri AL I 

int. Ml I 

Holly, Spin Inn'' 

P, 1 1 Hi <h, Eufaula, \l 

Pen-) Mi) • Oal Hill, WV I 

/'. tenon Chi i tit a Bi \L; 3 

Pete) 'ii 

Peterson. Rhonda Andalusia \i 2 
l\ in ton Timoth Bi 
/', ill-, an Wiru Ik ' 'olumbia, Ml> I 
Pfeifer, Craig, Ent rpri i W. / 
Phillippi Aimee Harrisonburg, VA ■ 
Phillips Jennifer, Hunk-.. AL I 

Phillips. Miranda I II- I 

Phillips. Natasha, Gul) Shon U 
Phillips Quinn, Atmore,AL;3 
Phillips. Rebecca, Zephyrhillis, FL I 
Phillips Rodru . Ja i FL; 4 
Pick) "us. Amy. Planters ville, AL; 3 
Pin eu ii . . Jeff, Jupiter FL; I 
Pierce, Shannon, Panama City. FL I 
Pin, , Varee. Eufaula. AL; 3 

Piggott, Amy, GreenvilL M I 
Pigott, Kcm. Tallahassee, FL I 
Pili hei . Nit ole, Zion ( 'hapel, AL; 1 
Ping. Jason. Birmingham, AL; 2 
Pittman, Nancy, Troy, AL; 3 
Pitts, Amber. West Point, (1A; 2 
Pitts. Frederick. Madison. FL; 4 
Pitts, Tommy, Sylacauga, AL; 5 
Polite. Fitzgerald, Winder. GA; 3 

Pollard. Ardina, Foley. AL; 4 
Pollard. John. Ozark. AL; 3 
Poole. Cynthia. Ocala. FL; 4 
Pope. Chris. Dothan. AL; 3 
Porter. Kristy, Calera, AL; 3 
Porter. Leslie. Troy. AL; 2 
Porter. Michelle. Troy. AL; 5 
Postell, Eric, Adel. GA; 4 
Pouncey, Tracey, Greenville. AL; 4 

Powell, Angela. Shalimar, FL; 3 
Powell, Jason. Dublin. GA: I 
Powell. Julie. Andalusia, AL; 3 
Powell. Lon. Florala. AL; 4 
Powell. Sharanda, Brewton. AL; 4 
Prater. Kim, Defuniak Springs, FL 3 
Pirn ett, Tonya, Atmore, AL; 4 
Price, Jarrod. Slocomb, AL; 4 
Price. Tonja, Clanton. AL I 

Price. William. Troy.AL:2 
Pridgen. Arleen, Elba. AL; 1 
Pritchett, Latricia, Union Springs Al 
Pruski, Kara. Phenix City, AL; 2 
Puccio. Phil, Eufaula. AL; 4 
Pybus, Kimberly, Dothan, AL, 3 
Race. Maria. Wintek Hal en, PI I 

Rachels. Darnel. Enterprise. AL; 3 
Ragle. Rosemary. DeFuniak Sprgs. FL I 

Rainer, Will, I 'nion Sprint - Al 2 

Randolph. Kristi. Punta Gorda. FL; 4 
Rankin. Kimberly. Demopolis, .\P ! 
Rani. in. Rachel. Faunsdale. AL; 2 
Rankin. Susanna. Blackshear. CA: 2 
Rape. Bets,. Troy. Al 2 
Rasberry, Deonna. Parrish, AL; 1 
Rastogi, Abhishant, Philadelphia. PA. 3 
Rastogi, Prashnant, Buffalo. ' 

People; 81 


RatUff, Kristie, Hemet, CA; 2 

Ray. Kacy, Clanton. AL; 2 

Ray. Kevin. Troy. AL: 1 

Ray. Kimberly. Blakely. GA; 3 

Rayburn. Scott, Greenville, AL; 4 

Reed. Emily. Thomasuille, AL; 2 

Reeder, Tracy. Millbrook . AL: 2 

Reese, Britt. Shady Dale. GA: 3 

Reese. Michelle, Montgomery. AL; 4 

Reeves, Dillon, Tallahassee. FL; 4 

Reeves. Jason. Troy, AL; 3 

Reeves, Jo Ann. Troy. AL; 3 

Reeves, Melissa, Troy, AL; 3 

Reimers, Heather. Niceville, FL; 3 

Reiss. Lon. Crestview, FL: 3 

Reynolds. Amanda. Semmes. AL; 2 

Reynolds, Charlotte, Headland. AL: 4 

Reynolds. Lee Ann. Punta Gorda. FL: 4 

Reynolds. Richard. Troy. AL; 1 

Rich. Helene. Bethlehem. FL; 1 

Richards, Amy. Dothan, AL; 3 

Richardson. Daphne. Eufaula, AL; 3 

Richardson , Game, Bedford, England; 3 

Richburg. Shelly. Bradenton. FL; 3 

Riddle. Katie. Prattvillc. AL; I 

Rietz. Ryan, Sarasota. FL: 3 

Riley, Kelly. Headland. AL; 2 

Risinger. Shani, Winterhaven, FL; 1 

Rivers, Harrison, Tallahassee, FL; 2 

Rivers. Stephanie. Mobile. AL; 4 

Roarke, Kelly, Cranston, RI; 4 

Robbms, Christopher, Andalusia, AL; 2 

Robbins, William, Alpharetta, GA; 4 

Roberts, Jeff. Dothan, AL; 4 

Robinete. Jason. Anton. AL; 4 

Robinette. Nicole, Enterprise, AL; 4 

Robinson. Novella, Elba. AL; 1 

Robinson. Fun. Zephyrehills. FL; I 

Robinson. Mary Beth. Camden, AL; 4 

Roche, Alex, Jacksonville, FL; 2 

Ion que, Bart. Lacdu Flambeau, WI; 4 

Rodgers, Melissa. Birmingham, AL; 4 

Rodgers, Shannon. Brundidge, AL: 4 

Rogers, Adam. Andalusia. AL: 4 

Rogers, Patra, Vincent, AL; 3 

Rogers, Penny, Greenville, AL; 3 

Rogers, Virginia. Winchester. TN; 4 

Rollan. Hope. Millbrook, AL; 1 

Rollins. Dee Anne. Defumah Spri.. FL; 4 

Roselius. Shannon. Headland, AL; 4 

Ross. Alicia, Summerdale. AL; 4 

Roth.Amx Minneapolis, MN: 3 

Rountree, Jennifer, LaGrange, GA; 3 

Rowell, Seremy, Crestview, FL; 4 

Rowell, Gayla, Crestview. FL; .1 
Rucker, Meredith. Daphne, AL; 4 
Ruffin hot i,l Wetumpka, AL. :i 

Rusnah. Bridget, \i, mile. FL; 3 

Russell, Dana, Grady, AL; 3 

Russell. Kelly Paxton, FL; 5 

Rutland, Russell, Lenox, GA; 3 

I! nil, dge, Darin. I'henix City. AL; 3 

Ryals, Aaron, Foi ' Depo it. AL; 4 

Siih,, I', ml Panama City, FL; 4 

Saltei Tiffan ■■ Aim,, re. AL; 3 

s.iii, , Rhonda, Greenville, AL; 4 

Sum In I'll,/,, Alberto. Spain; 2 

s,i,,, h, Prieto, Mom el, Spain, 2 

Sanden Scott, Troy, Al^; 2 

Sandlin Charla, Mobile, AL; 4 

Sassar, Kristi, Andalusia, AL; 4 

Sauei So . ha < » ' man ■■ I 

82; People 




w. ; 

.S'( ha u. I / > ■ //i. / 7 /' 

Hi mini -Im I mm ///• // 
Si /</• tter.Cl 
Schmidt, ( 'hristop 

Schmittendor) Jamie, Little Roci \R I 
Scho field, Suzanne, Florala \l ■ 

Si hroecb t Witt ' 'alt ra \l 

■• ilk AL I 

Si oti I'.iii . /;.. vtoi \l I 
Scott, H FL;3 

Scott Tyi /.•■■■ U ■ 

U Exci \L; 4 
Seaboi n Dan I- ufaula \l 

nville, AL; 1 
Si If Sami \fo L2 i 

Si II, i Hi inn SI ip/n 1 1 illr AL. I 

Sellers, Dai id \di Dora II.; 4 
Senn, Leslie, Troy, AL; 3 
Sri •rnl H. nl. Mi'.u. Ilni . it FL; 2 
Sessions, Wesley, Brewton, AL; 4 
Sexton. Marvin. Highland Home, AL; 5 
Seymour, Copelin, Bahamas; 4 
Shaffer, James, Wetumpka, AL; 1 
Shaffer, Robert, Wetumpka. AL; 4 

Shanlglin, Teresa. Goshen, AL; 4 

Shar/ie. Laura. Red Leal. AL; I 
Shelton, Bart. Lupine. .\I. I 

Shi pherd, Arnita, Lm erne. AL; 4 
sher/ielil. Thomas Tuscaloosa AL I 
Sherrer, Amy. Dothan, AL; 2 
Shunt, Dudley. Opp. AL; 4 
Shores, Adam, Clearwater. FL: 1 
Shores, Jason, Marianna, FL; 4 

Short, Kelley ()/>p.AL;4 
Short. Kristi, Tallassee, AL; 3 
Shorten. Mehnda. Panama City. FL: 2 
SI, nil. Andrea. Millbrook, AL; 3 
Sickman. Thomas. Ft. Meyers. FL; 3 
Simpkins, Jeremy. Derry, NH; 3 
Simpkins, Ronald. Camden. AL; 3 
Simpson. Julie. Reform. AL; 1 
Suns. Hardie Fansdale, AL; 3 

Sim*. Rhonda. Cairo. GA; 4 
Sims. Venerissa, Greenwood, FL; 4 
Sineath, Laura. Winter Haven. FL; 4 
Singleton, Carol, Montgomery'. AL: 2 
Singleton, Robin. Montgomery. AL 3 
Sipper, James, Troy. AL; 4 
Sirmon, Candice, Silverhill, AL. 2 
Sisneros, Geno, Niceville, FL; 4 
Skeen, Natalie. Ash ford. AL; 2 

Slater. Robbie, Grand Bay, AL; 4 
Slausktar, Al. Goshen, AL; 1 
Slusser, Holly, Panama City, FL: 2 
Smitherman, Amanda. Clanton, AL; 1 

Smith. Aniv. Kansas City MO: 2 
Smith. Amy. Talladega. AL; 3 
Smith. Amy, Valley, AL: 1 
Smith. Amy. Montgomery. AL: 4 
Smith. Andren . Marianna. FL; 2 

Smith. Belinda. Ft. Pierce. FL; 4 
Shellhouse, Bennie, Eufaula, AL; 3 
Smith. Bryan. Davie. FL: 3 
Smith. Christopher. Brewton U 
Smith. Christy. Conyers. GA: 3 
Smith. Jamason, Daphne, AL: 2 
Smith. Julie. Columbus. GA: 4 
Smith. Larmon, I 'nah. AL; 4 
Smith. Louis idgi ■ \L 2 

ii i 

People ; g3 


Smith. Missy. Tallassee. 

Smith. Randy. Eufaula, 

Smith. Shannon, Troy. 

Smith. Steven. Spanish Fort. 

Smith. Thomas. Eufaula. 

Smith. Victoria. Montgomery. 

Smith, Wendy, Donalsonville. 

Smith, Willie, Brewton, 

Smitherman. Christopher. Clan ton, 

Smitherman. Leslie. Chilton County, 

Sneed. Kelly. Brundidge. 

Snell. William. Ariton, 

Snellgrove . Carrie. Prattville. 

Snellgrove, Rebecca, Ozark. 

Synder. Kimberly. Sarasota. 

Sollick, Amy, Altamonte Springs, 

Soloman, Robin. Dothan. 

Sonnier. Monica. Mobile, 

Spader. Brian. Pt. Beit. 

Spain. Kristin. Stanton. 

Spears. Christy, Sneads. 

Spears. Stacy. Kinston, 

Spikes, Shirley. Red Level, 

S/m ey, Kevin. Clanton, 

Spain. Ei ii , Vidalia, 

Springer, Kimberly, Montgomery, 

St. Clair. Brandon. Leesburg, 

Stabler. Sheila, Monroeville, 

Stanley. Rhoda, Brundidge, 

Starks, Althea, Jai kson, 

Starling. Shan n. Ft. Meade. 

Starnes. David. Prattville, 

Stearns, Josh, Ft. Walton Beach. 

Steedley, Tracy. Columbus. 

Stephens. Sharon, Troy. 

Stevens Melonie, Bay Mmette, 

< art, Adam. Grove Hill, 

Stewart, Chad. Enterprise. 

Stewart, Dm ul I'm: 

Stewart, Jack, Ozark, 

Steu art. James. Mobile, 

Stewart, Jefj Selma 

Stewart. Mandy, Talladega. 

Stewart, Siobhan, Ozark, 

Stewart Tonya, Georgiana, 

Stillwell. Leigh Anne, Camden 

sin, ks, Jody, Lantana, 

Stockley, Alison, Tampa, 

Stockwell Shellej Elberta 

Stodghill, Jennifer, Dunnellon, 

I arissa, Ftirt Walton Beach. 

Stol e ' 'onnit < 'rystal Unci. 

Stol i Ryan, Fort Walton H, <i< h 

Street. Meli " Fait hope 

sn, ngth /./ ,/ Wetumpka 
Strii kland, Branu yn, Florala, 

Strin , / Maun, , ()/u III a 

Stroud, Emily, Atlanta, 
siui, /, II, atht ' 1 1 ,u I 

Sum, II, /„■, , ,i huh, inh, ii ii 

Subi i limn, Quincy, 
Suggs, Missy, Enterpi i i 

Fbrt M alton l'„ ••• h 

Sin I, st, /,/,, ,i Uban 
Sutton Debbii I'l.itti ill,' 
■•■ i Tallahassee, 
Sivul \ln hurl Mont 

Su . Seminoli 

Su iniliill -Inlii. I ■■ . 

Sutton, F.i i, I i:,,i„ 1 1 ,/,il, 

Tanm • Vfana Greenville, 

i homa ii ili, 

84 ; People 

Va n la ndingh a m 

Tatm I e.AL;3 

Taun ! •»! Montgomei ■ AL I 

I I 

.' / 

■I I 
Tayloi Sherry Honoraville, AL; 1 
Taylor, Stephen. Montgomery AL I 
Taylor,Tonya Vidalia I 

ita, Montgomei ■ AL I 
Jana Bla) ely I I \ i 
■ rd.Al 

Telfaii I i nandale II I 

I \/. / 

n • to g \ i 

/, n Lei ft Ml bi , U I 

/'.<■■ Deatsville, AL 3 
Teston, Gret Pati G \ 2 

Tetlofl Attu na Fori Walton Bern h 1 1 I 
Tew, Kim Montgomei ■ .\1. 1 
Thames, Wi • i ! \L 2 

Thibodeaux, Michelle, Phenii City \l 
Thigpen, ■!■ anAnne, Greenville, AL; 3 
Thomas, Brandy, Hun Secour, AL; 4 
Thomns, -l,i Gret \l.: 4 

Thoma • Ri B (on, AL. 4 
Thompson Angela, Montgomery, AL I 

Thomason, Benjamin, Anniston, AL; 2 
Thomas, Mit hael, Ozark, AL; 1 
Thome, Nam y, Ft Rucker, .\L 1 
Thornhill Beth .\ i h Ft.AL; 1 

Thorpe, Treva, Skipperville, AL; 4 
Thrasher, Leah, Talladega. AL: 1 
Thrash, Stacey, Birmingham, AL; 1 
Threadgill, Chresal, Mobile. AL; 2 
Till. Jar. Greenville, AL; 4 

Tiller. Can. Pensacola, FL;2 
Tilley, Carmen. Montgomery, AL; I 
Tillman.Kyle, Vidalia, GA I 
Timbie, Randolph, Greenville, AL; 4 
Tmdal. -Justin. Greenville, AL; 3 
Tinsley, Shawn, St. Petersburg. FL; 3 
Tirey, Tonya. Sarnia, Canada: 2 
Tivman, Kathy, Winter Haven. FL: 3 
Tolar. due. Dothan, AL; 3 

Tolson, Spring. St. Petersburg. FL: 4 
Tompkins. Trai i, I'm, Lard. AL; 2 
Tonegatto. April. Brewton, AL: 1 
Toney. Dwight, Columbus. GA; 2 
Toney. Christen. Clearwater, FL; 3 
Torres. Teresa. Foley, AL; 2 
Touch ton. Liza, Anniston. AL: 1 
Townsend, David, Tampa. FL; 3 
Townsend, William, Prattville. AL; 4 

Trail. Camie, Monroe. (1A: 4 
Trammel. Mi, hai I Salem. MO, I 
Trammell, Clem. Roberta. GA: 3 
Trammell, Michelle, Uriah, AL; 3 
Trotter. Elizabeth. Petrey. AL; 2 
7 v. ker, 7 .v> I~roy, AL 4 
Turk. Lisa Thomasville, AL; 2 
Tut ker, Honja. Tuskegee, AL: 2 
Tulio Iris Montgomery, AL; 1 

Turn,,. Km, lu, ;■>. Troy, AL; 3 
Turner. Xamx. Ozark. AL; 4 
Turner. Holly, Enterprise, AL; 3 
Turvin, Susan. Dothan. AL; 3 
Tyndal, Amie, Benardsville, NS I 
Uptain, Leah. Talladega. AL; 2 
I 'nderieood. Kim. Dothan. AL; 3 
Vandiver, Debbie. Montgomery, A/.; 4 
Vanlandingham, Travis. Dothan. AL i 

People ■ 85 


Varvil, Terry, Brandon, FL; 3 

Vaughan, Timothy, Palm Bay. FL; 2 

Ventura, poland, Virginia Beach. VA; 3 

Vick, Amanda, Camden. .\L; 1 

Vick, Jennifer, Camden. AL: 3 

Vickers, Leah, Enterprise. AL; 4 

Vier. Matthew. Indianpolis, IN; 4 

VUlarreal, Sandra, Winter Haven. FL; 3 

Vitita, Rajeance. Chancellor, AL; 4 

Waddell, Heidi. Orlando. 

Wade, Tameka, Dothan, 

Wagner, Jill, Florala. 

Waldheim. Henry, Columbus, 

Walker, Deanna. Panama City, 

Walker. Kim. Mobile. 

Walker. Mitt, Jackson, 

Walker, Rosa Lynn, Andalusia. 

Walker. Sonya, Dothan, 

Walker, Stephanie, Bradenton, 

Walker, Victoria. Midway, 

Walker, Yolanda, Abbeville, 

Wallace. Kevin. Opelika. 

Wallace. Melvin, Opelika, 

Warner, Ronald, Chesilhurst, 

Warblow, Kristin. Palmetto. 

Ward, LaDon, Brundidge, 

Ward, Nikki. Dothan. 

Waren, Brent, Camden. 

Warren. Matthew. Birmingham. 

Washington. Debia, Union Springs, 

Washington, Prebe, Tuskegee, 

Waters, Melissa, Luverne, 

Watson, Anthony. Geneva, 

Watson. Emily. Greenville. 

Watson, Melanie, Chancellor, 

Watts, Faith, Headland, 

Weatherford, Johnny. Uriah, AL; 3 

Weatherford, Tommy, Uriah, AL; 3 

Weaver, Michele, Luverne, AL; 4 

Webb, Casey, Meridian, MS; 3 

Webster, Kristen, Hunts ville, AL; 1 

Weedon, Slew. Prattvillc. AL; 3 

Weeks, Becky. Slocomb. AL: 3 

Weems, Kathy, Dothan. AL; 4 

Weiss, Andreas, Germany; 4 

Weldon, Jennifer, Alexander City, AL; 4 

Wellborn, Erin. Fairhope, AL; 4 

Wells. LouAnn, Montgomery, AL; 3 

Wells. Sandy, Jay, FL; 4 

Wentworth. MaryAnn. Georgiana, AL; 4 

Werner, Amanda. Dothan, AL; 1 

Wernicke. Dai id, Harrison. NY; 3 

Wertz, Gretchen, Marietta, GA; 4 

West. Tanya. Dull, an AL 2 

Wi tbei ' ■ Ifi /' a Tallahassee, 

Westover, Lucy. Theodore, 

Wetzel Kami. Smiths, 

Wheal. lie, I . Wuhili 

Whee, Tad.Lagun Hills, 

Whitacre, Deborah, Chipley, 

Whitacre, Melody, Andalusia. 

Whitacre, Robyn, Dothan, 

Whitt i 'alondra Port St Joe, 

U hit, I'ee, ha I iii , , n, 

White Jason, Stoni Mi 
White, Labett Flomaton, 
\\ kite, Ryan, Enterpi i re 
li ini, Stat , i Evei rei n 

While. Susan. Ozark. 

win'. Ton " Gain* i illi 

Whitehead, Brandon < „ n, , a 

Whittaker, \\,m,n Enterprisi 




Whortoi I \l. i 

Wtf>gtH \l 

■■•in Birmingham \l 

Wil -l 1 

> <ii \l. 1 
Dothan Al 
WUkenoi Bent Elba,AL;4 
Olivia Mobil \I. I 

u HI in on /''" : <' i Daph ■ i \l. I 

u iU in Ifi li a Hat \l. I 

Willian Irt 1 Iba U I 
William, Clifton, Andalusia M > 
Willian Dot ' dova \l 

William /•', //, 1,1 1 1 ,. . \/ 2 
Williams, Jail;. O/i/, AL I 

William'- Jerem i Snead Fl 
William K n Burii - \/ ■ 

Williams, Kristi, Orlando, FL: 3 
William, Shannon, LaFayetti .\l I 

Williams, Sheila, Tri>y.AL;4 
Williams, Sheila Clanton \L; 4 

Will him I'amm , Malnl, \l. I 
William, Tracy, Troy, AL; 2 
Williamsmi , ('arietta, Verbena ,\1 J 

Willifbrd, Emily, Wetumpka, AL; 3 

Willis. Deborah, Selma, AL: 3 

Wilson, Angela, Doiialsiini ill, i,\ 
Wilson, Cynthia. Valdosta, (!A; 4 
Winborn, Thomas, Southside, AL; 1 
Windham, Angelika. Elba. AL; 4 
Wingard, Sharon, Troy, AL; 4 
Winston, Anquitnette, Demopoh ■ \l. 
Winter, Wendi, Emporia, KS; 3 
Wise, Rosemary, Enterprise, AL; 4 
Wise, Sherry, Kinston, AL: 4 

Woodfin. Amy, Prattville, AL; 3 
Woodham, Renne, Andalusia, AL; 4 
Wren. Ray. Troy, AL; 4 
Wright. April, Mashville, TN; 2 
Wright. Clayton, Headland, AL; 2 
Wright, -Julie. Florence. AL: 3 
Wright, Patricia, Troy. AL; 4 
Wright. Russell, Troy. AL; 3 
Wright, Stephanie. Troy. AL; 3 

Wright. Thomas, Troy, AL, 1 
Wyly, David. Brandon, FL; 4 
Wynn, Scott. Prattville. AL; 2 
Wynn. Tim. Phenix City, AL; 4 
Yancey. Libby. LaGrange, C!A; 1 
Yap. Sue. Alhambra. CA; 4 
Yarbrough. Chad. Dadeville. AL: 4 
Yentlell. Tim, Seagrove Beach. FL I 
Young. Amy. Auburn. AL: 4 

Young. Joe. Pleasant Grove. AL; 3 
Young. Rita. Wetumpka, AL; 4 
Youngblood, Melissa, Troy, AL; 1 
Youngblood. Michele. Troy. AL; I 
Zellers. Natalie. Dunnellon. FL; 1 
Ziegler, Sherri, Titusville, FL; 3 
Zinsnieister. Jason. Cullman. AL; 4 
Babb, Michael. Mobile. .AL; 3 
Beadle. Fawn. Plattsburgh, NY; 3 

Brock. Jeffrey. Millbrook . AL; 4 
Brook. Alan. Fort Walton Beach. FL; 1 
Butler. Jim. Troy. AL 2 
Coloin, Doyce, Andalusia. AL; 3 
Dorton. Paige. Stone Mountain. GA; 4 
Galloway. Brenda. Brundidge. AL: •/ 
Gibson. Wes. Andalusia. AL; 3 
Gilliland, Robert. Clanton. AL; 2 
Goodwin, Ben. Red Level. AL: 3 

People ■ §7 


Grant. Michelle. Marietta. 

Gray. Knstopher, Panama City. 

Green, Geneva, Troy, 

Gregg, Donna, Montgomery, 

Gregory. Stephanie, Luverne. 

Grice, David, Ocala, 

Griffin, Lucy, Montgomery, 

Grimes, Beverly. Phenix City, 

Grimes. Julia. Baileyton, 

Grimes. Wynn, Elba. 

Gross, Trudy, St. Petersburg, 

Hobbs. Andy. Troy. 

■Jackson. Tamara. Mobile, 

■lames. Tiffany. Brewton. 

Johnson. Frances, Troy, 

Jottuson, Sandra. Selma, 

Johnston. Charles. Mobile. 

Jones, Wendy, Atmore. 

Keith, Renee. Prattville. 

Kelley, Misti, Dothan, 

Kelso, Steve. Millbrook. 

Kendrick, Jonathan. Troy. 

Kethcham . Rebecca, Alabaster, 

Kilgore, Kimberly, Logan ville, 

King, Jason. Selma. 

King. Tern. Brantley. 

Knight. Teree, Montgomery, 

Knox, Millini, Mobile. 

Kraus, Nadine. Glenwood, 

Lafferty. Christina, Montgomery, 

Lafreniere. Kelly. Montgomery, 

Lanberth, Brenda. Montgomery, 

Landers, Andrea, Eufaula 

Langford, Chris, Opp. 

Lanier. Jennifer. Mom 

Larmore, Robert. Elba. 

Lair. Debbie, Wetumpka, 

Leatherwood. Keri. Montgomery, 

Leavens, Lance. Prattville. 

Lee, David, Robertsdale, 

Lee, Tammy. Andalusia. 

Lezon, Tammy. Millbrook. 

Lowe, Regiwald, Phenix ( 'ity, 

Lou cry, Mary. Greenville. 

Liu I Amy, Montgomery, 

Mahan. Robin. Mobile. 

Marshall, Jenni, Valrico, 

.Martin , Joe. Kinston, 

Massey. Casie, Leroy, 

Mathews, Tracy, Brantley. 

Maxwell, Kiwanda, Tuskegee, 

\l \l lister, Reggie, Hartford, 

McCallister, Debbie. Gulf Shores. 

McCallister, Larry. Gulf Slum 

McClain, Angela, Montgomery, 

M, Donald Velina. Pratt) ill* 

McFarland, Donna . Jemison, 
McKenzie. Veronica Montgomery, 

McKinney. Ainu Tampa, 

McLnin. I'ninla I'l at 1 1 1 1 le , 

\/< Lean < ami Montgornei •■ 

\h I .one . Tin a l'elle\ 

McNabb Valem ia Mont 'omei . 

Meyer, Ai inn Tro$ 

Mill, i II, athei I'll, in i i ii . 
Mm, i, Brian Lah < ii 
Mil, I,, II Jo M,ui ,,.>,,, , 
Mone ■ ' in,, I . i fro 
i.uii ho Orlando 
Moon Daniel Pratti Hit 
Morgan LaToya Samson. 
\l u an / • lu Samson 

- an a 

88 ■ People 


'■! I w. 2 

Moshman Kathleen Mum. 
\l. I 
I ittondale I 

W. /-.. if/u i / L;2 

\/;//. | | 

Ifoi . rnii, /•'/.. / 

McMii \/. j 

IfcGousi ' 

Nath, Shi ">'. Montgomery, Al 
\i hoi Ifai I Wai toi 

\ . u //m'v, Brooke, Ti<>\ . AL 2 
OKU i Gn . ' ottondal 1 1. 3 
Olivai I'h. Hi Montgomery, 
Oxendiru Billu ' ottondal 1 1 I 
Padou) W. // a Ifoi I mei AL I 
I'm ■ y, Deatsville, AL; 4 
Parker, Sandra. Prattnllr .\I. I 

Patterson, Hazel, Montgomery, AL; 3 
Payne. Chad. Selma, AL; 1 
Peevy, Emily, Brew ton, AL. 2 
Pettway, Brenda, Selma, AL; 4 
Pherigo, Carolyn, Montgomery, AL; 4 
Phillips, Bryce, Elba. AL; 2 
Phillips, Deanna, Pen acola FL; 3 
Phillips, James, Troy, AL; 2 
Phillips, Lisa. Mobde. AL; 1 

Pihkard, Beverly, Montgomery , AL; 2 
Poirier, Wdliam. Seminole, FL; I 
Poole, Jamie, Dothan, AL; 1 
Powell. Melissa. Sen Site. AL I 
Presley. Dianne, Montgomery, AL; 2 
Price, Daniel. Autaugaville, AL; 1 
Price. Wendy, Enterprise, AL; 2 
Quade. David. Holmes Beach. FL; 4 
Qi/akenbush, Jeanene, Frederks. VA; 4 

Quanolt. Becky. Fairhope, AL; 2 
Rainer, Dana, Eight Mile, AL; 2 
Rape. Bets,. Troy, AL; 2 
Rauch, Kelly, Palm Bay. FL; 2 
Raulerson. Holly. Mobile, AL: 3 
Ray, Tomeka, Ozark, AL; 2 
Rice, Amanda. Valley, AL; 2 
Robinson. Jennifer. Panama City. FL: I 
Robinson. Paulette. Montgomery, AL; 3 

Rodgers, Crystal. Dothan. AL; 1 
Rohde, Mitchell. Winter Haven. FL: 3 
Rucker, Belinda. Wetumpka. AL; 3 
Russell. Linda, Montgomery . AL; 5 
Samad. Assad, Tallahassee, FL; 3 
Sandey. Elaine, Grady, AL; 4 
Schmidt. Joanne. Wetumpka, AL: 3 
Scott. Jason, Foley. AL: 1 
Sellers. Paige. Twin Falls. ID: 2 

Senn. Ashley, Troy, AL; 3 
Senn. Jennifer. Goshen. AL; 3 
Sheffield. Charlie. Mobile. AL; 4 
Simpler, Amy, Dothan. AL: 3 
Singletary, Matt, Headland. AL; 3 
Smith. Cynthia. Letohatehee, M 2 
Smith. Edith, Dothan. .AL; 4 
Soltani. Lori. Enterprise, AL: 2 
Stabler. Molly, Greenville, AL; 4 

Steadman. Laura. Birmingham, AL; 5 
Stevens. Samina. Montgomery. AL; 2 
Sullivan. Dawn, Monroeuille, Al I 
Szymendera, Andrew. St. Petersburg. FL;2 
Tapley, Rita. Alexander, AL: 2 
Taylor, Patricia, Marbury, AL; 1 
Taylor, Vikki, Dothan, AL; 3 
Tolbert. Towana. Montgomery, AL: 2 
Underwood, Tina. Gulf Breeze. FL: 2 

People I gg 


Verrett. Tiffan>. Gull Breeze. FL: I 
Mahan. Latoshia, Birmingham, AL; 3 
Walker. Jacqueline. TuskegOf 

Walker. Lynn. Troy. AL: 4 

Walker, Tyesha, Muss Point. MS. 4 

Ward, Lora, Lowndesboro, AL; 1 

Watson, Cheryl. Prattville, AL: 3 

Watson, Erin. Tallahassee. AL 3 

Watson. Kevin, Troy, AL - 

Weaver. Pam. Montgomery, AL; 2 

Welch. Michael. Prattville \\ I 

Wells. Larry. Eulaula AL. 3 

Wesley. Laura. Prartville, AL; 3 

Whiddon. Regena. Enterprise, AL. 3 

White. Karen. Montgomery, AL; 3 

Wiliams, Daphne. Montgomery AL; 1 

Williams. Jacqueline. Pennington. AL; 2 

Williams. Jaqueline. Mobile AL. 4 

Williams, Rickie, Foit Walton Bch . FL 

Williamson. Russell, Hope Hull. AL 

WMson, Terry. Auburn. AL; 

Wingate, Julius. Huntsville, AL; 

Wingo. Wanda, Deatsville. AL 

Womack. Daina. Monroeville. AL 

Wood. Mike, Greenville. AL 

Woodham. Rebecca. Brundidge. AL 

Woodlock. Tracy. Franklin, GA 

Worrilow, Lawrence Montgomery, AL; I 

Wompkin. Heather. Fairhope. AL; 2 

Wnght. Annette, Birmingham. AL; 5 

Wright. Beth. Mobile M 4 

Wright. Stephanie. Montgomery. AL; 1 

Yeargan, Anita. Prattville. AL. 2 

Yelder, Feluu. Haynevillc. Al 4 

Young Johnny. Cornelia GA J 


Sybil Brantley 



m k 

Phi Mu 

\m ?■ 

Accounting Club 


Otnicon Delta Kappa 

Gamma Beta Phi 

Delta Sigma Pi vJ"^ 

Trojan Ambassadoi K^^fc 

. ■" 

Jenie Arnold 

Kappa Delta Pi 

W ' i*Jm 


'^■V ^LV 

Sigma Alpha lota 

LVL. 7 j^l \ 

Collegiate Singers 

TSU Madrigals 

i ■ \ 

Eric Atkinson 


Mortar Board 


Omicron Delta Kappa 

f § 

SGA Senator 

1^ *s* * 

Gamma Beta Phi 

IFC Rush Chairman 

|4v> VM 

PCO Leader 

V k 

Trojan Ambassador 


Order of Omega 


Mike Babb 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma 
CAPP Peers 
Designated Driver 


Alcia Baggett 


Phi Kappa Phi 

Gamma Beta phi 

- 'HI 

Kappa Delta Pi 


KA '^l 

Sigma Tau Delta 

1 ■ 

Phi Theta Alpha 

V "' ' M 

Howard Berry 

, ^ 1 

Gamma Beta Phi 


Mortar Board 

m^ %3 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

1 V 


l**"" "*" w^ 

Resident Assistant 

- ffl 

PCO Leader 

m y 'fl 

Psi Lambda 

\ ^ JW 

Student Leadership 


Round table 


Jamie Birdwell 

Alpha Lambda Delia 

Gamma Beta Phi 

i (micron Delta Kappa 

Ls% 4S5 

Phi Kappa Phi 

Marching Band 


Symphon) Band 



Phillip Burk 





m ^w 

Lambda Chi Alpha 

fc* - ¥ 


Pl^ V 

Trojan Ambassadoi 


Phi Eta Sigma 

Wt^ M 

Phi Beta Lambda 


Alpha Lambda Delia 


Palladium Volunteer 

**X ▲. 

Billy Bryan 


Honors Alliance 

UH Scholar 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Resident Assistant 

Trojan Ambassador 

Shea Carroll 


Honors Alliaik e 


( ramma Beta Phi 

m tf 

l n jan Hostess 

Phi Alpha 1 lik-la 


i hi Om 

am w 

Campus Outreac h 





Alpha Epsilon Kilo 

Sigma Delia Chi 

■DVSF L» -v*. ■ 

SGA Senaloi 

i I B 

( lollegiate Singers 

( hi ( hnega 

■W _B^^^ 

TSU-TV siaii 


i^kZ3HHB ■■■■k— — 

Brandy Clark 

^ 1 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

M Lai 1 

Gamma Beta Phi l 
Mortar Board 

■r i 

< hnicron Delta Kappa 
Phi Mu 
Accounting Club 


Trojan Baseball Hostess i 


90; People 


Resident Assistant 
Gospel Choir 
PCO Leader 
Alpha Psi Omega 
Homecoming Queen 
Alpha Kappa Alpha 

Rick Couch 


Provost List 

Pi Kappa Phi 

Omicron Delia Kappa 

Ordei ot < )mega 

* - 

Trojan Ambassador 


Marketing Club 

K- JT 


Veterans Club 

Student Ad\ isorj 


Paige Dorton 

i iiiiu mn Delta Kappa 

r '8^ 

( 'ampus < hitreacfa 


Band/Featured l wirlei 

Alpha Delta Pi 

P "E 

Symphonj Band 

H m 

Jazz Band 


Sound ( Ihristian 



Stacy Hunt 

Beta Beta Beta 
Phi Kappa Phi 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Phi Eta Sigma 



Alpha Phi Alpha 

Ah ican Alliance 

W^K^""'!} jff 

Mortar Board 

Omicron Delta Kappa 


Kappa Delta Pi 

Housing Task Force 

^^k » ^M 

Stacy Flowers 


Kappa Delta 


Accounting Club 

Eta Sigma Phi 

M" 1 



l rojan Hostess 

Marketing Club 

^^. a 

Omicron Delia Kappa 


Laurie Folsom 

Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Trojan Ambassador 
Rho Chi 

Resident Assistant 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Tricia Gibson 

Mortar Board 

Ala. Society of CPAs 

Chi Omega 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Accounting Club 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Gamma Bta Phi 

Beth Harmon 

Alpha Delta Pi 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Campus Outreach 
Trojan Ambassador 
Gamma Beta Phi 
Marketing Club 
Phi Theta Kappa 
Order of Omega 
Student Affairs 

Bennett Geisler 


Chi Omega 


Mortar Board 

A N 

Accounting Club 
Phi Eta Sigma 

I~ " 

Alpha Lambda Delta 


Order of Omega 


Beta Upsilon Sigma 

K Jk 

Dean's Advisors Council 

_ m| |^m< 

Hazel Gray 


Delta Sigma Theta 

Kappa Delta Pi 

M M 

Capp Peer 

M W^~~ 11 


1 *v v> ^^k 

Gospel Choir 



Keisha Haslam 

Mortar Board 

Gamma Beta Phi 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 

African American 

^fc> ^ 


% r 

Gospel Choir 

Data Processing 

Management Association 

People -91 

Who's Who 




M *^\ 

Nursing, Vice President 

^■«* w> i 

Phi Kappa Phi 

■ ■ 

Sigma Theta Tau 

^k jm 

Gamma Beta Phi 

k ~ r\ 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

\ ^ 



m r.o^ 

Honors Alliance 
Psi Chi 

t^ *5J J^ 

Gamma Beta Phi 

1 ^^B 

Phi Eta Sigma 

A >_ — ' Jfl 

Resident Assistant 
Diamond Dear 

k J^k 


John Jackson 


Kappa Kappa Psi 






Symphony Band 

r 5 * 

- ¥ 

Jazz Ensemble 



Collegiate Singers 






Michelle Martin 


Alpha Lambda Delta 


Gamma Beta Phi 


Kappa Delta Pi 


Eta sigma Phi 


Mortar Board 


Resident Assistant 


Phi Kappa Phi 


\h i\ 





Alpha Psi < (mi ;a 
Alpha I psili m Rho 



Ad/PR Society 
Alpha Delta Pi 

1 rqjan Baseball Hostess 

m ^ZM 

Pied Pipers 

J m 




Gamma Beta Phi 

Phi Eta Sigma 

!» *^ 1 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Honors Alliance 

lA*""' ' M 

Tropolitan Advertising 

■v - Jfl 

College Republicans 

Ad/PR Society 


Mortor Board 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Alpha Epsilon Delta 
Resident Assistant 
Phi Mu 

Cindy Howell 


Air Force-ROTC 


Math Club 

& yL 

Alpha Lambda Delta 
Gamma Beta Phi 

■ ,-"*■ ~-s| 

Mortar Board 


College Republicans 

A , M 

Spanish Club 

ffifl _^H 

Veteran's Club 

L X 

Ernie Hyatt 


Gamma Beta Phi 

m m 

Kappa Delta Pi 

■ & 

Math Club 

M ^m 

Veterans Club 

K L Tp 


V - v 


V 1 


% T 


Keith Kaetzel 


Beta Epsilon Sigma 

Gamma Beta Phi 
Delta Sigma Pi 

ftr ~1 

College Republicans 


Phi Kappa Phi 

B' ** — " 

Intramural sports 


Beta Beta Beta 

Environmental Club 
Chemistry RA 

Phi Theta Kappa 


Alpha Lambda Delta 
Gamma Beta Phi 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Accounting Club 
Sigma Chi 



An Force-ROTC 

S^> ~' 

Veteran's Club 
College Republicans 
Math Club 


Office Assistant 


Spanish Club 





Kappa 1 )elta 

m IL 

( >rdei ol Omega 

M% **+ ^^ 

Mortal Board 

m ^ W 

( >micron Delia Kappa 

^ <3^ 

Kappa Delia Pi 


( lamina Bela 1 'In 

m ^ 

Sarah Moore 



Kappa Delta 

Campus Outreach 
Trojan Ambassadoi 

/ f*' 

r ~ 1^ 

Mortal Boaid 

Kappa Delta Pi 

\ < 

M J 



92 ■ people 


Gamma Beta Phi 
Kappa Delta Pi 
Mortar Board 
Math Club 

Baptist Student Union 
Campus Outreach 
Intramural Activities 


Julie Mil II ins 

Alpha Delta Pi 



Omicron Delta Kappa 


-* «* w 

Mortar Board 
Kappa Delta Pi 


Varsitj Cheerleadei 



Campus ( lutreach 

Marvin Neal 

l lata Prtx essing 

Management Assoc iation 

Delta Sigma Pi 
Kappa Kappa P i 


( iospel ( Ihioi 

M.ik hing Band 


Chi Omega 
Gamma Beta Phi 
Phi Eta Sigma 
Order of Omega 
Kappa Delta Pi 

Matt Robbins 


Omicron Delta kappa 
Mortar Board 
Fellowship of Christian 
Campus Outreach 



M, , '■- , - j 

Omicron Delta Kappa 

Br *WL 

Trojan Ambassador 

■ ***" ^^ ■ 

Sigma Alpha Sigma 

Alpha Gamma Delta 


Resident Assistant 

Social Work Konneclioii 


Amy Scruggs 

Kappa Delta Pi 
Gamma Beta Phi 

/ / '"VAX 

Omicron Delta Kappa 
Collegiate Singers 

r /» <r~ ^tk 

Baptist Campus 

m. ' mt 

^W I m 

Kelly Roarke 

Alpha Gamma Delta 

Alpha Psi Omega 

( )idei ol ( )meiM 

Gamma Beta Phi ^fr* ** * Sports 

Drama and Musical H^E»-r* 


Pied Pi pcis M 

RhoChi ^t ^ 


Alpha Phi Alpha 

Alpha Upsilon Delta 

African American 


Beta Beta Beta 

Gamma Beta Phi 


Resident Assistant 


Tracy Steedley 

Mortar Board 
Kappa Delta 
Gamma Beta Phi 
Order of Omega 
Alpha Lambda Delta 
Marketing Club 
Campus Outreach 

Leigh Ann 


Sigma Theta Tau 
Alpha Delta Pi 

m\r^ ^"- W 

Order of Omega 
Gamma Beta Phi 

• * 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Student Nurses 


Chad Stewart 

Sigma Chi 


Gamma Beta Phi 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Omicron Delta Kappa . * 
Mortal Board «~«^. 
Beta Upsilon Sigma 

Order of Omega 

SGA/Trojan Ambassador 

-^™ ^B 

Nancy Turner 

Alpha Gamma Delta 
Trojan Ambassador 
Omicron Delta Kappa 
Order of Omega 
Phi Beta Lambda 
Marketing Club 
Gamma Beta Phi 

Terry Varvil 


r r< 

Gamma Bet Phi 



L*% ***^V 

Alpha Lambda Delta 

Phi Eta Sigma 

Mary Ann 

Kappa Delia Pi 

Writer's Club 
Gamma Beta Phi 
Phi Theta Kappa 
Student Council for 
Exceptional Childien 

Clifton William; 

Phi Theta Kappa 

Gamma Beta Phi 

Beta Upsilon Sigma 



Student Leadership 


Dean's Student Advisory 


Kristi Williams 


Spanish Club 



Modern Language Club 


Gamma Beta Phi 


" i' f\ 

Kappa Delta Pi 



Resident Assistant 

1 - 

=^* J 

Council of Teachers of 


H 1 






i«\ \l 

Sherri Ziegler 


Kappa Delia 




Order of Omega 
Sigma Delta Chi 

1 \ 

Ad/PR Societj 



Marketing Club 


Foreign Language Club 

People -93 


tudents bound 
by a common 
interest, whether 
scholastic ability, or 
extra-curricular involve- 
ment, enjoyed their 
times together at Troy 
State University. All 
organizations contribute 
greatly to the quality of 
education offered by 
TSU. Organizations not 
only serve the student 
body, but also the 
faculty and community 
of Troy. The varied 
groups possess different 
goals. However, they 
each encourage students 
through their activities, 
beliefs and service 

University Dancers cool down after another show 

94" Organizations 


Band members constantly show spirit during football games 


Organizations ■ 95 



Gamma Beta Phi 
is an honor 
society whose 
purposes are the 
advancement of 
ideals, the encour- 
agement of 
scholastic effort 
and the rewarding 
of academic merit 
among college 
students. For 
election to mem- 
bership, students 
must be in the top 
1 5 percent of their 



During a meeting, the members play a game. 


'CHARACTER' represent the ideals and 

purposes of GAMMA BETA PHI. " 

96 ■ Organizations 

Gamma Beta Phi Officers: Dewayne Hyatt 
(President), Mary Griffin (Advisor), Melissa 
Wilkins (First Vice President), Sondra King (Sec- 
ond Vice President) and LaShawn Pierce (Parlia- 
mentarian). Not Pictured: Stephen Faulk (Trea- 
surer), Cinde Wilson (Corresponding Secretary) and 
Rhoda Stamey (Recording Secretary). 

Gamma Beta Phi State Officers: 

Gerttreelar Cobaris (Vice President) and 
Dewayne Hyatt (President). 

Gamma Beta Phi: Row One: LaShawn Pierce, Cinde Wilson, Melissa Wilkins and Dewayne Hyatt. Row 
Two: Gerttreelar Cobaris, Ann Morales, Holly Slusser, Karissa Hackelton, Melanie Dean, Robin Mahan. 
Lisa Bradshaw, Bethany Butts, Deirdre Hill and Steve Strickland. Row Three: Melanie Loy, Copelin 
Seymour, Sharon Baggett, Amy Roth, Gayla Rowell, Gene Williams, Dana Adams, Kristi Williams and 
Leesa Hammond. Row Four: LaToya Morgan, Shelly Stockwell, Leslie Johnston, Stephanie McKeown, 
Gena Clements, Kristin Warblow, Ellie Robbins, Becky Quandt, Vanessa Sims, Keisha Haslam and Robin 
Pittman. Row Five: John Mark Patrick, Robert Murray, Stacie Johnstone, Dayla Ellison, Melody Hudson. 
Cindy Howell, Geno Sisneros, Stephen Surles, Deborah Bainbridge, Beau Wilson and Buffy Ashton. Row 
Six: Lance Krpata and Terry Varvil. 

Organizations ■ 97 

— - 




Phi Kappa Phi is 
the first honor 
society to 
scholarship in all 
fields of study. 
The innitiates 
come from those 
students who 
have compiled a 
grade point 
average of at 
least 3.8. 

Phi Kappa 

Phi Kappa Phi: Row One: Donna Clark, Dr. Steven Landers, Linda Behm, Jewel 
Levitt, Traci Driver, Dana Adams, Michelle Martin, Mary Ann Wentworth, Judith Dye, 
Bill Denison and David Dye. Row Two: Donna Holcomb, Leesa Hammond, Tracy 
Steedley, Cynthia Wilson and Gayla Rowell. 

Dr. David Dye speaks to the new initiates at the Sorrell Chapel. 


■ Organizations 


University Dancers: Row One: Christine Tivnan, Andrea Mulligan, Jennifer Charles, 
Laura Brown, Carlye Black and Angel Capps. Row Two: Amanda Shaw, Treva 
Thorpe, Atiya McKinney, Angela Clark, Kandi Baker, Tiffany Goss and Heather 

University Dancers leadership includes Kandi Baker, Treva Thorpe and Atiya McKinney. 


The University 
Dancers provide 
Troy State 
University an 
amount of school 
spirit. They 
perform at pep 
rallys and basket- 
ball games to 
pump up the 
crowd. During 
spring quarter, 
the University 
Dancers put on a 
recital for parents 
and friends. 

Organizations ■ 99 


Sigma Theta Tau has as 
its purposes recogniz- 
ing superior achieve- 
ment in nursing and the 
development of leader- 
ship, fostering high 
professional standards, 
encouraging creative 
work and strengthen- 
ing the commitment to 
the ideals of the nursing 

Sigma Theta Tau Inductees: Row One: Cynthia Hawthorne, Aaron 
Holloway, Lisa Nix, Brad Stewart, Becky Byron, Wanda Morales and Nancy 
Vickery. Row Two: Ann Wessel, Johnnie Aldridge, Kathleen Knowlton, 
Kellie Byrd, Diane Smith, Veronica McKenzie, Dianne Wills and Betty 


Phi Eta 

Phi Eta Sigma is a 
national honor 
society which 
recognizes stu- 
dents who have 
exhibited exem- 
plary character and 
superior accom- 
plishments in 
academic and 
activities during 
their first year of 
collegiate studies. 

Phi Kta Sigma: Row One: Shea Simmons, Shannon Anderson, Shelia Armstrong, 
Heidi Guenther, Robin Malum, Leslie Johnston, Julie Gabel, Staeie Sanders and 
Siobhan Stewart. Row Two: Greg Price, Beverly Grimes, Cami Mills. Kelly Riley, 
Dan Marvin, Haley Tomlin and Lisa Parrish. Row Three: Brian Jones. Jason Diskey, 
Jim Bray, Melody Hudson, Jenny Ellis, Charlotte Schubert, Misti Kelley, Gabrielle 
Godwin, Ken Thomas. Regina Owens. Cathie Guenther and Hlhs Robins. 

()() ■ Organizations 



Donald Norsworthy 

and Ed 





■i M ^r^ 


^ ■ l " r "^^V 

•^ l 




^ / 

Troy State 
University owes a| 
lot to the Photog- 
raphy Department) 
tor preserving 
events. Photogra-| 
phy provided 
services to all 
organizations on 
campus. Under 
the direction of 

Norsworthy and 
Ed Mosely, the 
student photogra- 
phers showed 
high levels of 

Photography Staff: David Martin, Andy Williamson and Kim Coekcroft. 

Organizations ■ 1 (J 1 


The TSU Diamond 
Dears consist of 34 
bright and enthusi- 
astic young women 
chosen to enhance 
the overall opera- 
tion of the baseball 
program. This year, 
the Diamond Dears 
have more duties on 
and off the field. 
These duties in- 
clude game day as- 
sistance, advertis- 
ing, fund-raising 
and taking recruits 
on a tour of the cam- 
pus. They are also 
taking time to tutor 
the youth of Troy 
three days a week. 


Diamond Dears: Row One: Paige McKinley. Mandi Daniels, Stefanie Averitt, 
Regena Whiddon, Angie Beard, Amy Poole, Kim Jackson, Katie Riddle, Lou Ann 
Wells, Belinda Harrison, Wendy Thames and Ginger Bedwell. Row Two: Susanna 
Rankin, Carole Singleton, Mandy Stewart, Tasha Jimmerson, Kandi Baker, Brandi 
Alexander, Heather Martin, Teresa Torres, Rachel Adams, Angela Morrow, Monica 
Gruenewald, Laura Daves and Kerry Bennett. 

Rachel Adams 

Carol Singleton 

Lou Ann Wells 

1 02 ■ Organizations 


African American Alliance: Row One: Rickie Williams, Alvin Moise, Kyle Johnson and 
Quinn Phillips. Row Two: Tina Beckwith, Tenita Brown, Ashla Beverly, Sharanda Powell, 
Keisha Haslam, Molly Finch, Tameka Ballard, Shirley Antoine, Sheila Armstrong, Tafeni 
English, Ronja Tusker, Kita Brooks, Michelle Thibodeaux, Doretha Herring and Princess 
Hughley. Row Three: Rochelle Polintz, Elgin Anderson, Janasky Fleming, Noland Greene, 
Cliff Shamburger, Copelin Seymour, Maurice Tate, Felicia DeVance, Jacqueline Jackson, 
James Curry, Cheryl Johnson, Rashaad Beckham, Alvin Dempsey, Jackie Williams, Kiwanda 
Maxwell, Fred Lowery, Fredreka Jennison, Tracee McCreary, LaToya Morgan, Patricia 
Mitchell and Donta Williams. Advisors: Dr. Nathaniel Fox, Dr. Charles Ochie, Ms. Angela 
Copeland and Ms. Sabrina McQueen. 




Founded in 1971, the 
African American 
Alliance strives to 
promote cultural 
awareness among 
students. "AAA" 
sponsors many ac- 
tivities throughout 
the year that stimu- 
late unity and knowl- 
edge of African- 
American culture. 

Apostolic Campus Ministry: Row One: John Farrish, Jarrio Mills, 
Candace Gibbons, Tommy Neal, Randy Isom and Conja Rudolph. Row Two: 
Brandon Ganey , Stacey Rudolph, Reginald Hightower, Rhonda Wiley, Tamekia 
Elder and Roderick Anderson (Campus Minister). 


The Apostolic Cam- 
pus Ministry still 
stands today as an 
outreach for other 
TSU students to be 
saved, have a fel- 
lowship with other 
born-again Chris- 
tians, a place to pray 
and a place to go to 





The Society for 
Advancement of 
Management is a 
business organi- 
zation that pro- 
motes interest and 
achievement in 
the field of 
Through SAM 
students gain 
knowledge in 
their major and in 
affiliation with 
other students. 

Tri- Beta 

Tri- Beta is the 
National Biological 
Honor Society. 
Membership is 
based on scholar- 
ship and service. 
The primary pur- 
pose of Tri Beta is 
to promote scholar- 
ship and research in 
the Biological 
Sciences and for the 
dissemination of 
scientific knowl- 

SAM: Row One: Paul Davis, Jennifer Weldon, Jonathan Butler, Crystal Bryars, 
Althea Starks and Shakunta Dumas. Row Two: Jeffery Hilbert, Allen Owen, 
Phillip Culpeper, Hank Findley, Phil Turnquist, Tonya Mathews and Charles 

Tri-Beta: Row One: Jeanese Holmes and Ami Phillippi. Row Two: Catherine 
Grant, Sheila House, Debbie Manning. Stacy Hunt DuVall, Tracy Woodlock and 
Shawn Anderson. Row Three: Hannelore Ruiulell and Teresa Moore. 


1 04 ■ Organizations 

'I II 

H ft J 

I 1 1 

^ — ~j IT ^H ^L Hp ~ 

MB ^/ m \mti 

r- ^k 

A ~ ftuv ff» 

\ \ 

T ^i B 1 

IL* ^tv^ 



^^L ^^I^t 


Residence Hall Association: Row One: Bridget Gay, Tamika Ballard, Debbie 
Vandiver, Lisa Billings and Honey Combs. Row Two: LaToya Morgan, Pamela 
Black, Mitch Tishaw, Beth Weaver, Angela Tolin and Tracee McCreary. 



Troy State Univer- 
sity 's Residence 
Hall Association 
represents more 
than 1 ,400 students 
living on campus. 
RHA gives stu- 
dents the opportu- 
nity to suggest and 
make changes in 
their campus living 

Beta Upsilon Sigma: Row One: Judith Ankrom, Debra Sutton, Melanie Dean, 
Monica Horton, Kimberly Herrring and Melissa Waters. Row Two: Brandy Clark, 
Christine Cashin, Starla Hughes, Alyson Wiggins and Geneva Cain. Row Three: 
Leigh Ann Hogan and Stephanie Wright. Row Four: Bernett Geislen, John 
Weatherford, Anita Keel, Jewell Barker and Tracy Steedley. Row Five: Sybil Allen, 
Daniel Wilkes, Edward Anderson and Kristy LaRouche. Row Six: Christopher King, 
Robert Palmer, Jason Dickey and Chad Stewart. 

Organizations ■ 1 (J J 


Alpha Epsilon 





Alpha Epsilon Delta is 
an honor society 
whose goals and 
purposes are to en- 
courage excellence in 
premedical scholar- 
ship, to stimulate an 
appreciation of the 
importance of pre- 
medical education in 
the study of medicine, 
to promote cooperation 
and contact between 
medical and premedi- 
cal students and 
educators in develop- 
ing an adequate pro- 
gram of premedical 
education, to bind 
together similarly 
interested students, 
and to use its knowl- 
edge for the benefit of 
health organizations 
and the community. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta: Row One: Gabriel Kirby, Louis McMillian, Robert Murray, 
Copeland Seymoore, Tom Coate and Robert Shaffer. Row Two: Robert Sidonio, 
Inkil Hwang Po, Gayla Rowell, Carol Daniels, Amy Hall, Lori Reiss, Crystal Jolley, 
Debbie Kirk and Dr. Chapman. Row Three: Harold Reiss, Matt Larison, Geno 
Sisneros, Keri Leatherwood, Karissa Hackleton, Delila Cuthriell, Laura Allison and 
Michelle Trammell. Row Four: Jonathan Thompson, Pooria Moravati, Kevin 
Spivey, Patti Fries, Fawn Beadle, Mikkie Grant and Demel Coleman. 

Alpha Epsilon Delta Officers: Row One: Carol Daniels (President), Copeland 
Seymoore (Secretary), Lori Reiss (Treasurer) and Dr. Chapman (Advisor). Row 
Two: Robert Shaffer (Vice-President), Michelle Grant (Reporter) and Debbie Kirk 
( I listorian). 

I 06 ■ Organizations 




Sigma Alpha Iota: Row One: Tracy Woodlock, Heather Stubbs, Celeste Bennett, 
Liberty Leak, Rebecca Phillips, Susanna Rankin, Missy Smith, Holly Scott and Melissa 
Clecker. Row Two: Debbie Fellenz, Rhonda Nowell, Kelly Langford, Nicole Batts, 
Andrea Trawick, Angela Wilson, Amy Fountain and Heidi Cave. Row Three: Brigette 
Terry, Jacquie Grimes, Belinda Cheshire, Jennifer Robinson, Cathy Grant, Diana Piatt, 
Christy Blackwell, Kim Stone and Kristi LaVerahill. Not Pictured: Jamie Hornea. 




An international 
music fraternity for 
women, it was 
established in 1903.1 
It strives to further 
the musical talents 
of the membership 
as well as build a 
strong sisterhood 
based on a common I 
interest in the 
universal language 
of music. 

Sigma Alpha Iota sisters relax after their meeting. 




The Wesley Founda- 
tion takes pride in the 
fact that it is capable 
of meeting the needs 
of all. On the spiritual 
level, Wesley has 
christian speakers and 
bible studies. Al- 
though providing a 
| christian atmosphere 
is its primary goal, it 
[also offers other 
activities like intramu- 
ral sports, ping-pong 
and group events. The 
students of Wesley are 
good friends who are 
willing to help each 
other in any situation. 

TSU Wesley 

TSU Wesley Foundation: Row One: Tyrone Short, Lisa Bradshaw, Robin Mahan 
(Secretary), Andrea Shull, Gena Merritt and Cara Embick (Activities). Row Two: 
Heather Nulph, Jimmy Stewart (Vice-President), Ted Spencer (Director), Bob 
Miller, Earl Floyd and Michael Zimlich (Sport Director). 

Wesley members enjoy a meal alter their meeting. 

1 (Jo ■ Organizations 


University Student Publications Board: Row One: Mucha Murapa, Dr. Jean Liberty, 
Tonya Stewart, Dr. Davis, Kristi Galbraith and John Scmidt. Row Two: Phillip Burk, 
Natalie Skeen, Penny Rogers, Rhonda Salter, Gordon McKerral, Dr. Pullen and Rick 

& iiift .j.iLi. i£ 

Air Force ROTC: Row One: Sam Evans, Chris Cornette, Greg Hodges, Maria Jones, Tiffany 
Verrett, Melinda Voe, Melinda Shorten, Caulene Alexander, Heather Rehder, Jeff Piecewicz 
and Sandra Pinel. Row Two: Christopher Chesser, Chris Hageman, John Davis, Chuck 
Collier, Gerrod McClellan, Jody Stocks, Traci Rudder, Cindy Howell and John Rodgers. Row 
Three: William Long, Leigh Collins, Shannon Smith, Assad Samad, Christopher Lutzkanin. 
Noland Greene, Carlos Carballo, Bobby Christopher, Butch Ray and Kevin Brokaw. Row 
Four: Justin Tindal, Mike Starling, Tony Mullimax. Thomas Bass, Julian Palmer, Demetrius 
Green, Thomas Hancock, Joey Mitchell, LaShunya Johnson. Mincelle Petitjean and Tim 

Air Force 

The mission of the 
Air Force ROTC is 
to recruit, educate 
and commission 
officer candidates to 
meet the needs and 
requirements of the 
Air Force through a 
college campus 
program. Since its 
establishment at 
TSU, Detachment 
107 has been consis- 
tently ranked in the 
top percentile in the 



Kappa Psi 

Kappa Kappa Psi is a 
National Honorary 
Band Fraternity. 
The Zeta Upsilon 
chapter of Kappa 
Kappa Psi at Troy 
State University 
seeks to instill the 
members with a deep 
appreciation of 
brotherhood. Kappa 
Kappa Psi provides 
the Sound of the 
South with services. 
Its duties range from 
loading buses to 
providing social 
functions for band 
members. The 
brothers serve with 
honor and with love. 

Kappa Psi 

Kappa Kappa Psi: Row One: Harold New, Stuvio Hicks, Greg Teston, Eric 
Spoto, Heath Vaughn, John Jackson, Roland Ventura, Gragory Cole, John Rodgers, 
Michael Thomas and Michael Evans. Row Two: Martin Gaines, Charles Manning, 
Chad Deal, Jeff Flower, Michael Wickersheim, Jerome Mapps, Jason Cheshire, 
Jeremy Meehan, Raymond Ward, David Jones and Jeff Roberts. 

Kappa Kappa Psi brothers enjoy time together in the Sound of the South Band. 

I 1 () ■ Organization* 

[LJ4 ^^MW i 

m / ^ WIS. Jtff 1 


Kappa Kappa Psi brothers strive for the highest goals. 

"It is an honor 

to be selected 

to serve." 

Roland Ventura helps out a fellow brother. 

Greg Teston and Heath Vaughn show their kk\|/ pride. 

Organizations ■111 



The Troy State 
University Colle- 
giate Singers is a 
group of students 
dedicated to their 
singing perfor- 
mances through- 
out the year. 
They share their 
talents with 
churches and 

Collegiate Singers: Row One: William Denison, Kristen Webster. Pamela Dickerson. 
Jill Sayler, Kimberly Kirkland, Christina Boiler, Kimberly Norris. Suk Kim. Amy Foun- 
tain. Wendi Winter and John Jinright. Row Two: Jessi Thomas. Susanna Rankin, Anne- 
Julie Hallee, Cheryll Clauch, Renee Adams, Christy Johnson, Kimberly Graham, Wendy 
Hutchins and Heather Fulmer. Row Three: Fawn Beadle, Kim Stone, Dayla Ellison, 
Jamie Honea. Renee Fulmer, Arleen Pridgen. Cathy Bonier, Heli Rieh, Diana Piatt. 
Rhonda Nowell. Jane Middlebrooks and Catherine Allard. Row Four: Ryan Bintz, Chris 
C ii icier, Clif Render, Chris Smith, Eugene Carter. Alan Mullins. Bobby Black. Bradley 
Grantham, Shay Watson, Tyrone Short, Geno Sisneros. Clay Herrin, Christopher Craig, 
Brian Mitchell, Luke Lay and Jeremy Home. 

"Collegiates offers students an opportunity to take a break from the 
normal routine of classes to come together and sing." 

Bradley Grantham 




Working For The 

College Republicans: Row One: Ellie Robbins. Jennifer Headley, Cheyenne 
Brinson, Mary Jo Miller and Chris Borgel. Row Two: Jeremy Simpkins, Brian 
Mimus, Barry Joiner, David Sellers, Joel Barnes and Kevin Rosamond. 

GAMMA: Row One: Kim Tew, Kristen Huff am an, Regina Owens, Nancy 
Turner, Amy Hall, Brecken Bowland, Shelli Grissom and Amber Howard. Row 
Two: Brooke Faulk, Matt Vier, Phillip Burk, Neil Morris, Shawn Barton. Keri 
Williams, Ann Kimball, Stacy Myers, Scott Jones and Christy Mills. 


The College Republi- 
cans strive to foster 
and encourage the 
activities of the Re- 
publican Party, assist 
in the election of 
Republican candidates 
to local, state and 
national office, and 
formulate and adminis- 
ter programs aimed at 
involving college 
students in the Repub- 
lican Party. 


GAMMA is a new 
organization on 
Troy State Univer- 
sity campus. The 
letters stand for: 
Greeks Advocating 
Mature Manage- 
ment of Alcohol. 
GAMMA mem- 
bers are active in 
promoting the 
responsible habits, 
attitudes and 
lifestyles regarding 
alcohol abuse 

Organizations ■ 113 


The purpose of the 
Forensics program 
is to provide 
opportunities for 
TSU students to 
perfect their 
performance skills 
in public speaking 
and in interpretive 
events through 
intercollegiate and 


Forensics Team: Row One: Rhonda Sellers, Amanda Diggs (Director), Cathy Bouler and 
Wendy Alexander. Row Two: Ray Smith, Triel Wooten, Jeremy Williams, Blair Andress 
and Brian Mimbs. Not Pictured: Reggie McAllister, Tony Neal, Brian Mitchell, Katherine 
Gates, Reon Bosby and Michael Brown. 

Members of the Forensics Team discuss issues. 


114" Organizations 

Alpha Psi Omega: Row One: Kenne Woodham and Kimberly Cockcroft. Row Two: 
Suzie McGinn, Glenn LaMarque and Lori Hancock. Not Pictured: Kelly Roarke, 
Gwin Dye, Lisa Adams, Daphne Coleman, Stephen Faulk, Chris O'Reilly, Sharon 
Sossaman and Ray Wren. 

Alpha Epsilon Rho: Row One: Nikki Pred, Susan Christiano and Heather Murdock. 
Row Two: David Dollar, Dr. Padgett, Beth Ann Thornhill, Patrice Frances, Dave Pruit, 
Jackie Jackson and Peter Lacey. 

Alpha Psi 

Alpha Psi Omega is 
an honor society for 
outstanding students 
in the dramatic arts. 
The members of the 
organization are 
actively involved in 
all aspects of theater 
as well as campus 




Alpha Epsilon Rho 
is a national broad- 
casting society. 
Membership in the 
student chapter is 
open to broadcast 
journalism majors. 
Members have the 
chance to meet 
broadcast profes- 
sionals and to learn 
about topics such as 
resume tapes and 
power reporting 




Kappa Delta 

Kappa Delta Pi: Row One: Estella Sanson, Carin Barnes, Heidi Waddell, Brooke 
Blair, Vikki Taylor, Mary Ann Wentworth, Ann Morales, Wanda Corley, Ann 
Kennedy and Elsie Kane. Row Two: Stephanie Eason, Judy Dye, Sharon McBride 
and Carol Moore. Row Three: Brent O'Hara, Elilzabeth Hunnicut, Kimberly 
Wagner, Joy Barnes, Vicki Schmidt, Leigh Ann Harrell, Cynthia Donald, DeNe' 
Spain, Stephanie McKeown, Amy Roth, Sharla Wilkes, Haley Hathcock, Suzanna 
Paramore and Meri Bratton. Row Four: Lynn Corken, Janice Veach, Timothy 
Culver, Charles Adams, Shelley Stockwell, Dewayne Hyatt, Alison Stockley, Kandi 
Baker, Aleah Napier. Darrell Holderfield and Derrick Morris. 

"Kappa Delta Pi endeavors to quicken 
professional growth by honoring 
achievement in educational work. " 

16" Organizations 

kappa Delta Pi Leaders: Judy Dye (sponsor), Dewayne Hyatt, Carol Moore (sponsor), Mary Ann Wentworth, 
Brooke Blair and Vikki Taylor. 

Kappa Delta Pi members show their service spirit through sponsoring a food drive during the fall quarter. 

Future Educators 

Organizations ■ 117 


Baptist Campus Ministry is as simple 
as A, B, C, D, E, F, G. Alpha Omega 
is a time of praise and worship for 
students. It includes songs, testimony 
special music, prayer and encourage- 
ment. Come and join the fun every 
Monday night at 7:30 p.m. Become 
the person you are meant to be with 
fellowship with BCM. Caring in the 
name of Christ at the BCM. Dis- 
cipleship groups offer opportunities 
for a student to develop close friend- 
ships and grow in their relationship 
with Christ. E stands for encourage- 
ment. This group meeting offers an 
opportunity to develop closer friend- 
ships through a small group bible 
study. Fellowship and fun is pro- 
vided by welcome-back parties, 
cookouts, tailgate parties, intramural 
sports, lip sync contests and many 
other fun projects that the BCM 
offers. Growing faith and commit- 
ment is what they hope to provide 
through bible study, encouragement 
and the various projects they offer. 
BCM is open to all students. So go 
discover the fun, fellowship and 
friendship at the BCM. 



BCM members after a meeting. 






1 1 o ■ Organizations 

Baptist Campus Ministy: Row One: Robert Moseley, Stuart Holland, Matt Larrison, Nancy Johnston, 
Rodney Phillips, Matthew Lange, Hollie Crawford, Faith Watts, John Lero and Charles Johnston. Row Two: 
D.J. Ehrhard, Carol Goss, Suzanne Bragg, Connie Lawrence, Inkil Hwang Po, Jamie Knight, David Dollar, 
Vaughn Barron, Scott Wilkes, Jeff Dickey, Jeremy Williams and Suzie Paramore. Row Three: Brian Mimbs, 
Stacy Youngblood, Marsha Fleming, Leah Vickers, Dana Chandler, Amy Scruggs, Nicole Garner, Sharon 
Hartzog, Jennifer Nechetsky, Wendy Alexander, Rhonda Smith. Shannon Roselius, Melinda Morgan and 
Bethany Butts. Row Four: Kristy Galbraith, Angela Clark, Andrea Shull, Beckey Suarez, Heather Nelph, 
Jurice Arnold, Jaime Bone, Amy Bell, Shea Isbell, Kim Springer, Amy Sollick, Dana Parrish and Jennifer 
Davis. Row Five: Michelle Kent, Kendall Smith, Daniel Davis, Josh Driver, Clif Render, Chad Echols, Hope 
Rollan, Nicole Griffin, Amy Lawrence, Rebecca Ketchum, Jackie Butler and Ken May. Row Six: Bobby 
Black, Lonnie Hataway, Kevin Spivey, Derrick Givens, Jonathan Kendrick, Terry Rhodes, John Glassuck and 
Russell Folmar. 

Leadership Council: Row One: Kristy Galbraith, Amy Bell and Jaime Bone. Row 
Two: Angela Clark, Dana Chandler, Chad Echols Amy Scruggs and Bethany Butts. 
Row Three: Rodney Phillips, Connie Lawrence, Suzanne Bragg. Kevin Spivey. Ken 
May and Hollie Crawford. 

Organizations ■ 





It is a professional 
fraternity orga- 
nized to foster the 
study of business 
in universities and 
to further a higher 
standard of com- 
mercial ethics and 
culture in the civic 
and commercial 
welfare of the 
| community. 


The TSU Market- 
ing Club allows 
students to take a 
glance at the world 
of business. Being 
a member gives 
students a chance 
to meet others that 
are in marketing as 
well as other 
related business 



Delta Sigma Pi: Row One: Carrie Snellgrove. Rochel Brown, Connie Stokes, Stacy 
Cloud, Amy Bell, Erin Wellborn, Christine Cashin, Nicole Gant and Leigh Ann Hogan. 
Row Two: Abhishant Rastogi, Marvin Neal, Rusty O'Neal, Dominique Eddings, 
Michael Swot, Philip Turnquist, Gregory Cole, Eric Chaney, Bylli Daniels, Michelle 
Jackson, Jeffery Hilbert and Kendall Leverette. 

IIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIIIH--II. -«r>4"iiHiiiiiiiiiMiiiiiiiiiiiiiiimr/m ' 'MiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinniiiiiiiirvjL, -•■inn 

>>> j"-" » 

Marketing Club: Row One: Scott Parker, Phillip Dunn, Tracy Studlcy. Sherri Zieglar, Troy 
Norstrom, Travis Vanlandingham, Leah Vickers, Chad Harrison, David Douglas. Dr. 
Laliberte, Dr. Garrott, Jackie Jackson. Nancy Turner. Keisha Mosely, Holly Ahart, Emily 
Watson, Carolyn Whorton and Tafeni English. Row Two: Rick Crush. Stacy Hyatt, Carl 
Nelson. Dr. Coleman, Matt Robbins, Jay Ogborn, John Hansen. Althea Stack. Shakuntala 
I )umas, Diane Fleming, I .isa Peterson. Beth Harmon, Malt Vier and Rusty O'Neal. 



Guiding our 

Environmental Club: Row One: Deborah Bainbridge, Shawyn Barton, Quin 
Burch, Chad Payne, Darryl Hagen, Jon Howley, Dr. Sandhu and Zachary 
Benefield. Row Two: Alvin Diamond, Kirk Barryhill, Mitt Walker, Renea 
Jamison, Robin Lockett, Debbie Manning, Stephanie McKeown, Lisa Motley, 
Leslie Esco and Robert Sidonio. 


The TSU Environmental 
Club tries to promote a 
cleaner and safer environ- 
ment. The club participates 
in various fund-raisers and 
voluntary work in improv- 
ing the environment on 
campus and in the commu- 
nity. They joined with the 
Marine Club to clean up 
the Lagoon and the Arbore- 


Student Council for Exceptional Children: Row One: Amy Davis, Gwen Hendrix. 
Wanda Corley, Sharon McBride and Dr. Moore. Row Two: John Knott, Debi Hicks, 
Heather Sanders, Tonya White. Cheryl Bedsole and Phyllis Reeves. Row Three: Tonya 
Powell, Kim Knowles, Ben Lawlev and Buffie Kvser. 


The Student Coun- 
cil for Exceptional 
Children serves the 
academic and ca- 
reer needs of stu- 
dents in special 
education and re- 
lated areas. The or- 
ganization reaches 
out to exceptional 
children and helps 
others gain knowl- 




The International Stu- 
dents Cultural Organiza- 
tion is a catalyst for 
students of every nation- 
ality to join and find 
common goals and 
interests. The students 
come from throughout 
the world and have 
everything to offer from 
a great recipe to the 
philosophy of life. They 
send the message that 
knowledge is the key to 
success in the world. 

ii i 


ISCO: Row One: Anshooman Aga, Mateos Asgeelom, Gena Clements. Anne 
Julie Hallee. Sharif Elkhatib, Becky Quandt and Hank Waldheim. Row Two: 
Wade McKenzie, Chris Correa, Matt Nessi, Andrea Shulk Kristin Warblow, 
Melinda Shorten. Nicole McGuire and Antonio Fesuaudez. Row Three: Amy 
Little, Helen Hutto , Noikym Christian, Abhishant Rastogi, Michael Swol, 
Manuel Sanchez-Prieto, Ashley Pennington, Lee Eddins, Tracee McCreary, 
James Sherry, Alberto Sanchez-Prieto, Pamela Merkel and Dr. Edward Merkel. 

ISCO provides a culturally diverse community for its students. 

1 22 ■ Organizations 

With Honors 

ACEI: Peggy Chunn, Melissa Reaker, Jennifer Hutchins, Darla Wiggins, 
Christine Tivnan, Shelly Stockwell, Tiffany Cox, Inge-Lise Lovfald, Kristy 
Rogers, Jennifer Middleton, Cathy Chance, Jean Anne Thigpen, Chris Boiler, 
Charlotte Benefield, Jenie Arnold, Michelle Martin, Mary Ann Wentworth and 
Vickie Johnson. 


The Association for 
Childhood Education 
International is an active 
and widely respected 
international, non-profit 
education association. Its 
mission is to advance the 
comprehensive view of 
childhood education 
from birth through 

Sigma Tau Delta: Row One: Mrs. P. Talmadge, Dr. T. Mitchell. Dr. T. 
Montgomery, Dr. M.A.Tighe, Mr. M. Orlofsky, Mr. E. Hicks, Mrs. P. Norman 
and Dr. J. Day. Row Two: Nicole Brown, Debora Vilito, Spring Tolson. 
Nathan Manning. Kim Norris, Heather Hanson and Traci Driver. 



Phi Mu 

Phi Mu Alpha 
Sinfonia is a 
profesional music fra- 
ternity. Its brothers 
support five purposes: 
to encourage and ac- 
tively promote the 
highest standards of 
creativity, perfor- 
mance, education, and 
research in music in 
America; to develop 
and encourage loyalty 
to the Alma Mater; to 
foster the mutual wel- 
fare and brotherhood 
of students of music; 
to develop the truest 
fraternal spirit among 
its members; and to 
instill in all people an 
awareness of music's 
important role in the 
enrichment of the hu- 
man spirit. 

Phi Mu Alpha 

Phi Mu Alpha: Row One: Jon Haga, Russell Rutland, Eugene Carter, Brian Johnson, 
Liberty Leak, Kelly Langford, Bradley Grantham, David Lowery, Jason Howell, Charles 
Jones and Charles Harden. Row Two: Burt Pitts, Brian Slater, William Poirier Jr., 
William House, Bobby Black, Michael Wickersheim, Anthony Watson, Dallas Burke, 
Timothy Wilson, Dan Seaborn and Dave Lawrence. Row Three: Michael Bird, Michael 
Nichols, Vincent Jackson, Shawn Fisher, Royce Robinson, Travis Bryant, Damon Ander- 
son, Scott Grossman, David Hicks, William Denison and Jim Brasher. 

The Phi Mu Alpha Sweetheart, Liberty Leak, and Lil' Sister, Kelly Langford. 


1 24 ■ Organizations 

Tau Beta Sigma 

Row One: Andrea Durden, Chuck Manning, Carrie Snellgrove, Joy Barnes, Carol Manning, 
Angie McNeal, Jamie Jinks, Tonya Bodenheimer, Becky Weeks, Lahronda Welch and Theresa 
McSwain. Row Two: Angie Powell, Hilary Wood, Karissa Hackelton, Amy Cleckler, Keesha 
McNealy, Christy Jennings, Debbie Fellenz, Jacquie Grimes. Jamie Honea, Belinda Cheshire, 
Amy Sherrer, Melinda Schauland, Dusty Dudley, Hilary Floyd, Christy Cook and Monica Alday. 

The officers of Tau Beta Sigma. 

Tau Beta 

Tau Beta Sigma 
is a national 
honorary band 
sorority. Since 
its establishment 
at Troy State 
University on 
May 18, 1974. 
the primary goal 
of the Epsilon Xi 
chapter has been 
to serve the 
Sound of the 
South. By 
holding several 
during the year, 
Epsilon Xi 
continues its 
dedicated service 
to the band 
program. It 
does this by 
purchasing much 
needed equip- 
ment and provid- 
ing refreshments 
at many Sound 
of the South 

Organizations ■ 1 2 J 

Society of 



SPJ was founded in 1909 
and is the largest organi- 
zation representing 
journalists in the U.S. Its 
1 4,000 members are 
professional journalists, 
student journalists and 
journalism educators. 
The TSU Chapter of SPJ 
is among the most active 
student chapters in the 

and Public 

Membership is open 
to all students. Mem- 
bers gain experience 
by working with cam- 
pus and community 
groups developing 
publicity, advertising 
and related communi- 



Society of Professional Journalists: Row One: Sheri Zeigler, Sara Crawford, 
Bobby Mathews, Julie Grimes, Heather Murdock, Debbie Vandiver and Jeffery 
Jeffcoat. Row Two: Patricia Frances, Julie Studstill, Rhonda Salter, Lisa River, 
Susan Christiano, David Dollar, Beth Ann Thornhill, Kristy Galbrith and David 
Martin. Row Three: David Wernicke, Mark Marcus. Bob Vought, Matt Adcock, 
Mac McKerral, Lucas Brown, Julia Norris, Shawn Peterson and Larry Glover. 

Advertising and Public Relations Society: Row One: Heather Murdock, Rhonda 
Salter, Debbie Vandiver and Julie Grimes. Row Two: Candace Bailey, Carol 
Singleton, Jennifer Headley, Maria Race, Sherri Ziegler. Donna Clark, Sara Crawford, 
Jennifer Donovan, Brook DeRamus, Erinn Berry. Lonneke Muller and Bob Vought. 

1 26 ■ Organizations 





Phi Alpha Theta: Row One: Dr. Don Simmons, Melissa Wilkins, Doug Orr and 
Marsha Boutwell. Row Two: Dr. Norma Mitchell, Dr. Milton McPherson, Dr. Bob 
Brown, Brit Bonner, Shea Carrol, Lisa Tate, Dr. William Welch and Dr. Joe 



Honors Alliance: Row One: Angie Veracruz, Gena Clements, Tameka Elder, 
Kathy Hollingsworth and Inkel Hwango Po. Row Two: Dr. Don Simmons, Laine 
Perrine, Billy Bryan, Amanda Bowling and Bart Simpson. 

Phi Alpha 

Phi Alpha Theta is an 
international honor 
society. Its objective is 
to promote the study of 
history. Its members are 
elected on the basis of 
excellence in the study 
of or writing history. 


The University Honors 
Alliance is a society 
composed of University 
Honor Students and 
University Honor 
Scholars who are com- 
mitted to the promotion 
of scholarship, social 
and community growth 
and the advancement of 
the University Honors 
Program. Membership 
to this society is limited 
to those students who 
meet and exceed the 
academic standard set 
forth by the program. 


Organizations ■ 1 27 





The Sports Medicine 
Club is important to 
the educational 
curriculum at TSU. 
The members of the 
organization meet to 
discuss their fields of 
interest and to visit 
high schools to help 
train athletes. 


Troy State's HYPER 
Club members have one 
common goal which is 
to one day become good 
physical education 
teachers. They work 
together and learn how to 
teach various team and 
individual sports as well 
as health education and 
recreation. Physical 
fitness is the key. 


Sports Medicine Club: Row One: Paula Trawick, Kim Carpenter.Heidi Waddell. 
Becky Johansen, Temeka Mitchem, Candy Scott, Kendall Brooks, Erika Amnions, 
Sheri Johnson, Pat McCrotch, Jason Powell and April Binion. Row Two: Steve 
Weedon, David Ruffin, Jason Calhoun, Leslie Mitchell, Chris Bryan, Barry Baker, Lee 
Borcik, Rob Murray, Jeremy Lowery, Stacy Harrelson, Branda Dobson, Kristin 
Holcomb, Chris Brock and David Harley. 

Health, Physical Education and Recreation: Row One: Dr. Edith Smith, Dana 
Langford, Melissa White, Jennifer Fox, Jenny A vera, Kimberly Wilson, Gray Harrison, 
Treva Thorpe, Kellcy Mancil, Tammy Lee, Teresa Brewer, Kimberly Watkins, Debbie 
Claseman, Laura Henderson and Jonathan Kowal. Row Two: Don Jeffrey, Donna 
Jacob, Glenda Locklear, Kathy Flynn, Michael Meek. Ken Walker , Darrell Berry . 
Robbie Slater, J.J. Midddleton, Matt Barefield, Max Evans, Derrick Givens, David 
Brittiain and Richard Bixby. 

1 28 ■ Organizations 

Sigma Alpha 

Sigma Alpha Sigma is 
a professional fraternity 
organized by students 
with a special interest 
in Human Services. 
The members work 
hard to help those in 
the community who are 

Sigma Alpha Sigma: Row One: Dr. Fox and Reuben Nealy. 
Row Two: Christy Ingram, Jana Tedder, Lori Condon, Diane 
Luck and Zet Cobaris. Row Three: Sandy Gerhardt, Cynthia 
Hose, Michelle Turvin, Melissa Cherrry-Spivey and Daphne 
Doaty. Row Four: Nancy Home, Felicia Williams, Mandy 
Calhoun, Lori Lambert and Belinda Bagget. Row Five: Ernest 
Seeman, Christy Black, Molly Finch, Wanda Hall, Melody 
Lazenby, Deborah DeRouen and Geile Windham. Row Six: 
Constance Baker, Jennifer Matthews, April Thomas, Mr. 
Whitson and Jason Jones. Row Seven: Lonnie Randall, Amy 
Floyd, Mrs. Fox, Jamie Johnson and Paula Savoie. Row Eight: 
Mr. Arellano, Dr. Milard, Mrs. Means and Mr. Walker. 

Finance Club: Row One: Erick Delcid, Scott Knotts, Patrick Helms, Jake Stepens, 
Antonio Fernandez and Zubair Shah. Row Two: Kenda Edgar. Mr. Robert Stewart, 
Marcus Kuliska, Lisa Turk, Althea Starks, Michelle Mansmann, Billies Oxendine, 
Jill Nazary, Melissa Waters and Allison McCandless. 

inane e Club 

The Finance Club was 
established to assist in 
the professional devel- 
opment of students who 
are interested in finance, 
banking, and invest- 
ments. The club fo- 
cuses on providing its 
members with a well- 
rounded view of the 
financial arena. 

right Futures 


Organizations " 129 

Phi Theta 

Phi Theta Kappa 
Alumni Chapter exists 
to uphold the purpose 
of Phi Theta Kappa, to 
help transfer students 
adjust to University 
life, and to recognize 
in university alumni. 

Mortar Board 

Is an honor society which 
recognizes college seniors 
for distinguished ability 
and achievement in 
scholarship, leadership, 
and service. It supports 
the ideals of the Univer- 
sity, to promote equality 
among all people, to 
advance the spirit of 
scholarship, to encourage 
leadership, and to provide 

Head of 
the Class 

Phi Theta Kappa: Row One: Eugene Williams, John Brown, Christopher King .and 
Bradley Grantham. Row Two: Gerttreelar Cobaris, Lori Marsh, Angela Pippin, Ashley 
Earnest, Donna Lamhert , Judith Ankron and Tricia Gibson. Row Three: Chris Borgel, 
Debra Gibson, Jody Vowell, Karen Mills and Monica Green. 

Mortar Board: Row One: Tracy Graham, Michelle Martin, Tracy Steedley and 
Maria Race. Row Two: Sarah Moore, Monika Cobb, Eric Adkinson and Keisha 
rlaslam. Row Three: David Reiter, Laurie Pairs and Chad Stewart. Row Four: 
Roni Holloway, Steve Padgett. Jean Laliberte and Matt Robbins. 


1 30 ■ Organizations 

Helping make 
TSU better 

Adams Center Union Board: Row One: Christy Smith, Matt Vier, Gabrielle 
Baldwin, Danita Judson and Kate Lewis. Row Two: Billy Bryan, Michael 
McDonald, Shea Phillips, Jim Hutto, Michael Woods, Carol Franks and Herb 

Trojan Ambassadors : Row One: Allison Wells, Nancy Turner, Lesley Kent, 
Camie Trail, Marie Race, Kristen Huffman, Ashley Jones and Beth Harmon. Row 
Two: Laurie Fairs, Sarah Moore, Laurie Folsom, Tracey Jordan, Darlene Houston 
and Eric Atkinson. Row Three: Brenda Campell, Misty Kelly, Stephanie Rivers, 
Brantley Allen, Julie Jalil, Catrina Robinson and Matthew Warren. Row Four: Terry 
Tucker(VP), Kenny Hall(P), Phillip Burk, Matt Dial, Billy Bryan and Jason Bryant. 


The Adams Center 
Union Board offers 
a wide variety of 
activities for the 
student body. 
ACUB sponsors the 
Wednesday night 
movies every quar- 
ter, concerts and 
the Roommate 


Trojan Ambassadors are 
an essential part of the 
University. These stu- 
dents serve as the 
official hosts and host- 
esses for the campus. 
They exemplify pride as 
they lead TSU. They 
usher events and give 
tours to prospective 

Organizations "131 



Since 1989, the 
Tropolitan staff has won 
23 regional awards in the 
Society of Professional 
Journalists Mark of Ex- 
cellence competition. 
Four of the 23 awards 
were in first place, and 
these entries competed 
nationally in SPJ compe- 
tition. In addition, the 
Trop has had three of its 
staff members serve on 
the national board of the 
Society of professional 
Journalists in the past 
three years. 

Tropolitan Ad Staff: Row One: Tiffany Abbot, Jason Braswell, Paul 
Boyd and Jennifer Donovan. Row Two: Rhonda Salter, Debbie 
Vandiver, Fred Gorter, Jennifer Headley and Sara Crawford. Not 
Pictured: Abishant Rastoai. 

The Editors: Kristy Galbraith, Editor; Bobby Matthews, Sports; Julie 
Grimes. Editorial Page; and Jeffrey Biggs, A&E. 

1 32 * Organizations 

Kristy Galbraith and Belinda Baggett search for elusive errors. 

Kristy Galbraith, left, Tropolitan Editor and Rhonda Salter, Business Manager. 

Organizations " 133 



In 1992. the Palla- 
dium, came under the 
supervision of the Hall 
School of Journalism. 
The yearbook produc- 
tion begins in the fall 
quarter for distribution 
the following fall. The 
staff is volunteer and 
scholarship holders. 
The 1995 Palladium 
represents the 83rd year 
a bound yearbook has 
been produced by TSU 

Jerome Brown decides on page design techniques. 

Leslie Morgan, Meri Mock and Susan Amason team up on page photos. 

1 34 . Organizations 

Palladium Staff: Row One: Daniel Price, Tonya Stewart, Penny Rogers, Diana Schauer, Jerome 
Brown and Susan Amason. Row Two: Meri Mock, Lesa Hackaboa, Leslie Morgan, Latoya Morgan 
and Kim Perdue. 

Tonya Stewart , Business Manager, Diana Schauer , Co-Editor, Gordan McKerral, Adviser, and 
Penny Rogers , Co-Editor. 

Organization m 1 35 






The Executive 

Organizations ■ 13/ 


SGA's Supreme Court: Row One: Sherri Zeigler. Row Two: 
Chad Stewart, Stacy Faison, Amber Pitts and Winnirer Lea. 

SGA's Traffic Appeals Committee: Row One: Michael Allred and Rick Couch. 
Row Two: Randy Wright and Tucker Robinson. 

1 3o Organizations 


Student Government Association: Row One: Carlye Black, Holly Ahart, Phillip Burk and Jason Reeves. Row 
Two: Chad Jones, Chad Lawrence, Chris Schletter, Jason Bryant, Jon Kowal, Jaime Bone, Melissa Westberry, 
Becky Heinecke, Marlene Coleman, Beth Anne Thornhill, Susan Christiano, Lisa Phillips, Lucy Nelson, Regina 
Owens, Carrie Benson, Laurie Folsom, Amy Smith, Jimmy Stewart, Jason Harper, Eric Byrd, Barbara Patterson, Jon 
Alford and Craig Peavy. 

Troy State's SGA "Of 
the people, for the 
people, by the people. " 

Organizations " 139 

Residence Hall 

Residence halls expe- 
rienced a change during 
the past year. Resident 
Directors were replaced 
with Area Directors. 
Residence halls are an 
essential part of TSU. 
The TSU staff strives to 
make the transition from 
home to school as smooth 
as possible. 

Hall Staff 

Steven Faulk 
Area Director, Alumni / Clements 

Noah Mosely 
International House Manager 

Alumni / Clements Staff: Row One: Joe Giles, Mary Gainey, Tony Mitchell, Stavio Hicks, Copelin 
Seymour, Dee Ann Rollins, Brian Key and Daryl Ingram. Row Two: Maurice Tale, Noland Greene, 
Steven Faulk, Reggie McAllister. Dale Sickman, Howard Berry, Joseph Mitchell, Pete Fisher and Jason 



Paul Sabo 
Resident Manager, Dill 

Luke Bennett 
Assistant Manager, Dill 

Cowart / Shackelford Staff: Calondra White, Veronica Holloway, Kwen Farish, Hazel 
Wynn, Charla Sandlin, Heather Fulmer, Karen Atchison and Leslie Johnston. 

Hazel Wynn 
Senior Resident Assistant, Cowart 

Dee Ann Rollins 
Senior Resident Assistant. Clements 

Organizations ■ 141 

Tour of Duty 

Hamil / Gardner Staff : Row One: Natalie Helms, Jeanne Battle, Jennifer Roundtree, Camie Trail 
and Mary Ellen Greccu. Row Two: Kate Lewis, Christie Williams, Cheryl Johnson, Daphne 
Coleman, Brooke Blizzard and Penny Rogers. Not Pictured : Glorietta Hall. 




¥ < m 


I f 


Camie Trail 
Area Director, Hamil /Gardner 

Penny Rogers 
Senior Resident Assistant, Gardner 


1 42 ■ Organizations 


Daphne Coleman 
Senior Resident Assistant, Hamil 

Stephanie Rivers 
Senior Resident Assistant. Pace 

Pace / Shackelford Staff : Amanda Rice, Sara Crawford, Candice Sermon, Cheyenne Brinson, Keri 
Wallace, Rhonda Sims, Laurie Folsom, Kathy Hollingsworth and Stephanie Rivers. 

"A Resident Assistant is the most important 
person on each hall. 


Herb Reeves 
Director of Housing 

Organizations ■ 143 


1 44 ■ Organizations 




: 145 

Sound of the 


Sound of 
the South 

Troy State University's 
marching band is 
under the direction of 
Dr. John M. Long. 
Band officers are 
Jamie Birdwell, Kerry 
Palmer, Art Williams 
and Roland Ventura. 

Sousaphones: Row One: Chad Deal, Jeremy Beek, Marvin Neal, Jeff Hilbert, Becky 
Weeks, Charles Manning, Stafford Hart, Bryan Hamlin, Chris Robbins, Ryan Bint/., 
Jeremy Rowell, Jimmy Stewart, Jeremy Meehan, Amy Sherrer, Branden Blackstone, 

Jason Cray, Alan Stuvio I licks. Kris Gray, Jamie Grimsley and Wendell Young. Row 
Two: Dallas Burke and Eric Spoto. 

1 46 ■ Organizations 

Clarinets: Row One: Celeste Bennett, Melissa Wyatt, Martin Gaines, Diana 
Whaley, Jamie Birdwell, Michelle Thompson, Christa Gilbert, Christi Moore 
and Jennifer Nechetsky. Row Two: Christy Spears, Mary Ellen Grecu, Amy 
Sollick, Russell Rutland, Roland Ventura, Carol Manning, Aimee Savell, Jackie 
Nichols and Dana Parish. 

l'"^ LU\ll. 


Percussion: Row One: Samuel Frederick, Jason Taylor, Zack Downey, Mike Thomas, John 
Glasscock, Jason Holiday, Phillip Brown, John Jackson, Paul Henly, Kevin Moseley, Clay Herrin, 
Jon Quinn and Anthony Confusion. Row Two: Chad Bivens, Lashon Davis, Adam Cobb, Jeff 
Roberts, Deborah Vitito, Reagina Vitito, Heidi Cotterman, Olivia Wilkes, Mark Powell, Greg 
Teston, Liberty Leak, Mary Kay Hall, Kathy Hollingsworth, Crystal Carter, Erin Robison, Mike 
Evans, Melinda Schauland, David Lawrence, Alex Roche, Heath Vaughn and Jason Matthews. 




Trombones and Baritones: Row One: Bryan Hay, Bobby Black, Bennie Shellhouse, Josh Keen, 
Brian Salter, Nathan Ashby, Jon Haga, Michael Bird, Preston Frazier, Chris Schliter, Larry Wells, Cyndi 
Henderson, Dusty Dudley and Michael Wickersheim. Row Two: Tara Stallworth, Scott Grossman, 
Renee Mills, Jeff Fowler, Will Boarfield, Shannon Covington, Shay Watson, Aaron Kirby, Jim Colvin, 
Amy Glines, Cornelius Brown, Tawana Neal, Sean Peterson, Royce Robinson, Jerome Mapps and Alans 

y . j.- . i _ j - ■- ■ ■ i.j j. 1 -~ T — i j% v ■ ■ 1-^ • 1 

9 r r§ .._jm—mm^r~* y ~x l i ^' *• i 1 r rm •* 1 r~ ' '■ " " ■ 'f ^ T T "" a 

_y- t ^rTT ---. _CZT» -M- w m x y m i j,._ i - 1 ' J 1 \ — \ \ * .H ._. 

French Horns: Row One: Savilla Davis, Heather Blizzard, Wendy Eckhardt, 
Belinda Cheshire, Chris Smith, Greg Cole, Art Williams, Brent Palmer, Jennifer 
Roundlree and Finma Marlin. 




Angela Wilson 

Paige Morrow 

Amy Cleckler 

Hollie Crawford 

Heather Bergob 

Trumpets: Row One: Shawnaree Barrow, Kristen Webster, Doug Brasell, Sal Vineiguerra, 
Inkil Hwang Po, Demitric Jones, Matt Vier, Julie Simpson, Wally Jordan, Burt Pitts, Amanda 
Kirkland, Stephen Hall, Shelley Hatcher, Kristi McGowin, Carmen Tilley and Renee Fulmer. 
Row Two: Mark Nichols, John Belcher, Misty Gurley, William Littlefield, Robert Siclovio, 
Danielle Lewis, Dan Seaborn, Casey Speigner, Ashley Waller, Frank Miles, Mike Trammel. 
Chris Grider, Jason Cheshire, Jason Howell, Dave Fortuna and Mike O'Hara. 

Organizations ■ 149 

Piccolo: Row One: Tammi Lucas and Jamie Honea. Row Two: Stacy Flowers, Julie Litaker, 
Brigette Terry, Kristi Hill, April Tonegatto, Karissa Hackleton, Kelly Langford, Nicole Batts and 
Amy Fountain. Row Three: Jessi Thomas, Cathy Grant, Hilary Wood, Boyd Mizell, Michelle 
Jackson, Michelle Burdett, Valerie Newman and Chuck Maguire. Row Four: Amy Pickering, 
Kim Stone, Amanda Bowling, Amelia Langford, Misty Mobley, Angela Powell, Theresa McSwain 
and Novella Robinson. 

Saxophones: Row One: Harold New, Monica Alday. Christy Jennings. Crystal Jolley, Billy Pouiei. Joy Barnes, Tashaun Neal 
Jeanine Battle, Carlos Billups and Christ) Cook. Row Two: Heather Stubbs, Amanda Williams, Christy Blackwell, Jennifer 
Robinson, Brian Johnson, Chuck Harden. Jacquie Grimes, Rick Collins, Diana Plait, Ray Ward. Damon Anderson. Boh Wyrick. 
Phillip Culpepper. Joe on,.. Ton) Griffes, Jeff Bridges, David Jones. Adrianne Benton and Jason Bennett. 



Color Guard: Row One: Andrea Trawick, Debbie Fellenz, Lahronda Welch. Andrea 
Durden, Holly Scott, Misti Hutchison, Becky Cowan, Missy Smith, Amanda Hawkins, 
Kristi Williams, Melinda Shorten, Arenys Alburquerque, Angela Cooper, Shana Chaney. 
Alicia Musgrove, Catrina Tillis, Labett White, Heather Floyd, Maggie Davis, Hilary 
Floyd, Tonya Bodenheimer, Rhonda Nowell, Christy Smith, Amanda Rice and Jamie 

i 1 

jg t<--J 

j , >■ 1 ill ; 

* — L 't^J— 

* .^■\] 



V? J 


■ -• sSPBi 



uwl ' iPVW^a 

i A 

|f' I A ifr *I J 

1 4l l 4 T 

^f^^y a, ^ 


*"''^ "^^^- *&0& 

Majorettes: Row One: Jackie Brehm and Brandi Long. Row Two: Sherrer 
Grammer, Belinda Hill, Claudia Culpepper, Dawn Lawley, Kristi Short, Kelly 
Colquitt, Sheri Johnson, Rebecca Phillips and Nicole Forrester. Row Three: 
Kimberly Kelly, Lydia Willoughby, Vikki Taylor, Michelle Murphree, Victoria 
Eiland, Mane Fish, Nicole Garner, Sammie Kern and Emily Peevy. Row Four: 
Stephanie Wright, Kelly Taylor, Audra Howton, Stephanie Mahan, Angella Horn, 
Cheri Honey, Amy Simpler, Monica Gruenewald and Susanne Rankin. 

Organizations ■ 151 


ororitites and 
fraternities play a 
large role on 
Troy State's campus by 
encouraging leadership, 
academic excellence and 
community service. 
Greeks get involved in 
different activities from 
intramurals to philanthro- 
pies. Wearing letters or 
participating in social 
gatherings is not what 
being Greek is all about. 
It's about a friendship 
that lasts forever. Being 
involved in Greek life 
provides opportunities 
and enrichment. 


Alpha Delta Pi 154 

Alpha Gamma Delta 1 56 

Alpha Kappa Alpha 158 

Alpha Phi Alpha 160 

Chi Omega 162 

Delta Chi 164 

Delta Sigma Theta 166 

Farmhouse 168 

Kappa Delta 170 

Lambda Chi Alpha 172 

Phi Beta Sigma 161 

PhiMu 174 

Pi Kappa Phi 1 76 
Sigma Alpha Epsilon 178 

Sigma Chi 180 

Sigma Pi 182 

Zeta Phi Beta 1 84 

ATA sisters get up to make some noise 

SAE brothers 

152" Greeks 


take a break after a pep rally. 

Greeks "153 

Alpha Delta Pi was 
founded in 1 85 1 at 
Wesleyan Female 
College in Macon, Ga. 
"We live for each 
other," is its open 
motto, or what binds 
sisterhood. "The many 
friends that I have 
made and the great 
times I have experi- 
enced are because of 
Alpha Delta Pi." 
Sisterhood and friend- 
ship in Alpha Delta Pi 
is yesterday, today and 

Theresa Ramey, Misti Kelley and Belinda Hill take time to 'cat' around. 



Taking a break before the Rush Week party. 

Row One: Becky Heinecke. Beth Harmon. Amanda Dunagan, Jenny Parker. Oliva Culbreth, Brooke Bain. Toni Keene, Cheryl Culbreth, 
Trish Hope. Heather Burgob, Mary Kay Hall. Heather Hall. Sarah-Jane Futrell and Melinda Homsby. Row Two: Melissa Westbeny, Vantnej 
Alums. Suzie McGinn, BethAnne Thornhill. Dawn Oeters. Donna DaSher. Julie Wright. Kelly Denton. Heather Browder, Oliva Wilkes, 
Brecken Bowland, Carlene Dorris. Kelly Riley and Julie Mullins. Row Three: Erika Amnions, Misti Kelley, Shelli Grissom. Mashone 
Johnson. Rhonda Watkins. Mellisa Street, Mary Beth Robison, Kami Wetzel and Theresa Ramey. Row Four: Stephanie Rhodes. 1 "ara Smith. 
Mindy D'Andrea, But'fie Kyser. Ginger Bedwell. Kelly Atchison. Stephaine Bagents. Leah McDonald. Keri Williams. Alvson Gramlev. Jessica 
Driskell and Shannon Williams. Row Five: Heather Rogers, Stacy Myers. Ann Kimball. Janann Carden. Julia Studstill. Lisa Peterson. Emily 
Edmondson. Becky Brown. Heidi Darbo. Jennifer Walden. Leigh Swager. Leah Williams and Annetra Walker. 

Greeks ■ 155 

Row One: Leslie Porter, Stacey White, Mario Nail, Jennifer Gams, Sandy Wells, Beth Curry, Tracey Jordan, Kelly Roarke, 
Chris O'Riley and Emily Stroud. Row Two: Claudia Burkett, Michelle Furr, Heather Lumpkin, Julianne Boyd, Jessica 
Davenport, Holly Turney, Jennifer Stodghill, Charla Sandlin, Tracy Graham, Nancy Turner, Colleen Cahill, Christina Metzler, 
Debi Hicks, Michelle Trammell and Kristen Huffman. Row Three: Carrie Benson, Lisa Hughes, Carrie Sumblin, Tonya 
West, Emily Watson, Anne Lacey, Shaee Beasley, Chrissy Bosarge, Leah Crowe and Christy Bant/. Row Four: Valerie 
Newman, Ranie Suher, Mandy Lassiter, Andrea Julian. Meredith Taunton, Angela Moss. Jennifer Davis, Haley Hathcock, 
Jennifer Porter, Tiffany Odom, Tiffany Reeve, Angle Chunn, Mane Kennedy and Melanie Gaines. Row Five: Regina Owens, 
Nann Castleberry, Ashley Earnest, Stephanie Harris, Lydia Willaighby. Alica Hanners. Brittney Odom. Melaine Lnlinger. 
Krisi Coronis, Kelley Taylor, Kendra Herren, Tiffnay Myers, Belinda Kusz and Cathie Guenlher. Row Six: Sharon Stephens, 
Sh. mi Risinger, Alison Scott, Balerie Hare, Scarlet Meigs, Mandy Stewart, Joslyn Tinker. Carmen Cursey. Jenny Cawood, 
Marrianne Harper. Greta Gaskin, Cortney Battle and Amy Smith. 

These Alpha Gamma 

Greeks "156 

Alpha Gamma Delta is 
the beginning that 
never ends. Without a 
variety of young 
women in Alpha 
Gamma Delta, it would 
not be as strong. Each 
member is well 
rounded which creates 
a balance within the 
chapter. The common 
bond is their love for 
Alpha Gamma Delta 

Delta sisters take time for some child's play. 

Greeks . 157 

During the 1907-08 
school year, a group of 
young women at 
Howard University, 
driven by desire and an 
inspiration to "capture a 
vision fair," initiated the 
movement of Greek 
letter sororities among 
black women. This 
inspiration was Alpha 
Kappa Alpha Sorority 
Inc. Alpha Kappa 
Alpha, distinguished 
women of the ivy, work 
toward making tomor- 
row great. 

Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters show the true meaning of sisterhood. 

Greeks " 1 JO 


< 7 




Sisters of Alpha Kappa Alpha take time to enjoy some sisterhood. 

Row One: Robin Singleton, Keisha Haslam, Daphne Coleman and Tamika Askew. Row Two: 
Atiya McKinney, Sharanda Powell, Teresa Shankin, Amaliah Finch and Wennifer Lee. Not 

Pictured: Leslie Mitchell and Vicki Griffin. 


Greeks ■ 159 

• ••••••••••••••••• 

Alpha Phi Alpha frater- 
nity was founded Dec. 
4, 1906, at Cornell 
University, Ithaca, 
N.Y., by seven dedi- 
cated young men now 
known as the "Seven 
Jewels." Its long-term 
goal is to promote 
academic excellence 
and social unity among 
primarily minority 
college students. AOA 
lends a helping hand to 
many non-profit organi- 
zations through commu- 
nity service. 

Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha enjoy spending time with eaeh other. 

Ci reeks 


Row One: Cedrick Brooks, Janasky Fleming, Kelvin Wallace and Maurice Tate. Row Two: 
Copelin Seymore, Richard Young, Eric Polite and Vernon Kearse. Row Three: Greg Cole, 
Noland Greene and Gerrell Debardeladen. Not Pictured: Rhodney Donaldson, Ted Yarborough, 
Cliff Shamburger and Russell Framklin. 

Greeks "161 

Row One: Candice Sirmon, Mica Jones, Julie Powell, Tonya Cobb, Nikki Marsden. Shea Carroll. 
Amie Tyndal. Gretchen Wertz, Stephanie Moore, Stephanie Martin and Leslie Huckaby. Row Two: 
Jenny Henderson, Audra Howton, Brandi Hare, Teresa Torres, Meg Nikolakis, Niki Brannon, Victoria 
Eiland, Heather Martin, Angie Powell, Christen Tonry, Amanda Ford and Jennifer Headley. Row 
Three: Cindy Stanford. Maggie Davis, Natasha Phillips, Rhonda Sellers, Nichole Bradley, Leslie 
Creel, Jennifer George, Laura McCay, Leah Thrasher, Christine Tivnan, Jennifer Charles, Melissia 
Reaker and Britt Whitley. Row Four: Ashleigh Gruber, Heather Reimers, Natalie Zellers, Heather 
Goodwin, Gina Berry, Chanda McHaney, Shannon Wilson, Amy Piggott, Heather Holland, Laura 

Peterman, Kendra Fair, Tabitha Young, Mandy Powers, Darla Wiggins and Heather Bengtson. 


Greeks ■ 162 

Chi Omega sisters 

The tradition began on 
April 5, 1895 at the 
University of Arkansas 
when five young women 
decided to make a 
difference in their lives 
and on campus thus 
forming the organization 
of Chi Omega. Chi 
Omega came to Troy 
State in 1977 and has 
grown to be a leader in 
all aspects of campus 
life. Perhaps the most 
important aspect of the 
Chi Omega Fraternity is 
the strong bond of 
friendship and sister- 
hood they share. 

enjoy raiding other Greeks at Troy. 

Greeks ■ 163 

• ••••••••••••••a* 

More than 8 1 years ago, 
the founders of Delta 
Sigma Theta united as 
sisters in their pursuit of 
scholastic achievement 
to ignite the eternal 
vision for excellence and 
dignity of humankind. 
They ignited the Delta 
Torch, passed it to the 
sisters of today and 
provided a heritage that 
endowed them with an 
inward commitment to 
public service for the 
ultimate benefit of 

The sisters of Delta Siuma Theta demonstrate the true bond of sisterhood. 

Greeks ' 164 

Delta Sisma Theta sisters show their letters. 

Row One: Hazel Gray, Jacqueline Jackson, LaTisha Montgomery and Katrina Jones. Row 
Two: Felicia DeVance, Glenda Bowers and Sandra Johnesone. Row Three: Sharon Anderson. 
Tiffney Salter and Felicia Yelder. Row Four: Phebe Washington, Belinda Smith and Kiwanda 


Greeks . lOJ 

Phi Mu sisters share a moment of sisterhood during Rush Week 

Row One: Christie Aitken, Julie Smith, Joy Mikell, Darhi Butledge, Ahhy Malghrue, Kara Pruski, Kim 
Tew, Kacy Ray, Chris Tatum, Tonja Price, Tonya Wilson, Jennifer Hartzog, Crystal Bodgers, Anna Doeren, 
Mandi Penn and Jamie Poole. Row Two Stacey McEaters, Cindi MeCollum, Belinda Harrison, Katie 
Biddle, Amanda Shaw, Tina Underwood, Monica Gruenewald, Indya Lawless, Laura Linch, Lynn Walker, 
Kim Knowles, Sunshine Godfrey, Michelle Bock, Kim Styles, Stacey McGilvray and Jacque Ethridge. 
Row Three: Wendy Tedder, Jenny Sadler, Jennifer Marshall, Angela McHargue, Brandy Clark, Amber 
Pints, Misty Ross, Dcanna Phillips, April Wright, Brandi Roherts, Mara Grice, Angie Evans, Marie Fish, 
Misti Hutchison, Laura Sharpe and Kim Andrews. Row Four: Natilie Helms, Traci Wilhelm, Louann 
Wells, Amy Smith, Mandy McClendon, Jennifer Dunn, Jill McClain, Rosemary Wise, Jennifer Hurley, 

Wendy Price, Shannon Calhoun, Betsy Beaslcy, Nicole Burnham and Brooke Northey. 


Greeks ' 166 


i \ 

Two Phi Mu sisters 

• •••••••••••••••••a 


give each other a hug during the exhausting week of Rush. 

Phi Mu was the first sor- 
ority on Troy State's 
campus and the second 
oldest nationally. Phi 
Mu was founded at 
Wesleyan College, in 
Macon, Ga., on 
March 4, 1852. Phi Mu'j 
bond of sisterhood can't 
be explained, it must be 
experienced. "When she 
smiles, she brings cour- 
age and hope to your 
heart. She has the power 
to lift your hopes, with 
one glance, one twinkle 
of those laughing eyes. 
She means everything 
to me, she is my Phi Mu 
sister." Phi Mu is the 
perfect blend of respon- 
sible growth and social 

Greeks I 167 



The Brotherhood of the 
Gamma Gamma Chap- 
ter of the Pi Kappa Phi 
became the first frater- 
nity on Troy State's 
campus. Since 1965, 
there was no one defini- 
tion for brotherhood, 
but Pi Kappa Phi frater- 
nity provided the 
opportunity to meet new 
people and to develop 
lifelong friendships. Pi 
Kappa Phi provide 
memories to look back 
on as some of the best 
times of your life. 

Johnathan Butler and Monte MeGoiniin demonstrate the true bond o\' I IKO brotherhood. 

( necks 



Friends and family of Pi Kappa Phi enjoy Homecoming 1994 at Troy State University. 

Row One: Brett Jackson, J. D. Lawrence, Kieth Kaetzel, Holley Turney (Rose), Eddie Rogers, Don 
Clements, Dhane Sirquefield, Rick Couch, David Benchabbat and Brannon Carter. Row Two: Eric 
Stratton, Jeff McFay, Travis Coe Vanlandingham, Erick Sutton, Chad Blasi, Matthew Singletary. Brian 
Bass, Peyton Givens, Travis Graves and Craig Bartlett. Row Three: Chris Byrd, Shohn Turner, Danny 
Cong, Brian Saunders, Scott Dauphin, Craig Childree, Scott Hudson, Tony Wiggins, Bart Hamilton. Billy 
Bonner, Jeremy Law, Derek Price, Joe Young and Chris Schmidt. Row Four: Mitch Rohdes. Clark 
Nelson, Robert Hines, Chandler Adams, Ashley Townsend, Jon Alford, Eric Parnell, Scott Oldnettle. Josh 
Wilson, Kenny Boudin, Michael Wells, Shannon Chatman, Scott Romeo, Monte McGougin and Jed Ball. 
Row Five: Lee Hussy, Jared Walter, Ted Mcquiton, Allen Owen, Miles McDaniel, Wes Gibson, Keith 
Prochazka, Darren Blackmon, Brent Waren, Matthew Plummer, John Stephens. David Nowling, Ryan Rietz 
and Jody Haynes. 


Greeks I 169 

Kappa Delta sisters share a minute during Bid Day 1994. 


Row One: Amber Howard, Libhy Yancey, Tracy Steedlcy, Ashley Jones. Monika Cobb, Riehclle Gray, Shelley Black, Sarah 
Moore, Jennifer Middleton, Sara Crawford, Tammy Williams and Spring Tolson. Row Two: Lori Kahlbau. Valerie 
McGinnis. Allison Wills, Carlye Black. Shannon Killets. Leigh Fox, Emily Peevy, Betsi Rape. Renee' Savers. Shana Newman, 
Rahe Vaughn and Healhei Schcnholm. Row Three: Mary John Coats. Pausha Pendarvis, Caroline Duck, Tiss Perreault, 
Angle Wells, Shemn Dodge, Marlene Coleman, Heather Moore. Laura Trussell, Amy Padgett, Crystal Jolley. Jeanine Battle 
and Inge Use Lovefald. Row Four Pllena Fleming. I'ara Johnson, Cheis Brannon, Melissa Tew, Natalie Skeen. Amanda 
Werner, Nikki Ward. Midge Padgett. Jennifer Jones. Michelle Murphree and Sharon Sossaman, Row Five: Heather Wolny, 
Cori Parrish, Heathei Arlington, Tammy Thompson, Robm Lockett, Melanie Foshee, Holley Murphy, Brooke Douglas. Laura 
Brown, Mandi Cash, Ann O'Brien. Shannon Pierce ami Ken Leatherwood 

Keri Leatherwood 



• ••••• 

and Sara Crawford take a break on Bid Day. 

"Let us strive for that 
which is honorable, 
beautiful and highest" 
remains the motto by 
which Kappa Deltas live 
today. In Virginia in 
1897, four women 
founded Kappa Delta. 
They started a spark that 
is still burning strongly 
today. Whatever your 
dreams, Kappa Delta 
allows you to follow 
them and to create new 
ones. Kappa Delta 
stands for sisterhood. It 
is this bond that sepa- 
rates Kappa Delta from 
other sororities. 

Greeks ■171 

Lambda Chi Alpha 
fraternity was founded 
at Troy State Univer- 
sity in 1975. After 20 
years of service to Troy 
State and the commu- 
nity, Lambda Chi 
Alpha remains one of 
the largest fraternities 
on campus. Lambda 
Chi Alpha encourages 
campus involvement, 
academic excellence, 
and community ser- 
vice, all in a social 
atmosphere. Lambda 
Chi Alpha is a brother- 
hood like no other. 

A typical Lambda Chi welcome is full of hugs and cheer 

Greeks ■ 172 

The brothers of Lambda Chi Alpha lounge on the beach. 

Row One: Harrison Rivers, Chad Dube, Rick May, Daryl Ingram, Justin Knox, Brian Spader, Jason 
Wingate and Neil Morris. Row Two: Chris Hageman, Jeff Dixon, Joey Harper, Howard Berry, Josh 
Stearns, David Conkle, Oliver Quass, Greg Mullet and Derek Marshall. Row Three: Jon Adams, 
Marcus Fun, Jay Manning, Shawyn Barton, Jason Harper, Carl Cole, Ken Walker, Aaron Ryals and 
Andrew Hicks. Row Four: David Hinson, Byron Russell, Lance Jones, Peter Logan, Alan Murchison, 
Phillip Burk, Matt Dial, Jason Trauger and Eric Byrd. 

Greeks ■ 173 

Row One: Kristen Huffman, Nancy Turner, Jennifer Middleton, Michelle Trammell, JeanAnne Thigpen, Julie 
Mullins, Sara Crawford, LaTisha Montgomery and Barbara Patterson. Row Two: Andrew Hicks, Chris 
O'Reilly, Scott Jones, Sherri Ziegler, Tracy Steedley, Keri Williams, Wennifer Lee and Kelly Roarke. Row 
Three: Kevin Meadows, Laurie Folsom, Matt Vier, Bennett Geisler, Heather Reimers, Stephanie Bagents, 
Keisha Haslam and Keith Kaetzel. Row Four: Shawyn Barton, Phillip Burk, Martin McCarty, Chad Stewart, 
Paul Elliot, Gray Harrison and Herbert Reeves. 

Row One: Kelley Taylor, Stacey White, Barbara Patterson, Jennifer Wallen and Britl Whitley. Row Two: Kristen 
Huffman, Natalie Skeen, Kelly Riley, Darla Wiggens, Monica Grucnewald, Robin Singleton. Michelle Reese and 
LaTisha Montgomery. 




Interfraternity Council Officers: Row One: Chris Schmidt and Phillip Burke. 
Row Two: Jason Wingate, Eric Atkinson and Shawyn Barton. 

Row One: Shawyn Barton, Eric Atkison, Phillip Burke, Chris Schmidt and Barry Brookins. Row Two: 
Chad Jones, Thomas Smith, Scott Jones, Ricky Williams, Doug Braswell, Bryan Baker, Michael Wells, Eric 
Herrlein, Charlie Brady, Joe Young and John Arrington. 

Greeks " 175 

of the 

of the 

%im Tew 

Greeks ■ 176 

9A.r. Qreef^: 

Dan 'Boswell 

Ms. Qreel{: 

Donna OCiver 

Greeks "177 




** -• 

■•■ „> 

Amber Pitts realizes that you can't always win. 
Greeks ■ I/O 

John Collier and Tom Sickman 





1. Pi Kappa Phi 

2. Lambda Chi 

3. Sigma Chi 


1 . Chi Omega 

2. Kappa Delta 

3. Alpha Gamma 

block Matt Dial's spike. 

Greeks ■ 1 79 


■ am©":; 

Beth Anne Thornhill finds the water a little chilly. 

Fighting To 
Be On Top 

AXA concentrate on winning 

During Spring quarter, six sororities and eight fraternities competed in different events trying to 
become the 1995 Greek Week champs. 

The organizations competed in events including sand volleyball, innertube water basketball, ping 
pong, bowling, canoe races, dizzy bat, egg toss, billiards and sack races. 

The overall winners were Chi Omega and Pi Kappa Phi. 





innertube water basketball. 

Greek Week. 

Greeks "181 



Buddy Kamman and Brian Smith pump you up for Greek Week. 




AKA sisters work together to finish the race. 


Greeks ■ 1 82 

Daphne Coleman races to finish the sack race. 

Alpha Gamma Delta supports its sisters in every way. 


Greeks " 183 

Oliver Quass helps put Lambda Chi in second place. 

Billiards is a favorite event during Greek Week. 

Greeks ■ 1 84 

Delta Chi does anything to win 

Greeks " 185 

atp ha ddta pi 

Alums. Vantney 

Ammons, Erika 

Atchison, Kelly 

Bagents. Stephanie 

Bain, Brooke 

Bedwell. Ginger 

Bergob. Heather 

Bowl and, Brecken 

Brewer, Melissa 

Browder. Heather 

Bryars, Crystal 

Carden, JanAnn 

Chance, Cathy 

Culbreth. Cheryl 

Culbreth Oliva 

D' Andrea, Mindy 

Dasher, Donna 

Denton, Kelly 

DeRamus, Brook 

Dorris, Carlene 

Drawdy, Jodi 

Driskell. Jessica 

Dunagan. Amanda 

Etheredge. Emily 

Finch, Laura 

Futrell, Sarah-Jane 

Gramley, Alyson 

Grissom, Shelli 

Hall, Heather 

Hall, Mary Kay 

Harmon, Beth 

Heinecke, Becky 

Hill, Belinda 

Holcomb, Kristin 

Holman, Melissa 

Hope. Patricia 

Homsby, Melinda 

Jackson, Renee 1 

Keene, Toni 

Kelley. Misty 

Kern, Sammie 
Kimball. Ann 
Kyser, Buffi e 
McDonald, Leah 
Myers, Stacy 
Oeters, Dawn 
Ogle, Jennifer 
Parker, Jenny 
Peterson, Lisa 
Preede. Nikki 


Reynolds. Lee Ann 

Rhoades, Stephanie 

Riley, Kelly 

Robison, Mary Beth 

Rogers, Heather 

Sman, Christy 

Smith, Nichole Vicktoria 

Smith, Tara 

Street, Melissa 

Swager, I^eigh 

Thurnhill, Elizabeth 

Tirey, Tonya 

Underwood, Kim 

Vick, Amanda 

Vick, Jennifer 

Walker, Annetra 

Wallen, Jennifer 

v. i tberry, Melissa 

WhitwMi-i i . 

Wilemon, Neely 
u.itkin>. Rhonda 

Wetzel, Kami 

Wilkes. Olivia 

Williams, Ken 

Williams, Laura 

Williams. Leah 

in . Sh. 

■ Id. Julie 



dtp ha gamma delta 



Boyd, Jul 


1 i 

I >.-ah 


Fairnun, Owen 

' belle 

Gaines, Melanie 

Gilliland H 
Goodson, Kathenne 

Graham, Tracy 

Hall. Amy 

1 1 mm ' Alicia 

Hathcock, Haley 

Hare ■■ i i 
ll.ii pel Marrianne 
Han -hann 
Harris, Stephanie 
Hi ii. r i Kendra 
l In i ing, Sally 
Houston. Darlene 
Hughes, Lisa 

Julian, Andrea 
Lacey. Mary Anne 

Lassiter. Mandy 
Lovik, Juli 
Lumpkin II. ithei 
Maxwell, Ann 
Mcllugh. Whitney 
Meigs, Scarlet 
Miller, Rebecca 
Moss, Angela 
Myers, TifTanv 
Nail. Mario 

N'l ■'. Til. Ill \.U I i> 

Odoni, Brittney 
Odom. Tiffany 
' >a. n- Kegina 
Payne, Amy 
Porter. Jennifer 
Bisinger, Sham 
Rivers. Stephanie 
Sandlin, Charla 
Scott, Alison 

Smith. Amy 
Stephens, Sharon 
Stewart Mandy 
Stodghill, Jennifer 

I onnie 
Stroud, Emily 
Subei . Ranie 
Sutton. Debbie 
Taunton, Meredith 
Taylor, Kelley 

Tinker, Joslyn 
Trammell. Michelle 
Turner. Nancy 
I imej Holly 
Watson. Emily 
Wells, Sandy 
Westover. Lucy 
White Stacey 
Willoughby. Lydia 
Woodfin. Amy 



alpha kappa alpha 

Askew, Tamika 

Coleman, Daphne 

Finch. Amaliah 

Haslain. Keisha 

Lee, Wennifer 

McKinney, Atiya 

Mitchell, Leslie 

Powell, Sharanda 

Shanklin. Teresa 

Singleton. Kobin 

cfd omega 

Barlow. Rachel 

Barton, Jennifer 

Bell, Kimberly 

Bengston. Heather 

Bone, Jaime 


Brannon, Niki 

I 'i 1 1. II, Shea 

uto, Susan 

(ook Jennifer 


Doss. Jennifer 

Eiland, Victoria 

Fair. I 

Foid, Amanda 

Fowler, Anna 

i Bennett 

George, Jennifer 

Gibs. in I i 

Goodwin H ithei 


Hare, Brandi 

m, Angle 


Henderson, Jenny 

Holland I 

Hoven, Gandace 

n ton, Audra 

Kirk 1 1 

11 Nikki 

i | 
McBride, Amanda 
i H . Chanda 
hi-. Suaan 

Much.-., I . 

Nazary Jill 
Nelson, Lucy 
Niko; il 

i . 

Piontkowski, ' 

II, Julie 




Smil i 


1 1 , i 






it. ii l.i 

kavva delta 

Andrews, Amy 
Arrington, Heather 
i ' ■■ Rachel 
Battle. Jeanine 
Black, Carlye 
Black Shelly 
Blackmon. Braswell 
Boothe M 
Brannon I I I 
Brown. Laura 

Coats, Mary John 
Cobb. Monika 
Coleman, Marlene 
Crawford, Sara 
Darin, Gingei 
Dean, Kim 
Dodge. Shenin 
Dortch, Kl 
Douglas. Brooke 
Drew, Daphne 

Duck. Caroline 
Foshee. Melanie 
Gash, Mandi 
Gilland, Tracy 
Goodman, Allyson 
Gra> Kichelle 
Green. Amy 
Heinike, Heather 
Howard, Amber 

Jaskewicz, Jennifer 
Johnson, Tai a 
Jones, Ashley 
Kellv. Krista 
Kojima. Jennifer 
Leatherwood, Keri 
Lee, Jennifer 
Lockett, Robin 

Loughridge, Cat 
Lovfald, Inge-Lise 
Matlock, Joanna 
McCanoless, Allison 
McGinnis, Valerie 
Middleton. Jennifer 
Moore, Sarah 
Morgan, Amee 
Murphree. Michelle 
Murphy, Holley 

Newman. Shana 
OBrien. Amy 
Padgett, Amy 
Padgett. Midge 
Padgett. Mona 
Palmer, Angie 
Panish. Con 
Perreault. Tiss 
Peevy. Emily 
Pierce. Shannon 



Race. Maria 

Rearden. Gina 

Rusnak. Bridget 

Sayers. Renee' 

Schenholm. Heather 

Skeen. Natalie 

Smith. Amy 

Snellgrove. Rebecca 

Solomon, Robin 

Steedlev. Tracv 

Swearingen, Amber 

Tew, Felicity 

Tew Melissa 

Thompson, Tammy 

Touchton, Liza 

Trussell, Laura 

Vaughn, Rhae 

Ward. Nikki 

Weeks, Angie 


delta siama theta 

Anderson. Sharon 

Bowens, Glenda 

Butts. Judy 

DeVance, Felicia 

Graj il i ■ 

Grayson, Tearese 


Johnson, Sandra 

I 1 Kiwanda 

i. [i 
Clai i 
■ i i 

i LaDonna 
D ,.■ 


1 ma, AnRie 

F . h Mai >• 






Knowlea, Kim 

Linch. I 
i Monique 

i tannifei 

' I ■ 

. Jill 

M i 

M i a Ctndi 

M ' . 

'.: ii 
M 1 1 

Mitchell I 
Nelson, Michelle 

Nelson. R] 
Northey, Brooke 
Odom, i I 

Phillips, Dcanna 

Puts. Amber 
i Jamie 

Price, Tonja 
Price. Wendy 

I . : 

Ray, Kacy 
Riddle, I. il 

Bi ind 
Ridgen I i 
Ross M 

Rut ledge, Darbi 

Sasser, ECristi 

Schmittendorf, Robii 
Sharpe, Laura 
Shaw. Amanda 
Smith, Amy 
Smith, Julie 
Stvles. Kimberlv 

I. .-.In, HulK 

Taylor, Vikki 
Tedder, Wendy 
Tew, Kim 
Tompkins, Traci 
Trail ' '.nrnie 
Wells, LouAnn 
Wilhelm. Traci 
Williams. Shelia 
Wilson, Tonya 
Wise. Rosemary 

zeta phi Seta 

Bi>\J Shannon 
Guilford. Margaret 
( oopei Angela 
t ope, Poll/ 
Hall. Glorietta 
Hamilton. Rhonda 
Reese Michelle 
Walker. Victoria 



aCpfui pfd alyha 

Fleming Janaskv 

OH.,,., Mich.i. I 

Pal rish, Michael 

Penrell, Bobby 

Bobbins. Christopher 

Rowley, Addrian 

Sellers. Brian 

Sexton, Marvin 

Smith, Bryan 

Vier. Matthew 

Winbron, Thomas 









A ■ 

i Breni 


Phillip- i 

1 1 ... i [ i . i , 
Spui n Robi 1 1 

Warren, Matthew 

'■■'■■ I ■■ i 

Wilbanlu Bri m 
Vaughan, Timothy 

lambda cfd alpha 

Adams, Jon 

Babb, Michael 
Berry, Howard 
Boyd, Paul 
Brady, Chat les 

Brock, Jeffrey 
Burk, Phillip 
Byrd, Eric 
Cole, Carl 
Conkle, David 

uourtnej Bi in 

Davenport Dustin 
Dial Matl 
Dobert. Mm us 
Drawdj Vance 
Dube, Chad 
Fair. Jason 
Gable, John 
Hai pet i ' ■ d 
Harper, -Joey 

Hicks, Andrew 
Hirschy, Roman 
Hollon. Billy 
Ingram, Daryl 
Jones, Lance 
Knox, Justin 
Marshall, Derek 
Morri> ' 
Mullet Greg 
Muri bison, Alan 

Ogden. Chrifl 
Randa. Jeff 
Ryals, Aaron 
Barton, Shawyn 
Spader Brian 
5t< ii ii- Josh 
Traugei Jason 
Walker, ECen 

i Julius 



phi Seta sigma 

Fuqua. Antohny Todd 

Hill, Johnnv 


Mitchell, Mario 

Smith. Thomas 

Williams, Rickie 

sigma alpha epsiton 

Allen. Ben 

Anderson. John 

Arlington. John 

Raldwin 1 i n 

Ban . Rob 

Blalock, Ryan 

Boothe, Jason 

Cannon. Marcus 

Can 1 1 

mi II, Tom 

Culp, Stephen 

Davis, Ben 

Dunford, Eddie 

Dunn, Ben 


Elert. Ron 

Emerson, Roy 

Faulk. Andy 

Folkes, Ashley 

Foshee, Kelvin 

Gaston, i Iraig 
1 Danny 

Gib--' ■ 
Home, Toby 

Howrll Mi'. I 

Hutchisson, Christopher 
Jeffcoat Billy 

Jonea ( I td 

Jord.ii! i ■ 
Kelley. Brian 

Leavins. David 

i Jimmy 

Mann, Chris 

Murphy, Joe 

■ i ■ i. tephen 


Ray, Chad 

Rayborn. William 

Reeves, John 

ROC I'.r , ! 

Row. i] 
Shoem l] [atthev 
Sipper, Jamee 

Slaughtei I 

Dam n 

Townaend 1 1 a i id 

Wallocl Ben 

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Whit n« . Dei i 



siama cfd 

"tM Hu- iB IT 

Bl Mil 

Atkinson I 


Blackmon, Brian 
Bond, P 




Brown. John 

Burg. I 
Burns. Barry 
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Chestnut I 
Cochran I 

Davenport, Jeremy 

Dorniiiii i 1 1 


i Paul 

Everett I 

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II ir i 

li Mike 

! I \ndy 

)<>kI. in, .Jason 


King, Channing 
Lawson. Jason 
Long, Matt 

.;. i . 

Mi Cart I 

n Michael 
i i . Matt 

Melton. Tylei 
Middleton, .1 .1 
Moseley, Dendy 
Mueller. Jeff 
Murray < 'hi 

Reeves. W irrei 
Robinson, Tucker 
Sabo Paul 
Schroeder Mil I 

\:n..- David 
Brand, Tim 
Chappel! I 
Coleman ( 

• i lohn 
Diamond. Blake 
Griggs i 

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Hillej Dan 




Johnson, Chris 

Kellogg, Patrick 

LaPrad. Philip 

Lee. Jody 

McGovern, Brian 

Mietus. Billy 

Mizeli. James 

Jes, Ev 

Nonnenmann. C. 

Ping. Jason 

Richardson, Carrie 

id, Assad 

Shores. Adam 

Shores, Jason 

in, Thomas 

Sims, Hardie 

Smith, Andrew 

Smith. Steven 

Stevens. Christopher 

tau kappa epsiton 

pi kappa pfd 


A) ford, Jon 
Ball i '■ 
Bartlel Cra 

I I < I'll!, Ill 

B< m l. ibl i Davii 

Benedict, Michael 

i i . Chad 

ner, Billy 



Boudtn. Kenneth 
Butler Jol 

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ill. union 
Chatman, Shannon 
11 Charles 

nts. Don 
h, Kick 

1 II. Scut! 

I Mch on D ■ I 



n, Ben 
1 Timothy 

1 96 ■ Greeks 

Miik - l 
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Mullinax I 

1 1 Ulen 


Prochazka, Keith 
Rictz, Ryan 

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I Scolt 

Saunders. Brian 

Singletary. Matthew 

Sinquefield, Shane 

i ,. .i 
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I i rid. William 

I I an) 1 1 

Tui in r. Shuhn 

Vanlandingham I 
Walker I 

Waren, Brent 

v, ■ itherford fohnn 
W< .i 1 herford, Tommy 
Wells. Mil I v 
Wiggins, 1 1 i 
Wilson, Josh 
Young, Joe 

Greeks ■ 197 

nhey practiced in 
the summer, on 
the weekends 
and after school. They 
went to summer camps. 
They worked out in the 
weight room during 
their off hours. They 
participated in related 
sports in the off season. 
This kind of intensity 
by the athletes and 
coaches was respon- 
sible for the success of 
the sports program. 
Sports, often the most 
visible area of the 
school to the commu- 
nity, were largely 
responsible for drawing 
attention to Troy State. 


T-Day 200-207 

Football 208-215 

Basketball 216-223 
Sports Info 224 

Sport Trainers 225 
Fall Intramurals 226 
Cheerleaders 228 

Track 230 

Volleyball 232 

Tennis 233 

Golf 234 

Winter Intramurals 236 
Tennis 238 

Softball 240-241 

Baseball 244-248 

Spring Intramurals 250 

Shawn Starling discusses the next pitch 

Reggie Butler 

I ( >S .Sports 

and team members race to the finish line. 

Sports ; 199 

T-Day '95... 

roy State University celebrated T-Day 1995 
with many exciting events including the ded- 
ication of the newly renovated Jesse Colley 
track. Trojan fans of all ages watched the annual 
football game while also enjoying two baseball games 
and an exhibition relay by current and former track 
athletes from Troy State. 

Family of Jesse Colley is honored at the track dedication. 






^L ■ r ■ 

Maurice Stringer has his equiptment checked by a trainer. 

Quaterback Stan Davis fires a pass while 

Sports 1 200 



Two Trojans take a break while their teammates continue to battle. 



The Sound of the South support the Trojans at the T-Day games. 







a Trojan defender puts on pressure. a big success 

■ m 


Sports ■ 20 1 


1 Handing it to... 


he Trojan inter-squad football game 
featured the White team against the Cardinal 
team. The Cardinal team emerged the victor, 

while its defense, led by Gerald DeBardeladon held the 
White offense to only 5 rushing yards. Next season 
looks good for the Trojans as they clearly demonstrated 
at T-Day 1995. 


Eric Polite shows his excitment before the inter-squad game. 

Quaterback Jeremy Rowell hands off the ball to 

Sports . 202 

a Trojan fullback. 

..the Trojans | 

Sports ■ 203 


% Turning Two... 

long with the football festivities and the track 
yt\ dedication, T-Day 1995 featured our Trojan 

I baseball team in a double header against New 
York Tech. The Trojans defeated New York in both 
games while providing the crowd with an example of 
their excellent skills. Everyone enjoyed 
the beautiful weather and the good sportsmanship the 
Trojans showed us in the 1995 T-Day games. 

Jeff Javinett demonstrates how you turn two 

Peter Bezeredi gives the Trojans a base hit. 

Catcher Alex Rosa proves the tag was a success. 

Sports \ 204 

■ ■ 

■ ■ 

■ ■ 

during the 1 995 T-Day win against New York Tech. 

The Trojans celebrate their win over the T-Day opponent. T-Day '95 

■ ■ 

■ ■ 


■ B 

Sports ■ Z\JJ 

I Stealing home... 

r _- ,, he Trojan baseball team had a successful day swing- 
ing the bats, catching the flyballs, and tagging runners 
i | out at T-Day 1995. The double-header against New 
York Tech proved to the Trojan fans that our mighty Trojan 
baseball team is completely ready for the Division I playoffs. 

Arnold Settles slides home while avoiding the 

Head Coach John Mayotte carefully watches his players. 



t- -A 

Tony Brown demonstrates just how easy it is 

Sports I 206 

tag by a New York Tech catcher. 

Jason Plourde takes a break between games for a snack. 



to tag a runner out. 

... atT-Day '95 

Sports ■ 207 




| he Trojans played high intensity 
football and were always ready 

I to rise to the occasion. The offense 
played with a special attitude that had the 
capability of putting points on the board 
quickly. The offense looked for the 
opposition's defense to make a mistake so it 
could make opponents pay for it. The TSU 
defense played with the same intensity to 
stop the opponent. The defense looked for 
ways to pin the opponent deep or cause a 
turnover to get the offense back into the 



2()o '' Sports 

TSU players attempt to recover a fumble. 

Quarterback Jeremy Rowel] calls another winning play. 

Daniel Brady fights for more yardage after the catch. 

Sports - 209 











Defensive player Staeey Murry works hard to make the taekle. 

210 ■ Sports 

Defensive lineman Richard Young recovers a fumble. 


to the 


For the second year in a row, 
Troy made an appearance in 
' I the I- A A post-season play. 
The 1 994 season was the second 
season Troy State was eligible for 
division I-AA play. The Trojans 
traveled to Harrisonburg, Va., to 
take on James Madison in the first 
round of the playoffs. Although the 
season did not end in a champion- 
ship, the overall record of 8-4 proved 
the season's success. 


Sports ■ 21 







he Trojans played as a team. 
Everyone had a job and did it. The 
offensive line did a great job of 
protecting quarterback Jeremy Rowell and 
creating holes for quick backs. In return, 
Rowell had the time to read defenses and to 
pick them apart. The running backs found 
the holes and picked up the yards needed. 
Lead by Robert Kilow, the receivers did a 
great job getting open, catching the ball and 
blocking down field. 

The defensive line was used to get into 
the backfield and to cause problems. The 
linebackers used their size and strength to 
cause havoc. The secondary gave the line- 
backers and the line time to get to the quar- 
terback and make him pay for his mistakes. 

Coach Larry Blakeney discusses the game with ASU's Coach Houston Markam. 

212" Sports 

Joe Jackson finds a hole opened by the offensive line. 

Sports m Zi J 

Trojan defense stops the opponents' attempted touchdown 






Mario Mitchell rushes for the tackle. 

214 ■ Sports 

of the 


~~~l he 1994 Trojan team was 
I lead by some very outstand- 
I ing seniors. These seniors 
showed leadership on and off the 
field throughout the season. The 
seniors were Cedrick Brooks, Jerome 
Calvert, Breck Carroll, Madison 
Coker, Steven Coleman, Jason Crook, 
Troy Eliason, Eric James, Sherman 
James, Robert Kilow, Illya Lawrence, 
Randolph Lovejoy, Dale Payne and 
Phil Puccio. 

Wide reciever Phil Puccio awaits his turn to take the field. 

Defensive player Stacey Murry works hard to make the tackle. 









Sports , 2 1 J 





















Cameron Boozer, a 6-foot-9 center, stops the shot on defense. 

216 ■ Sports 

Trojans See 

any changes took place on 
the Trojan court this year. One 
of the major changes was the re- 
construction of the team. With only 
one returning starter, the squad was 
youthful and largely inexperienced. 
There were only four returning players 
from the 1993-94 season. 

Another major change was that TSU 
played in a new conference, the Mid- 
Contintent Conference, which merged 
with five members of the East Coast 
Conference last spring. 
"The Mid-Con slate is a lot tougher than 
our schedule last year," said Coach Don 
Maestri, "This is the toughest schedule 
we've had since I've been here." 

Rodney Jackson, guard, drives to the goal. 



Men's Basketball: Row One: Jeff Black, James Jamison, Richard Mason and Monolito Lofton. Row Two: Jerry Hester. 
Assistant Coach, Ward Sullivan, Manager, Cameron Boozer, Patrick Minnefield. Rhodney Donaldson, Kelvin Thornton. 
Rodney Jackson, Fred Spencer, David Felix. Assistant Head Coach and Don Maestri. Head Coach. 

Sports . 2 1 7 


Coach Maestri, Coach Hester and Coach Felix anticipate the next shot. 



I Players 

I are 
1 Honored 




wo players on the Trojan 
basketball team exem- 
plified the skill and 
character it takes in basketball 
and were honored at the end of 
the season. Cameron Boozer was 
selected for the Mid-Continent 
All-Conference team and Fred 
Spencer was selected for the All- 
Newcomer team. 

Rodney Jackson gets the shot off. 

2 1 8 '' Sports 


Cameron Boozer takes the ball over the top. 

Sports -219 







The Trojan defense plays an important part of every game. 

Women's Basketball: Row One: Tamica Smith. Heather Hancey, Rosalyn Weathersby, Latashia Mahan and Chris 
Peterson. Row Two: Angela Thomas, Tika Freeman. Mikkie Grant. LaShunya Johnson. Miehelle Dudley. Amanda 
Murphy. Mandee Armstrong and Belinda Blake. 

220 ■ Sports 

Heather Haney looks to the inside for the easy basket. 

Lady Trojans 
Take A 
Step Up 



he Lady Trojans took a step up 
during the 1994-95 season. 
The move to Division I caused 
the team to do an overhaul of its entire 
program. With strong leadership from 
Lashunya Johnson, the only returning 
starter, the Lady Trojans worked hard 
on becoming more competitive in 
Division I and finished 13-14. 





■"■ Michelle Dudley gets the inside shot. 


222 * Sports 

Tamica Smith concentrates on the game. 


he 1994-95 Lady 
Trojans excelled 
throughout the season, 
continued to work hard and 
improved. Each team member 
showed great improvement by 
the end of the season, making 
next year look promising. Al- 
though the season ended with a 
13-14 record, the Lady Trojans 
showed great team spirit as they 
worked to improve their game. 

Latheia Freeman shows her strength as she takes the ball to the goal. 





Trojans | 



Sports ■ 223 





All in 

a Day's 


Bi ehind every successful person, 
there is someone who is there 
1—1) to help whenever needed. At 
Troy State, there are two groups of 
people who work hard to ensure 
every sporting event goes off with- 
out problems. The Sports Information 
office is a place where anyone can 
find out about the various teams at 
Troy State. The sports trainers work 
hard at every game to keep the play- 
ers fit. 

The sports trainers react quickly to injuries on the field. 

Sports Information: First Row: Eric Robinson, Tom Ensey, Kim Snyder, Shasta Peters and Mike Jones. Second Row: 
Mike Fuller, C'.W. Kemp and Steve Barnes. 

224 ■ Sports 


Stephanie Bagents and Jason Calhoun help Byron Powell off the field. 

Sports Trainers: First Row: Stephanie Bagents, Jinni Frishey 
and Dawn Messick. Second Row: Chris Brock, Michael Chadwick 
and Jason Calhoun. Not Shown: Bernard Burroughs 

sports ; 225 

Fall Intramural s 




Flag Football Men's: Sigma Chi: Mitch Schroeder, Blake Daughtry, Greg Harrison, Chad Stuart. 
Shawn Killets, Ryan King, John McDonald and Paul Elliot. 

Flag Football Women's: Kappa Delta: Shannon Killets, Leigh Foxx, Betsy Rape, Caroline Duck, 
Heather Wolny, Julie Duck, Jennifer Middleton, Sherri Zeigler, Marlene Coleman, Sherrin Dodge and 
Angie Water. 

226 ■ Sports 

Volleyball Co-Rec: Longpre's Team: John Longpre, Shawn Killets, Bill 
Gosphel, Jimmy Warren, Cindy Seager, Christen Tonry and Ashley Grober. 

! ' 

Volleyball Men's: Lambda Chi: Ken Walker, Peter Logan, Jason Wingate. 
Carl Cole, Ollie Quass, Chris Andrews and Matt Dial. 









Volleyball Women's: Alpha Gamma Delta: J.J. Price, Jenny Cawood, 
Joslyn Tinker, Marrianne Harper, Bart Hamilton, Carrie Sumblin, Tracey 
Graham, Chris O' Reily and Heather Lumpkin. 

Sports B 227 

















Varsity Cheerleaders: Front Row: Julie Mullins, Lisa Strength , Athena Tetloff, Carlene Dorris, Christi Whittbrd .Rachel 
Rankin and Jaime Payne. Back Row: Todd Miller, Joe Martin, Charles Franks, Billy Browdy, Coach Samantha Cass, 
Monte McGougin, Jared Bradley and Patrick Odom. 

The cheerleaders take the old T-Roy to the "Fountain of Youth. 


228 h Sports 


Troj an 



he 1994-95 cheerleaders worked 
hard all season to promote spirit 
throughout the Troy State campus. 
Each member of the squad went through 
harsh practices in order to perfect each 
cheer and stunt. On every Thursday, before 
a home game, the cheerleaders provided 
entertainment and fun during pep rallys. At 
the end of the season, the cheerleaders 
were rewarded for their hard work by 
qualifying for the national cheerleading 

Athena Tetloff pumps up the spirit during the first pep rally. 





Junior Varsity Cheerleaders: Front Row: Heather Hall, Shelly Simmons, Jenny Cawood. Heather Arrington, Leslie 
Landrum, Ashley Phillips and Shelly Jackson. Back Row: Craig Peavy, James Crowe, Roberto Fernandez, Coach Charles 
Franks, Trent Iley, Chris Hageman and Charlie Sheffield. 

Sports a 229 

I Track Team 








r -p, he track team faced many obstacles 
throughout the 1994-95 season. 
One was the renovation 
of the Jesse Colley Memorial Stadium. 
The new track features a polyurethane 
surface, eight lanes, an outside 
steeplechase water jump and polyurethane 
approaches for the pole vault, high jump, 
and the javelin. 

Tina Beckwith and Jenn Barton work up a sweat. 

The Cross Country Team ready to run. 

230 B Sports 

A strenuous workout on the new surface. 















Stretching is the key to a good track warmup. 


Sports .231 





■ ■ 















ilroy State brought a young 

but experienced team into its first 
Ij g^grm as members of the Mid- 
Continent Conference. The Lady Trojans 
were 17-20 last year. Second year coach, 
Melanie Davis, said the returning players 
were stronger physically than a year ago. 
Senior captain, Jamie Wiggins, who had 42 
solo blocks last year, led the team in 1994. 
Several newcomers, such as Teresa Stokes 
and Nicole Stierlin, contributed a great deal 
at their positions. The Lady Trojans hosted 
the Mid-Continent Division Tournament. 


Coach Davis is "ivinc instructions to the team. 

The Lady Trojans are yoing lor a kill 

232 - s P 



Two Trojans are making a block. 

A Trojan is swinging for a kill. 

Sports "233 





—i or the Trojan men's golf team, 
[L? I the 1994-95 season proved 
|-1- I one of the most successful 

ever. Throughout the season, 
the team won many tournaments 
including the Mid Continent Confer- 
ence tournament. They were also one 
of only 24 teams in the nation invited 
to play in the NCAA East Regional 
Tournament. Not only did the men's 
team prove successful, but the 
women's team made its mark also. The 
team won many tournaments through- 
out the season and remained successful 
all year. 

Matt Robbins practices for upcoming tournaments. 

Men's Golf:: Row One: Matt Robbins, Kevin Blanton and Coach Barney BUrnette. Row Two: Scott Cornctte, 
Alex Davis, Tim Mitchell and Jeffry Morgan. Row Three: Kevin Trimm, Mike Donohue and Scotty Stephens. 

234 - Sports 

■ ■ 

■ ■ 

■ ■ 

Women's Golf: Row One: Tracy Cona and Carol Jenson. Row Two: Karie Schooler, Coach Kristine 
Doggett and Anne-Julie Hallee'. Row Three: Conni Marshall, Julie Minix, Holland Ladd, Jenni Marshall. 
Leigh Ann Ellis and Jenni Miller. 

The women's golf team practices putting skills. 

Sports ■ 235 




Winter Intramurals 

Men's Soccer: No Apologies: Row One: Brittan Bonner and Roman Hershey. Row Two: Shawn 
O'Brien, Ollie Quass and Jeremy Rowell. Not pictured: Phil Puccio, Dan Brady, Jeff Stewart, Jeff 
Koon and Shane Black. 

Women's Soccer : Row One: Rachel Adams, Nicole Stierlin and Anne Renee Christensen. Row 
Two: Amber Nasser, Kristie Hagel, Mike Fuller, Julie White and Vickie Paciski. 

236 ■ Sports 

Men's Basketball: Nyquil: Row One: Dario Morgan and Eric F. Polite. Row Two: Joe Jackson 
and Janasky Fleming. Not pictured: Cliff Shamburger, Russell V. Franklin, Gerrell DeBardelaben, 
Quentin Morris, Kelvin T. Wallace and Vernon B. Kearse. 

- Ail a - v w — <w 



Li fc J SJ 

* — Jl 


f"^ , " , ~~ l >' * •■* Kta 

-1 K^J 

3» ltY >1 

_jS L 


^Lr- , ~2»^« 

Women's Basketball: HPER: Row One: Teresa Brewer, Melissa White, Jennifer Fox and Jenny 
Avera. Row Two: Felisha Foley, Kim Watkins, Dana Langford, Judy Avera and Janie Wiggins. 





















Sports B 237 



Men's Tennis: Paraag Dave, Anshooman Aga, Fred Oscarsson, Tony Fernandez, Mucha Murada, Coach Steve Barsby. 
Geno Sisneros, Luke Bennet and Coach Samantha Cass. 


Anshooman Aga returns the ball. 

238 ■ Sports 


For Tennis 

Mouna Benouna helps the Trojans win again. 

omen's tennis at Troy State 
YY had an outstanding season 
'[ during the 1994-95 season. Led 
by freshman Claire Mowling, the Lady 
Trojans won the Mid- Continent Confer- 
ence title. Mowling was given the honor 
of being chosen as the Mid-Continent 
Newcomer of the year. The men's team 
was successful throughout the season as 
well. The men finished second in the 
conference. Two of the Trojans key 
players, Anshooman Aga and Fred 
Oscarsson were named to the All- 
Conference team. 

S B 









Women's Tennis: Coach Samantha Cass, Celeste Reynolds, Sally Herring, Mouna Benouna, Juli Lovik, Ginette 
Parker, Claire Mowling and Cassie Whitworth. 

Sports . 239 















Shawn Starling on the attack for The Lady Trojans. 

240 I Sports 


3t^ • -. *► 9 

;. *t -. 

Into Action 

he Lady Trojan Softball team was 
swinging into action in the 1994- 
95 season. With many returning 
players from the 1994 season, the team 
proved experienced and well-rounded. 
With leadership from pitchers Shawn 
Starling and Jean Salkeld, the Lady Tro- 
jans were able to have one of their most 
successful seasons ever. 

Third baseman Natalie Montgomery makes it look easy. 


S B 


S B 






Row One: Kristie Ratcliff, Kristy Bords. Linda Giasome, Jennifer Kilprick, Sandy Atkins, Sandra Villarill. Jill 
Buckley. Ellen Bailey and Jean Salkeld. Row Two: Coach Melanie Davis, Coach Don Atkins, Mitzi McLendon, Adria 
Montgomery, Barbara Sherwood, Misty Howel, Natalie Montgomery, Shawn Starling, Alicia Smith. Manager Mary Ann 
BaiT and Graduate Assistant Linda Walker. 


Sports I 24 1 





The Lady Trojans provide each other with support before a game. 





he Lady Trojans' season 

began with the successful wins of 
three tournaments, the Georgia 
State Tournament, the Troy State 
Tournament and the Rebel Games. Half- 
way through the season, the team had a 
record of 3 1 -9 and looked to break the 
school record of 40 wins in a season. This 
year was only the second year for the team 
in Division I, yet the Lady Trojans proved 
to be on the move up with one of their 
most successful seasons ever. 

Catcher Linda Giasome reassures Jean Salkeld. 

242 I spo, 


Jill Buckley turns a double play. 

** - '--**• 

Jennifer Kilprick warms up before the game. 



















Sports I 243 








m ®* 




Jeff Javinet, shortstop, makes the play at first. 







Alex Rose, catcher, assures the out at home. 

244 ■ Sports 


Coach John Mayotte watches from third base. 


^s^ * 



', J *-' 

IM^^^^m^- ■* -*«^ 



- ~ #*• 


All Hits, 
No Errors 

--- il ach year, the top two teams 
I out of each division are 

— I invited to the Mid-Continent 
Championship. Due to hard work and 
dedication, the 1994-95 Trojan baseball 
team finished second in their division, 
and was invited to the championship 
games. This was a great accomplish- 
ment for the Trojan team. 




Arnold Settles gets ready for the pitch. 

Sports i 245 

.■- E — l 

■S The Trojans celebrate a home run 





Steve Duncan, a junior, sets up for the bunt. 

246 \ Sports 

11 r*u 

r v 






■ ■ 




■ ■ 




Jason Fawcett gets ready to throw another strike. 



TSU Wins ! 

■ ■ 

Awards I 


he Troy State baseball team 
walked away from the Mid- 
Continent Conference Cham- 

Dionship Tournament with a first place 
trophy and several players with awards. 
Alex Rosa was awarded with the 
tournament MVP due partly to his 
seven for 12 effort at the plate. Reggie 
Hightower, Arnold Settles and Jason 
Fawcett were also named to the MCC 
Tournament team. 

Tony Brown, the second baseman, turns two. 

Sports ■ 247 






Coach Mayotte discusses the next play. 









Peter Bezeredi keeps an eagle eye on the ball. 


Tony Brown avoids the tag. 





the Team 


A Trojan batter gets ready for the pitch. 


he 1994-95 Trojan baseball team 
was equipped with several key 
players who provided great leader- 
ship throughout the season. The 
only two returning starters, Steve Duncan 
and Jeff Javinett, stepped forward and for 
the young team. Steve Duncan, who played 
first base, led the team in batting throughout 
the season. He batted .380 and had eight 
home runs. Jeff Javinett, a four year starting 
shortstop, was ranked fifth in the nation for 
doubles and broke the Troy State record with 
nineteen doubles this season. 

Sports ■ 249 



■ ■ 






§ T 


I B 




I L 




Spring Intramural s 

Players show intensity at the plate. 

Games oiler bin league action. 

250 ■ Sports 






Umpires must keep a hand on the action. 


Division A Men: El Fuego 
Division B Men: Cobra Ki 
Women: Kappa Delta 
Co-Rec: Delinquents 

Sports „ Z J 1 


he PALLA- 
DIUM staff 
would like to 
thank the faculty mem- 
bers of Troy State 
University for their 
hard work and dedica- 
tion. Opportunities in 
academics make the 
total collegiate experi- 
ence available in a 
caring environment. 
Faculty members strive 
for higher standards of 
excellence and share 
their enthusiasm to be a 

Chancellor Jack Hawkins Jr. supports baseball at TSU. 

TSU achieves excellence in library science. 

252 ■ Adminstration 


Faculty members strive to keep up to date in the world of technology. 


Adminstration " 253 

u ^ A 





^r. Jack tiawkins, Jr., 



., I 

1 SU has experienced many changes since its humble beginnings in 18X7 as a teachers' college. 

Today, the Troy campus is home to a worldwide educational system with three Alabama campuses and more 
than 40 sites on military bases in 10 states and six foreign countries. The founders of Troy State Normal 
School, the university's original name, couldn't have envisioned TSU's state and global impact. 

Several points in TSU's history have been pivotal in its growth to a university system. One of the most 
significant periods followed World War II Americans in the service returned to resume their lives. So many 
male students enrolled in the university following the war that barracks-style accommodations were made for 
them in the Wright Hall gym. In 1947, as part of a post-war building campaign. Pace Hall was completed as 
TSUs first men's dormitory. In all, four campus buildings and a large enrollment increase resulted between 
1945 and 1955. 

An equally important period of growth has occurred since 1989. System enrollment has increased by 
more than 30 percent and changes have broadened the university's role in the state. One factor that is signifi- 
cant to the state's economy is that TSU has an estimated $194 million annual economic impact in Southeast 
Alabama. By the year 2000, TSU will have an even stronger impact on the state's economy as it continues to 
build alliances with other universities, community colleges, technical institutions, agencies and businesses. 

By the turn of the century, enrollment will surpass 6,000 on the main campus with an estimated 5 
percent or more of the student body coming from foreign countries. TSU will continue to be a leader in 
providing progressive educational programs by developing new majors and programs which combine infor- 
mation technologies into options such as environmental analysis and management. Degree programs are being 
molded now to encourage graduates to become lifelong learners. Whereas TSU's reputation for instructional 
excellence is rooted in more than 100 years of tradition as a teachers college, the future holds 

many new educational directions and approaches 
such as distance learning and expanded student 

Other factors make prospects for our future 
bright. Our move to NCAA Division I and I-AA 
continues to be successful in terms of competitive- 
ness, and it is focusing more attention on a tradi- 
tion-rich athletic program. Likewise, academics are 
flourishing at TSU through the advent of programs 
which meet the needs of a changing society. Pro- 
grams already established, such as education and 
nursing, continue to produce quality graduates. 
Also, almost 80 percent of Alabama's public 
schools employ TSU System-trained teachers, and 
more than 60 percent of the nurses in the Mont- 
gomery area are TSU alumni. On a broader scale, 
accounting graduates are scattered across the 
Southeast in the nation's largest accounting firms, 
and journalism graduates can be seen on national 
news programs and on your local evening news. 

At TSU, we have defined amission for the 
future. Throughout this mission our orientation will 
remain on students, and we will stay dedicated to 
providing an accessible, quality education. We 
hope the connection you have with TSU as a 
student will continue long after your graduation, 
and that you will be active, loyal alumni. 

Administration" 25 J 

256 " Administration 

Administration" 257 

TSU Board 

Gov. Fob James 

Jack Hawkins Jr. 

Douglas Patterson 

Lawrence Lovik 

Charlotte Davis 

Robert E. Kelley 

Richard E. Meador 

Bill Hopper 

Roy J. Gamble 

258 * Administration 

R. Douglas Hawkins 

Wayne Teague 

of Directors 

Wallace D. Malone Jr. 

C. J. Hartley 

David Brown 

Alan Earl Owen III 

Linda M. Mavnor 

• ii 

Fred Davis 

Rudy Argenti 

Jim Hutto 

Gerald Dial 

Thomas Souter 

Jason Reeves 

Administration ■ 2 J 9 

Troy State University 

faculty and Staff 

Bridgette Anderson 
Upward Bound 

Linda Browining 

Anthony Adcock 

Holly Anderson 

Nell Bassett 

Jeanette Buchannon 



Betty Chancellor 

Sohail Agboatwala 

Roderick Anderson 
University Police 

Sherrel Bees 

[ "* v m 

A^l ^ ^H 



Tye Bullock 

Charles Chapman 

Walid Al-Akhdar 
Environmental Science 

Benito Arellano 
Human Services 

Gidget Bland 

Sara Burks 

James Clower 
Radio and TV 

Reha Allen 
Creative Services 

Janice Bain-Kerr 

Alan Boothe 
Student Affairs 

Judy Callin 

William Conway 

Gordon Amsler 

Jim Bradsher 
Financial Aid 

Angela Copeland 



Troy State University 

Faculty and Staff 

Charlotte Davis 
Student Affairs 

Judy Enfinger 
Grants and Contracts 

Earl Cornette 
Aerospace Studies 

Jane Davis 
University Records 

Cecelia Dismukes 
University Store 

Julie Fairbank 
Institutional Research 






Mildred Finlay 

Creative Services 

Harry Crook 

Patricia Davis 

Willie Dunn 
Physical Science 

Brooke Faulk 

Shirley Fischer 

Serctha Curtis 

Barry Dean 


Teresa Easterling 

Kathleen Ferguson 
Public Affairs 

Paula Dahlman 
Alumni Affairs 

Lou Destitio 

Belinda Edwards 

Henry Findley 

Ferris Daughtrj 
Financial Aid 

Jan Elrod 

William Flinn 

Sherri Flowers 

Janice Folkes 

Distance Learning/ 

Public Affairs 

In-service Center 




Troy State University 

Faculty and Staff 

Lucia Grantham 
Human Services 

Saralene Hines 
Aerospace Studies 

Debbie Fortune 
Institutional Research 

Mary Griffin 
Upward Bound 

Alice Hayes 

Jimmy Holley 



Donna Jacobs 

Nathaniel Fox 
Human Services 

Jodie Harrell 

Gerry Headley 
University Store 

Mac Holmes 

Debbe Jefcoat 

Carol Franks 

Patrick Harris 

Lisa Henderson 
Financial Aid 

Bill Hopper 
Financial Affairs 

Don Jeffrey 

William Gauspohl 

Tony Harris 
Public Affairs 

Terry Henry 

Gwyn Huggins 

James Jennings 
University Store 

Ann Gilchrist 

Laurianne Herndon 

Angela Johnson 
Financial Aid 



hoy State University 


Faculty and Staff 

Edward Kantor 
Physical Science 

Joyce Law 
University Records 

Dionne Johnson 
University Records 

Debra Kelly 
Student Affairs 

MaryAnn LaFleur 

Gail Layton 



Mark Lilly 
Aerospace Studies 

Joe Johnson 
Creative Services 

Janet Kervin 

Stephen Landers 

Charles Lee 

James Lima 

Tamara Jones 
Associate Registrar 

Carol Kimbrough 
Instructional Support 

Dana Langford 

Dianna Lee 
Alumni Affairs 

Jing-giu Liu 

Joseph Jordan 
Aerospace Studies 

James Kimbrough 

Donald Langston 
Aerospace Studies 

John Lee 


John M. Long 

Robert Joslin 

Dale Law 
Accounting Services 

Robin Long 

Administration ■ 267 

TnwSnn Uhivbrsm 

faculty and Staff 


Richard Millard 
Human Services 

Emma Norris 
University Archives 


Jamie Miller 

Teresa Moore 

Charles Oche 


Diane Orlofsky 

Sandra Lucas 

Hazel Marsicano 

CBES Education 

W * ~ir^ 


1 **k W 

^^^L ^^fe 



m B i 

Norma Mitchell 

Edward Moseley 

Donna Oliver 
University Records 

Joyce Osunde 
1 luman Services 

Saramma Mathew 

Thomas Moffett 

Kevin Mott 
Aerospace Studies 

Lueweeta Oliver 
Upward Bound 

Lynn Otto 

Bonnie Money 
Creative Services 

Michael Mullen 

Gene Omasta 
Physical Sciences 

Sherry Owen 
Institutional Research 

Harriott Means 
Human Services 

Shannon Nichols 

Jean Pate 
School of Nursing ■ 

Administration ■ 269 

Troy State University 

faculty and Staff 

Diane Porter 

Debbie Sellers 

Adaptive Needs 



Barbara Patterson 
Student Involvement 

Ronald Powell 
Creative Services 

Janice Robinson 

Keith Sessions 

Alice Perrigin 
Career Development 

Harriett Pullen 

Teresa Rodgers 
Graduate Admissions 

Robert Sheppard 



Douglas Smith 
Aerospace Studies 

Earl Smith 


Ron Pierce 
Adams Center 

Faye Rhoden 
In-service Center 

Serael Shillabeer 
Arts and Classics 

James Smith 

Susan Pierce 
University Counselor 

Kyle Ridgway 
Radio and TV 

Angela Roling 

Patricks Rossi 

Institutional Planning Mathematics 

|W> *?!| 

P 1 

/ fi 

■ ■ 

■ 91 

Donald Simmons 
University Honors 

Ray Smith 

Curtis Porter 
Arts and Sciences 

John Schmidt 
Assistant to Chancellor 

Robert Smith 



hay State University 


faculty and Staff 

G.T. Stewart 
College of Business 

Leonard Volet 
Computer Science 


Susan Smother 
University Records 

Denise Stokes 

James Thompson 
University Police 


eth Wade 








■ ! ' HI * 


Faith Weathington 

Thomas Souter 

Robin Strain 
In-service Center 

Richard Thompson 
Creative Services 

Ruth Walker 
Creative Services 

Robert Wheatley 

Management . Market- 

ing and Economics 

Robert Stampfli 
Arts and Classics 

Mary Taylor 

Teresa Tisdale 

to Chancellor 

Tony Walker 

Bob Whitson 
Human Services 

Beth Starling 

Sheila Taylor 
Counseling Services 

Cynthia Tweedell 

Billy Walters 
Collge of Business 

Kathy Wilson 

Buddy Starling 
Enrollment Services 

Nancy Vawter 

Carol Wright 



University College 

■ ■ ■ ■ 

The University college was 
formed on Aug. 1, 1981, as the 
College of Special Programs. In 
1990, after much growth, it became 
University College. It maintained its 
primary purpose which was the 
administration and standardization of 
all off-campus locations. 

Troy State University through 
the University College has six re- 
gional areas: Europe, Pacific, Florida, 
Fort Benning. Atlantic and South- 
west. Additionally, University 
College's growing program has 
teaching sites in Fort Bragg, N.C.; 
Shaw AFB, S.C.; two in New Mexico 
(White Sands and Holloman); Davis- 
Monthan, Ariz.; eight in Virginia; 
Guantanamo Bay, Cuba; and New 
Orleans, La. 

In the Fall of 1994, there were 
10,815 graduate and undergraduate 
enrollments. The University College 
offers degree programs in business, 
administration, management, public 
administration, applied science, 
international relations, education and 

Ttr. James <D. young 

'Dr. JredViokt 

2.14- " Administration 

Suan Adlqson 

Cfietfye Stump 

'Jaye Barron 


J *» Vx 



Jeivet Leavitt 

Administration" 275 



Adutt "Evening 


Where Your Future Grows Brighter At Night 


276 " Administration 

Troy State University 

Florida %egion 

The Florida Region of Troy State University is the second largest extension 
campus of the Troy State University system which includes more than 60 sites 
around the world. 

With 10 locations in Florida, and one in New Orleans, the Florida Region 
is administered by approximately 88 personnel, including 23 faculty, 50 staff 
members and 15 part-time clerical personnel. These locations include: 

Regional Office in Fort Walton Beach 

Eglin Air Force Base in Fort Walton Beach 

Hurlburt Field in Mary Esther 

MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa 

Naval Air Station Key West 

Naval Air Station Pensacola 

Naval Support Activity New Orleans 

Naval Training Center Orlando 

Tyndall Air Force Base in Panama City 

Whiting Field in Milton 

Troy State University Florida Region offers some unique and innovative 

programs to the community such as the Free Tuition Option 

and Intensive Weekend Concept. 

Administration " 277 



278 " Patrons 


"Quality education, one student at a time'' 

Patrons "279 

Troy State Uivivcrsity-Europe 

oha o>-alj... OuaUt^ 4^+iCat»c-H. trc-tlamde, c-ka yiuJUni at a tlmi. 

2o() " Administration 

school u hm 

ASN Program: Row One: Joyce Jenkins, Jan Kimble. Allison Jones. Donna Shaw, 
Judi Cooper, Margi Lyles and Sandra Greniewicki. Row Two: Tina Allen, Lillian 
Wise, Jean Pate, Deborah Ambers. Kitty Henderson. Sharon Hamm-Wilson. Lynn 
Hall, Pessv Hall and Cassaundra Henderson. 

BSN and MSN Programs: First Row: Vickie Lee. Donna Perry. Geraldine Allen. 

Charlene Schwab. Donna Bedsole, Cathy Dunn. Becky Yarbrough. Brenda Riley and 

Sandra Greniewicki. Row Two: Judy Bazzell. Lydia Cox. Betty Russell, Linda 

Benin, Robin Pattillo, Mary Ann Dell, Susie Stokes and Shirley Flanders. . , . . . ' tqi 

Administration" Zol 


he Business 
staff would 
like to thank the 
following patrons for 
supporting the 1994- 
1 995 yearbook: 

Beard Oil Co. 
The Card Emporium 
Century 21 
Byrd Drugs 
Collegiate Books 
Colonial Bank 
Court Square Florist 
The Cutting Edge 
Discount Tire 
Dr. Doug Hawkins 
Earles Auto Glass 
Expert Tire 
First Alabama 
First Citizens Bank 

of Luverne 
First National Bank 

of Brundidge 
Food World 

The House of Dunn's 

Jean's Flowers 
Lawrence Hardware 
Maxine's Flowers 
The Messenger 
Messick-Honnoll Timber 
On Cue 
Piggly Wiggly 
Raymond's Styleshoppe 
Shout of Jericho 

South Alabama Electric Co-op 
Square View Place 
Student Affairs Office 
Tanning Time 

Troy Bank and Trust 
Troy Cable 
Troy Home Video 
True Value Hardware 
University Subs 
Ward's Yamaha 
White Foot Tatoos 
Young Fashion 

v;;.* ; ; 

-*?' -# 

I fa J 

t x 


■"""••"Um "••««"*«»• 

T-shirts increase awareness of events and organizations at TSU. 




Fraternities and sororities take advatage of free advertising during football games. 

Patrons " 283 

®[)e $allaamm 

Celebrating 83 §9earg 
of itotmo Bufolteatton 

The Hall School of Journalism 


Producing quality professionals 
in all fields of communication 
for more than two decades. 

284; Patrons 

Welcome to the finest group in the world - the Troy 

State University National Alumni Association. To 

maintain contact with the association, 

call or write: 




Alumni Affairs 
Adams Administration 
Room 256 
Troy State University 
Troy, AL 36082 

The Tropolitan 

Troy State 


"Eye on Campus" 

Patrons " 285 


yi^Oxte^. /hc. 

Jerry Brooks 


1021 South Brundidge St. 
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-Card . 

Fallen Empires 

providing the finest in comics and games 
in a family oriented atmosphere. 


Lucas Fraley 

1311 S. Brundidge S( 

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home to 



(^ourt S^auare priori dt 

77 N. Court Sq. 
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Donna Dendy 
Owner and Designer 

Betsy Dendy 

Kent Dendy 
Administrative Asst. 

Troy, Alabama 

The feeling never ends. 

286" Patr 



60 Channel System 

52 Basic Channels 

8 Pay Channels 

Serving Troy State University, Troy, 

Brundidge, SpringHill, Pike County, Goshen 

and Luverne 

TV 52 

WS». M>Cw»| 


1006 S. Brundidge St 
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Luverne Office: 335-3435 

Live Pay Per View Movies, Wrestling, 
Fights, and other Events 

Sunt It's On to. 



M a Regions bank 

Mcmhcr HI 

Patrons " 287 

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Lyour ^samitu ^J^iairitule Center 

Raymond Ledford— Owner 


Monday thru Saturday 

7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. 

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Office 566-8205 


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Phone: (334) 566-2060 FAX: (334) 566-8949 

Ala. Watts: 1-800-556-2060 

Serving the rural area 
of Pike, Coffee and Crenshaw counties 
with reliable electric service since 1937. 




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the ffiMedt 

icd&K pwducti.! 



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Flower's Jor all occasions 
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With Property Management Service from our CENTURY 21® office, 
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You've Got Dreams 
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Let Us Help You Plan 
For Your Future 

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1000 Hwy 231 


Your complete tire, muffler, wheel, 

battery, brake and shock center. 



(Discount Tire !And 
MuffCer Center 


1207 U.S. 231 South 

Troy, Alabama 36081 




Quality and Service You Deserve 

1004 South Brundidge Street 

Troy, Al 36081 
Telephone (205) 566-3128 

Roy Medley 

Elmer Gene Fleming 

Home(205 1566-9056 

June Kelley 

Joe Kelley 

302" Patrons 

White Foot Tattoos 


Sterile Needle Installed 
In Front Of Your Eyes! 

Thousands of designs 
All colore guaranteed 
Clean friendly shop 
New/sterile equipment 
Your design or mine 
Appointments anytime 
Free T-shirt with $75 or more tattoo 

Sun. - Frl. 1 p.m. - 9 p.m. and Sat. 10 a.m. - 9 p. 

1804 East Andrews Ave. * Ozark, Al 36360 

We now accept Visa and Mastercard 


Serving Troy/Pike County since 1866 

proudly salutes: 

Troy State 

in Education 

Look for This Symbol of Soutffirust Bank: 

It Stands for Strength, Service and the SouthTrust Guarantee. 

The SouthTrust "S" is your guarantee to get only the best in banking. Anything less and our service 
guarantees say we'll pay you for the inconvenience. 

But we rarely need to pay. Because our people deliver. We're a local bank— we live here and 
understand our community's needs. And we offer a full range of banking services to help you get the 
most out of your money —for example, our unique Maximum Advantage™ 
family of products, from checking to CDs. 

SouthTrust Bank is solid. And growing. And part of an expanding network of southeastern 
banks thaf s $9 billion strong. That support means your trust in us won't be misplaced. 

Look for the SouthTrust symbol. If s our pledge to offer the best you can get from a bank 



Q1991 SouthTrust Corporation 

Member FDIC 










304 " Administration 


not forgotten 



Administration "305 


Abbot, Tiffany 132 
Adams, Catherine 64 
Adams, Chandra 64 
Adams, Dana 64 
Adams, Lisa 2 
Adams, Michelle 64 
Adams, Rachel 64 
Adams, Renee 64, 112 
Adcock, Matt 126 
Aga, Anshooman 122 
Alam, Mohammed 64 
Alburquerque, Arenys 64 
Alday, Monica 125 
Aldrich, Tracy 64 
Allard, Catherine 112 
Allison, Laura 64 
Amason, Susan 134, 135 
Amnions, Erika 64 
Amos, Chris 64 
Amos, Rebecca 64 
Anderson, Damon, 124 
Andress, Blair 2 
Armstrong, Mandee 220 
Arnold, Jenie 123, 64 
Arrington, Heather 152 
Asgeelom, Mateos 122 
Atchison, Karen 141 
Atkins, Don 241 
Atkins, Sandy 241 

Babb, Michael 87 
Baggett, Alicia 64 
Baggett, Belinda 65 
Baggett, Donald 65 
Baggett, Sharon 65 
Baggett, Wendy 65 
Bailey, Candace 126, 65 
Bailey, Ellen 241 
Bailey, Tabby 65 
Bailey, Tammy 65 
Bailey, Toni 65 
Baine, Traci 65 
Baker, Eric 65, 75 
Baker, Kandi 65, 75 
Baker, Phillip 65 
Baldree, Dewey 65 
Baldwin, Tara 65 
Balkcom, Marty 65 
Ball, James 65 
Ballard, Alisa 65 
Ballard, Lisa 2 
Ballard, Tamika 65 
Baltzell, Andrew 65, 85, 75 
Banks, LaTasha 65, 75 
Bantz, Christy 65 
Barbaree, Paula 65 
Barber, Beth 65, 75 
Barley, Michelle 65 
Barlow, Rachel 65, 75 
Barnes, Heather 65 
Barnes, Joshua 65, 85, 75 
Barnes, Joy 125, 65 
Barnes, Shannon 65 
Barney, Gretchen 65 
Barr, Keith 65 
Barr, Mary Ann 65,241 
Barron, Jeff 65, 75 
Barron, Lisa 65, 75 
Barron, Steven 65, 75 
Barrow, Angie 65 
Barrow, Deana 65, 75 
Barrow, Mindy 65 
Barrow, Nathan 65 
Barrow, Ruby 65 
Barsby, Steve 65 
Bartek, Rachel 65 
Bartlett, Christy 65 

306 ■ Index 

Bartley. Richard 65 
Barton, Jennifer 65 
Barton, Robert 65 
Barton, Shawyn 65, 75, 113 
Barton, Sheri 65 
Bails, Everett 65 
Baruch, Daniel 65 
Basista, Troy 65 
Bass, Joel 65, 75 
Batchcer, Rob 65 
Battle, Jeanine 65, 152 
Baxley, David 65, 85, 75 
Baxter, James 65. 75 
Beacham, Katrina 65, 75 
Beacham, Marcus 65 
Beadle, Fawn 65, 112, 87 
Beamon, Dan 2 
Beasley, Betsy 65, 75 
Beasley, Shea 65 
Beck, Jeremy 65 
Beck, Kristie 65 
Bedsole, Jeff 65 
Belcher, Alberta 65 
Belcher, Kimberly 65 
Bell, Amy 65 
Bell, Greg 65 
Bell. Kimberly 65 
Belmont, Amber 65 
Benefield, Charlotte 123 
Bengtson., Heather 162 
Bennett, Kelly 65 
Bennett, Luke 141 
Bennett, Sandra 66 
Bennett, Tracey 14, 66 
Benton, Adam 66 
Berliner, Sharon 66 
Berner, Kimberly 66 
Berry, Erinn 126, 66 
Berry, Gina 162 
Berry, Howard 140, 66 
Bess, Leon 66 
Bettis, Tiffany 66 
Bice, Jason 66 
Biggs, Jeffery 66, 132 
Billings, Eddie 66 
Binion, April 66 
Binson, Cheyenne 67 
Bintz, Ryan. 112 
Binzer, Brian 66 
Bird. Michael 124, 66 
Birdwell, Jamie 66 
Black, Bobby 124, 66, 112 
Black, Carlye, 152 
Black, Jeffrey 66.217 
Black, Shane 66 
Black, Shelley 66, 152 
Black, Thomas 66 
Blackburn. Michael 66 
Blackmon, Braswell 66 
Blackmon, Glenda 66 

Blackmon, Patrick 66 
Blackshear, Ruth 66 
Blackston, Craig 66 
Blake, Belinda 220 
Blanton, Kevin 66 
Bludsworth, Holly 66 
Bludsworth, Traci 66 
Bodenheimer, Tonya 125, 66 
Boiler, Chris 123, 112 
Boiler, Tamika 66 
Bond, Kevin 66 
Bonds, Kristy 66 
Bone. Jaime 66 
Bonner, Britton 66 
Bonner, William 66 
Booker, Pat 66 
Boothe, Melissa 66 
Boozer, Cameron 216 
Bords, Kristy 241 
Borg, Chelly 66 
Borgel, Chris 66. 76 
Bosarge, Christine 66 
Bosarge, Pamelia 66 
Boswell, Charlynda 66 
Boudin, Freddie 66 
Boudreaux, Kathleen 66, 76 
Boudreaux. Stephanie 66 
Bouler, Cathy 112, 2 
Bourne, LeAnn 66 
Boutwell, Preston 66 
Bowen, Brian 66 
Bowens, Glenda 66 
Bowers, April 66 
Bowland, Brecken 113 
Bowling, Amanda 127 
Bowling, Rolanda 66 
Bowman, Amanda 66 
Boyd, Colette 66 
Boyd, Julianne 66 
Boyd, Kimberly 66 
Boyd, Paul 132 
Boyd, Shannon 66 
Boyken, Shannon 66 
Boykin, Joshua 66 
Bozeman, Cesily 66 
Brackin, Doria 66 
Bradley, Jared 66 
Bradley, Kimberly 66 
Bradley, Nicole 66, 162 
Bradshaw, Lisa 66 
Bradsher. Michael 66 
Brady. Daniel 209.66 
Bragg, Leslie 66 
Brakstap, Steven 66 
Brand, Melina 66 
Brannon, Cheis 152 
Brasher, Jim 124 
Braswel, Jason 132 
Bratton. Meri 67 
Bray, Jay 67 

Brehm, Jacqueline 67 
Brewer, Ann 67 
Brewer, Melissa 67 
Brewer, Teresa 67 
Brian, Billy 127 
Brightwell, Michell 67 
Brinkley, Kimberly 67 
Britt, Richard 17, 67 
Britton, Joan 67 
Brock, Dixon 67 
Brock, Jeffrey 87 
Brook, Alan 87 
Brooks, Cedrick 215 
Brooks, Dwight 67 
Brooks, Konomi 67 
Brooks, Stephanie 67 
Broom, Paula 67 
Brown, Alicia 67 
Brown, Clarence 67 
Brown, Drexel 67, 77 
Brown, Jeffrey 67 
Brown, Jerome 134 
Brown, Jimmy 67 
Brown, Katie 67 
Brown, Laura 152 
Brown, Lucas 126 
Brown, Nicole 123 
Brown, Quentin 67 
Brown, Rachel 67 
Brown, Rebecca 67 
Brown, Stephen 67 
Brown, Tracie 67 
Browner, Brian 67 
Bruner, Stephanie 67 
Bryan, Brad 67 
Bryan, Chris 67 
Bryan, William 67, 77 
Bryant, Bobby 67 
Bryant, Cynthia 67 
Bryant, Frederick 67 
Bryant, Jason 140 
Bryant, Miranda 67 
Bryant, Misty 67 
Bryant, Paul 67 
Bryant, Travis 67, 124 
Bryars, Crystal 67 
Buckholts, Bill 67 
Buckley, Jill 243 
Buford, Melanie 67 
Bullock, John 67 
Burk, Phillip 113,67 
Burke, Dallas 124,67 
Butler, Jim 87 
Burkett, Claudia 67 
Burckett, Jackie 67 
Burnham, Nicole 67 
Bush, Dave 67 
Butler, Denetrius 67 
Butler, Jeane 67 
Butler, Jonathan 67 

Butler, Rosalyn 67 
Butts, Bethany 67 
Butts, Judy 67 
Bryd, Dennis 67 
Bryd, Eric 67 
Byrd, Richard 67 


Calfee, nikki 67 
Calhoun, Jason 67 
Calhoun, Shannon 67 
Calloway, Jason 67 
Calloway, Shane 67 
Calvert, Jerome 67, 215 
Cambell, Jason 67 
Campbell, Nikki 67 
Campbell, Reginal 67 
Cannon, Wendy 67 
Capps, Angel 67 
Capps, Beverly 67 
Carballo, Carlos 67 
Carden, Jannan 67 
Carney, Donald 67 
Carnley, Leroy 67 
Carpenter, Chrystal 67 
Carpenter, Juan 67 
Carpenter, Malinda 67 
Carroll, Breck 67, 215 
Carroll, Shea 67, 162 
Cartee, Gabe 68 
Carter, Angela 67 
Carter, Christal 67 
Carter, Christie 68 
Carter, Eugene 124, 112 
Carter, Glenda 68, 88 
Carter, Stephanie 68 
Carter, Wendy 68 
Cashin, Christine 68 
Cashwell, Thomas 68 
Cassidy, Joe 68 
Castleberry, Nann 68 
Cavanaugh, Virginia 68 
Cawood, Jenny 68 
Chadwick, Stephanie 68 
Challancin, Mark 68 
Chambless, Michael 68 
Chambliss, Jennifer 68 
Chance, Cathy 123 

Chandler, Dana 68 
Chandler, Norman 68 
Chaney, Eric 68 
Chaney, Shana 68 
Chapman, Kevin 68 
Chappell, Brian 68 
Chappell, LaSaundra 68 
Charles, Jennifer 162 
Cherry, Angela 68 
Cherry-Spivey, Melissa 68 
Cheshire, Jason 110 
Cheshire, Belinda 125, 68 
Chesser, Christopher 68 
Chesser, Patricia 68 
Chestnut, Jason 68 
Childers, Patrick 68 
Childree, Angela 68 
Childree, Cathy 68 
Childree, Craig 68 
Christian, Noikym 122 
Christiano, Susan 126, 68 
Chunn, Angie 68 
Chunn, Barbara 68 
Chunn, Patricia 68 
Chunn, Peggy 123, 68 
Cikovic, Richard 68 
Cikovic, Rick 68 
Clair, St., Brandon 84 
Clark, Angela 68 
Clark, Brandy 68 
Clark, Britt 68 
Clark, Christal 68 
Clark, Donna 126 
Clark, Earl 68 
Clark, Evelyn 68 
Clark, Marche 68 
Clark, Tara 68 
Clark, Tony 68 
Clark, Tonya 68 
Claunch, Cheryll 68, 78, 112 
Clayton, Natasha 68 
Cleckler, Amy 125, 68 
Cleckler, Brandi 68 
Cleckler, Larissa 68 
Cleckler, Melissa 68 
Cleckler, Randall 68 
Clements, Gena 127, 122, 68 
Clements, Robert 68 
Cliatt, LeKeisha 68 
Cloud, Stacy 68 
Coalson, Tara 68 
Coate, Melissa 68 
Coats, Mary 68 
Cobaris, Gerttreelar 68 
Cobb, Melody 68, 78 
Cobb, Monika 68 
Cobb, Monika, 152 
Cobb, Tonya 162, 68 
Cochran, Chris 68 
Cockcroft, Kimberly 68 

Coker, Clyde 68 
Coker, Madison 215 
Colburn, Doreen 68 
Cole, Carl 68 
Cole, Gragory 1 1 
Cole, Greg 68 

Coleman, Daphne 11, 14, 68 
Coleman, Greg 68 
Coleman, Marlene 68, 152 
Coleman, Naomi 68 
Coleman, Steven 215 
Collier, John 68 
Collins, Andrea 68 
Collins, David 68 
Collins. Leigh 68 
Collins, Louise 68 
Collins, Melissa 68 
Collins, Richard 68 
Colvin, Doyce 87 
Cona, Tracy 68 
Cona, Tracy 68 
Confusione, Anthony 68 
Conkle, David 68 
Conway, April 69 
Conway, Kimberlee 69 
Cook, Christy 125, 69 
Cook, Jennifer 69 
Coon, Regina 69 
Coonway, Mary 69 
Cooper, Heidi 69 
Coorum, Christy 69 
Cope, Polly 69 
Copeland, Dorrie 69 
Corbitt, Charles 69 
Corbitt, Jamey 69 
Corby, Leann 69 
Cordle, Tara 69 
Core, Thad 69 
Cornette, Scott 69 
Corolla, Sara 69 
Correa, Chris 122, 69 
Cotterman, Heidi 69 
Cotton, Jeff 69 
Cotton, Jeffery 69 
Couch, Rick 69 
Courtney, Brian 69 
Cox, Kyle 69 
Cox, Mychal 69 
Cox, Nikole 69 
Cox, Tiffany 123 
Coyle, Michelle 69 
Craig, Christopher 1 12 
Craig, Michael 69 
Crawford, Hollie 69 
Crawford, Sara 

132, 126, 69. 152 
Crawley, Shandra 69 
Creel, Eric 69 
Creel, Leslie 162 
Crittenden, Sharon 69 

Index I 307 

Crook, Jason 69, 215 
Cross, Tara 69 
Crowe, Heather 69 
Crowe, Leah 69 
Crutcher, Gregory 69 
Culberson, Lisa 69 
Culbreth. Cheryl 69 
Culbreth, Olivia 69 
Culley, Carol 69 
Culp, Stephen 69 
Culpepper, Claudia 69 
Culpepper, Phillip 69 
Cunningham, Michele 69 
Curry, Elizabeth 69 
Curry, James 69 
Curry, Jamie 69 
Custer, Damon 69 
Cuthriell, Delila 69 

Dahn, Ginger 69 
Damms, Nicole 69 
D' Andrea, Mindy 69 
Danford, Jeff 69 
Daniels, Carol 69 
Daniels, Chris 69 
Daniels, Kemika 69 
Daniels, Mandi 69 
Danner, Marc 69 
Dapper, Cassandra 69 
Darbo, Heidi 69 
Darby, Kimberly 69 
Darnell, William 69 
Dasher, Donna 69 
Davenport, Dustin 69 
Davenport. Yoshika 69 
Davis, Ashley 69 
Davis, Brian 69 
Davis. Christy 69 
l).i\ is, Cynthis 69 
Davis, Gary 69 
Davis, J 69 
Davis, James 69 
I). is is. Jennifer 69 
Davis, Kelli 69 
Davis, Kevin 70 
Davis, Maggie, 162 
Davis. Margarel 69 

3()8 ■ Index 

Davis, Mauricio 69 
Davis, Melanie 241 
Davis, Paul 69 
Davis, Paula 69 
Davis, Pauline 70 
Davis, Polly 70 
Davis, Staci 70 
Davis, Stan 210 
Davis, Stanley 70 
Davis, Tafna 70 
Davis, Tracey 70 
Davis, Tricia 70 
Dawkins, Derrick 70 
Dawkins, Kendra 70 
Day, Billy 70 
Day, Jason 70 
Deal, Chad 110. 70 
Dean, Amanda 70 
Dean, Barry 70 
Dean, Kim 70 
Dean, Melanie 70 
Deason, James 70 
Deavers, Debbie 70 
DeBardelaben, Gerrell 70 
Decker, Wendi 70 
Dederick, Correen 70 
DeFalco, Nicole 70 
Denison, William 124 
Dennis, Christopher 70 
Denson, Shon 70 
Dent, Jessica 70 
Denton, Kelly 70 
DeRamus, Brook 126, 70 
DeRamus, Carissa 70 
DeRouen, Deborah 70 
DeVance, Felicia 70 
DeVaughn, Angela 70 
Dewrell, Bobby 2, 70 
Dhakal, Narayan 70, 80 
Dial, Matt 70 
Diamond, Blake 70 
Diamond, Tanya 70 
Diaz, Anthony 70 
Dicesare, Tommy 70 
Dickerson, Pamela 1 12 
Dickey, Daniel 70 
Dickey, Jeff 70 
Dickinson, Daniel 70 
Dickinson, Teena 70 
Dickson, Derek 70 
Dixon, Tracey 70 
Doaty, Daphnea 70 
Dobson, Branda 70 
Doddy, Kimberlee 70 
Dodge, Sherrin, 152 
Doe, Mercy 70 
Doeren, Anna Marie 70 
Doherty, Karen 70 
Doke. Vicki 70 
Dolieslager, Michelle 70 

Dolihite, Cris 70 
Dollar, David 126, 70 
Donaldson . Rhodney 70 
Donaldson, Rhodney 70, 217 
Donnell. Tracy 70 
Donoghue, Janette 70 
Donohue, Michael 70 
Donovan, Jennifer 
132, 126, 70 
Dorris, Carlene 3, 70 
Dorris, Mike 70 
Dortch, Kristy 70 
Dorton, Paige 70. 87 
Doss, Jennifer 70 
Douglas, Brooke 70 
Douglas, Christopher 70 
Douglas, David 70 
Dowell, Vickie 70 
Downey, Zach 70 
Doyle, Clay 70, 80 
Draper, Anne 70 
Drawdy, Jodi 70 
Dreaden, Jonathan 70 
Drew, Daphne 70. 80 
Driskell, Christopher 70 
Driskell, Jessica 70 
Driver, Traci 123, 70 
Drury, Brian 71 
Dube. Chad 70 
Duck, Caroline, 152 
Duck, Julie 70 
Dudley, Dusty 125, 70 
Dudley, Michele 70,220 
Dumas, Shakuntala 70 
Dunagan, Amanda 70 
Duncan, Gina 70 
Dungan, Richard 70 
Dunn, Jennifer 70 
Dunn, Michael 70, 71, 81 
Durden. Andrea 125, 71 
Dutton, Kimberly 71 
Dutton, Marsha 70, 71, 81 
DuVall, Stacy 70 
Duykema, Stephanie 70 
Dwyer. Timothy 71 
Dyal. Tammy 71. 81 
Dyer, Bill 70 
Dyess, Candace 71. 81 
Dyess, Teresa 70 

Earnest, Ashley 70 
Eason, Duane 71 
Eason, Stephanie 70, 71, 81 
Easterling, Nathan 7 1 
Eaton, Sharon 70 
Echols, Chad 70 
Echols, Greg 70 
Eckhardt, Wendy 70 
Edalgo, Brandy 71 
Eddinas, Domique 71 
Eddins, Lee 122 
Edgar, Kenda 7 1 
Edgar, Kendra 71 
Edgar, Macie 71 
Edge, Dawn 7 1 
Edmondson 71 
Edmondson, Emily 7 1 
Edwards, Carol 7 1 
Edwards. Casey 71 
Edwards, Kristy 71 
Edwards, Leland 7 1 
Ehrlich, Jennifer 71 
Eiland, Victoria 162 
Eisen, Michael 71 
Eisen, Mike 71 
Elder. Tameka 127 
Elder, Tamekia 71 
Eldridge, Joshua 7 1 
Eliason, Troy 71, 215 
Elkhatib. Sharif 122 
Ellenburg, Shanda 7 1 
Elliot. Paul 71 
Ellis, Adam 71 
Ellis. Darryl 71 
Ellis. Jill 71 
Ellis. Matt 71 
Ellis, Melissa 71 
Ellison, Christie 71 
Ellison, Day la 71, 112 
Elmore, Amanda 71 
Elmore, Dana 71 
Embiek. Cara 7 1 
Emerson. Rove 7 1 
Emerson. Royce 7 1 
Enfingei , Melanie 7 1 
English, Joanne 71 
English, Tafeni 71. 81 

Enriquez, Scott 7 1 
Epkins, Patrick 71 
Esco, Leslie 71 
Espinosa, Patricio 7 1 
Estes, Nikki 71 
Etheredge, Emily 71 
Etheridge, Jacqulyn 71 
Etheridge, Jupe 71 
Evans, Angela 7 1 
Evans, Angie 71 
Evans, Max 7 1 
Evans, Michael 110 
Exford, Angela 7 1 

Fai, Kendra 162 
Fairs, Laurie 71 
Faison, Stacy 71 
Falkner, Kevin 71 
Fannon, Angela 71 
Farish, Kwen, 141 
Farr, Shea 7 1 
Farrish, Kwan 71 
Faulk, Brooke, 113 
Faulk, Stephen 71, 140 
Faulkner, Kevin 71 
Faulkner, Wendy 7 1 
Faust, Latitiah 71 
Felix, David, 217 
Fellenz, Debbie 125 
Fenn, Richard 71 
Fernandez, Axel Antonio 7 1 
Fernandez, Roberto 7 1 
Fesuaudez, Antonio 122 
Fidler, Michele 71 
Fidler, Michelle 72, 82 
Fillingim, Mendi 71 
Finch, Amaliah 71 
Findley, Callie 71 
Finley, Alicia 71 
Fish, Marie 71 
Fisher, Pete 140 
Fisher, Peter 71 
Fisher, Shawn 124, 71 
Fitzgibbons, Jill 71 
Fitzpatrick, Scott 71 
Fiuliar, John 71 
Fleming, Diane 71 

Fleming, Ellena 71 

Fleming, Janasky 71 

Fleming, Jennifer 71 

Fleming, Marsha 7 1 

Flower, Jeff I 10 

Flowers, Stacy 71 

Floyd, Amy 7 1 

Floyd, Angela 71 

Floyd, Hilary 125 

Fogle, Stephani 71 

Fogle, Stephanie 71 

Ford, Amanda 162, 71 

Ford, Ron 7 1 

Forgey, Carter 7 1 

Fortuna, David 71 

Foshee, Melanie 152 

Foshee, Tiffany 71 

Foster, Carol 71 

Fountain, Amy 71, 112 

Fowler, Anna 71 

Fox, Jennifer 7 1 

Fox, Leigh 152 

Fox, Linda 7 1 

Frances, Patricia 126 

Francis, Patrice 71 

Franklin, Russell 7 1 

Franklin, Sarah 71 

Franklin, Stephanie 7 1 

Franks, Charles 72 

Frazier, Preston 72 

Freeman, Tika 72, 220 

French, Julie 72 

Fries, Andre' 72 

Fripp, Yolanda 72 

Frisby, Jinni 72 

Frost, Vanessa 72 

Fryer, Steve 72 

Fulaytar, Chris 72 

Fulford, Clay 72 

Fulkerson, James 72 

Fuller, Lisa 72 

Fuller, Mike 72 

Fulmer, Heather 141, 72, 112 

Fulmer, Renee 72, 112 

Fun - , Marcus 72 

Furr, Michelle 72 

Gaddy, Jamey 72 
Gaddy, Jeff 72 
Gafford, Amanda 72 
Gaines, Marten I 10 
Gaines, Melanie 72 
Gainey, Mary 140 
Galbraith, Krist 72 
Galbraith, Kristy 132, 72 
Galbrith, Kristy 126 
Gamble, Kristi 72 
Gant, Nicole 72 
Gardner, Debra 72 
Gamer, Angela 72 
Garner, Lori 72 
Garner, Nicole 72 
Garrett, Jennifer 72 
Gash, Mandi 72, 152 
Gaskin, Greta 72 
Gates, Katherine 72 
Gautney, Robby 72 
Gay, Dan 72 
Gazzier, Irvin 72 
Geisler, Bennett 72 
Gentry, James 72 
George, Daryl 72 
George, Jennifer 162 
Gerhandt, Sandy 72 
Gerstemschlager, Julie 72 
Gerstemschlager, Ryan 72 
Giasome, Linda 241, 242 
Giasone, Linda 72 
Gibbons, Candace 72 
Gibson, Tricia 72 
Gilbert, Cecilia 72, 
Gilbert, LaSonya 72 
Giles, Amy 72 
Giles, Heather 72 
Giles, Joe 140 
Gill, Susan 72 
Gilliland, Heather 72 
Gilliland, Shannon 72 
Gilmore, Stephania 72 
Glasscock, John 72 
Glover. Larry 126. 72 
Godfrey, Sunshine 72 
Golden, Kelly 72 
Golden, Lisa 72 

Goodman, Allyson, 72 
Goodwin, Stephen 72 
Gore, Tammy 72 
Gorski, Brian 72 
Gorter, Fred 132, 72 
Goss, Tiffany 72 
Graham, Kimberly 72, 112 
Graham, Tracy 72 
Grammer, Sherrer 72 
Grant, Mikkie, 220 
Grant, Tonya 72 
Grant, Yvonn 72 
Grantham, Bradley 124, 72 
Grantham, Bradley, 1 12 
Grantham, Tammy 72 
Graves, Sam, 72 
Gray, Andy 72 
Gray, Hazel 72 
Gray, Richelle, 152 
Grayson, Tearese 72 
Grecu, Mary Ellen 72 
Green, Alexandra 72 
Green, Amy 72 
Green, Andrea 72 
Green, Angeline 72 
Green, Ben 72 
Green, Curtis 73 
Green, Demetrius 72 
Greene, Monica 72 
Greene, Noland 140, 73 
Gregory, Arrid 73 
Gregory, Jessica 73 
Greissinger, Erik 73 
Grice, Phillip 73 
Grider, Chris 112 
Griffies, Tony 73 
Griffin, Daniel 73 
Griffin, Jennifer 73 
Griffin, Kecia 73 
Griffin, Tracillia 73 
Griffis, Russell 73 
Griggs, Eric 73 
Grimes, Jacqueline 73,125 
Grimes, Julie 132, 126 
Grimsley, Jamie 73 
Grissom, Shelli 1 1 3 
Groom, Sonya, 73 
Grossman, Scott 124 
Grove, LaTanya 73 
Grubbs, James 73 
Grubbs, Jason 73 
Grube, Danny 73 
Gruber, Ashleigh 162, 73 
Gruenewald, Monica 73 
Gruman, Nissa 73 
Guenther. Catherine 73 
Gurley. Matthew 73 

Index - 309 

Hackaboa, Lesa 135 
Hackelton, Karissa 125, 73 
Hackelton. Karissa 73 
Haga, Jon 124 
Hagan, Ebb 73 
Hager, James 73 
Hale, Wanda 73 
Hall, Amy 113 
Hall, Carlton 73 
Hall, Danielle 73 
Hall, Glorietta 73 
Hall, Heather 73 
Hall, Kenny 73 
Hall, Mary Kay 73 
Hall, Phyllis 73 
Hall, Rosemary 73 
Hall, Tessie 73 
Hall, Tina 73 
Hall, Wes 73 

Hallee, Anne Julie 73, 112 
Hamilton, Bart 73 
Hamilton, Rhoda 73 
Hamlin, William 73 
Hammond, Leesa 73 
Hammonds. Lakia 73 
Hancey, Heather 221 
Hand, Julie 73 
Haney, Heather 73 
Hanners, Alicia 73 
Hansen, John 73 
Hansen, William 73 
Hanson, Heather 123, 73 
Harden, Charles 124, 73 
Hardin, Fanchon 73 
Hardy, Anthony 73 
Hare, Brandi, 162 
Hare, Valerie 73 
Harmon, Beth 73 
Harper, Jason 73 
Harper, Marrianne 73 
Harrell, Leigh Ann 73 
I [arrelson, Stacy 73 
Harris, Jeffrey 73 
Hams, Karen 73 
I [arris, Robbie 73 
Harris, Shann 73 
H.ii i is. Stephanie 73 

310- Index 

Harrison, Angie 73 
Harrison, Belinda 73 
Harrison, Chad 73 
Harrison, Gray 73 
Harrison, Kim 73 
Harrison, Veronica 73 
Harrow, Ricky 73 
Harry, Bud 73 
Hartley, Chad 73 
Hartsville, Kimberly 73 
Hartzog, Andrea 74 
Hartzog, Jennifer 74 
Haslam, Keisha 74 
Hataway, Lonnie 74 
Hataway, Steve 74 
Hataway, Wendi 74 
Hatcher, Jason 74 
Hawker, Theresa 74 
Hawkins, Amanda 74 
Hawkins, James 74 
Hawkins, Jenaila 74 
Hawkins, Jennifer 74 
Hayes, Doris 74 
Hayes, Wade 74 
Haynes, Deborah 74 
Haynes, Julie 74 
Haynes, Milton 74 
Haynes, Milton 74 
Headley, Jennifer 

132, 126, 74, 162 
Heinecke, Becky 74 
Heinike, Heather 74 
Helms, Alllison 74 
Helms, Chanda 74 
Helms, James 74 
Helms, Lori 74 
Helms, Michael 74 
Helms, Natalie 74 
Helms, Wanda 74 
Helton, Kathy 74 
Hemingway, Brian 74 
Henderson, Clayton 17, 74 
Henderson, Cynthia 74 
Henderson, Jenny 162 
Henderson, John 74 
Henderson, Maranda 74 
Hendrix, Gwendolyn 74 
Hendrix, Kristal 74 
Henery, Beverly 74 
Henley, Brandy 74 
Henley, Paricia 74 
Henley, Paul 74 
Henningan, David 74 
Herren, Kendra 74 
Herrin,Clay 112, 74 
Herring, Cassandra 74 
Herring, Doretha 74 
Honing, Jeff 74 
Herring, Sally 74 
Herring, Tameka 74 

Herrlein, Eric 74 
Hester, Jerry, 217 
Hester, Stacey 74 
Hicks, Dav e 124 
Hicks, Andrew 74 
Hicks, Rashandra 74 
Hicks, Stavio 140, 110 
Hilbert, Jeffery 74 
Hill, Angela 74 
Hill, Belinda 74 
Hill, John 74 
Hill, Kristi 74 
Hill, Laura 74 
Hines, Robert 74 
Hinson, David 74 
Hobbs, Melinda 74 
Hodges, Greg 74 
Hodges, Shelly 74 
Hodgson, Denise 74 
Holcomb, Donna 74 
Holcomb, Kristin 74 
Holeman, Alexa 74 
Holland, Heather 162 
Holland, Stuart 74 
Holley, Suzanne 74 
Hollingsworth, Kathy 127, 75 
Hollon, Tom 75 
Holloway, Roni 75 
Holloway, Veronica 141 
Holman, Keith 75 
Holt, Daryan 75 
Honaker, Patricia 75 
Honea, Jamie 125, 112, 75 
Honey, Cheri 75 
Home, Jeremy 75 
Home, Nancy 75 
Home, Toby 75 
Home., Jeremy 112 
Horton, Monica 75 
House, William 124 
Houston, Darlene 75 
Howard, Amber 152, 75 
Howard, Bob 75 
Howard, Bobby 75 
Howard, Caroline 75 
Howard., Amber 113 
Howel, Misty 241 
Howell, Cindy 75 
Howell, Jason 124, 75 
Howell, Misty 75 
Howton, Audra 162, 75 
Huckabaa, Lesa 75 
Huckaby, Leslie 162 
Hudson, Melod 75 
Huffaman, Kristen 1 13 
Huffman, Kristen 75 
Hughes, Lisa 75 
Hughes, Tonya 75 
Hughley, Princess 75 
Huner, Trade 75 

Hunt, Stacy DuVall 91 
Hunt, Steve 75 
Hurley, Jennifer 75 
Hutchins, Jennifer 123, 75 
Hutchins, Wendy 112 
Hutchison, Misti 75 
Hutchisson, Christopher 75 
Hutto, Bridget 75 
Hutto, Helen 122 
Hutto, Natalie 75 
Hwango, Inkel Po 127 
Hyatt, DeWayne 75 
Hyde, James 75 

Idland, Rhett 75 
Igari, Koshi 75 
Iley, Trent 75 
Ingram, Daryl 140, 75 
Ingram, Kelly 75 
Ingram, Kristi 75 
Inman, Patricia 75 
Irvin, Heather 75 
Isbell, Robert 75 
Isom, Randy 75 
Izumi, Michael 75 


Jacqueline 75 
Joe 213 
John 110, 75 
Mackenzie 75 
Michelle 75 
Nypka 75 
Rebecca 75 
Rodney 217 
Sandra 75 

Jackson, Sharon 75 
Jackson, Vincent 124 
James, Dana 75 
James, Eric 215 
James, Matthew 75 
James, Sherman 215 
Jamison, James 217 
Jarnagin, Karen 75 
Jayroe, Stacey 75 
Jeffcoat, Jeffery 126 
Jeffers, Melissa 75 
Jenkins, Auria 75 
Jenkins, Cindy 75 
Jennings, Christy 125 
Jensen, Carol 75 
Jernigan, Clay 75 
Jernigan, Eufaula 75 
Jernigan, Tracey 75 
Jimmerson, Tasha 75 
Jinks, Jamie 125, 75 
Jinright, John 112 
Johns, Angela 75 
Johns, Reggie 76 
Johnson, Adell 76 
Johnson, Brian 124, 76 
Johnson, Cassandra 76 
Johnson, Cheryl 76 
Johnson, Christy 112 
Johnson, Demetra 76 
Johnson, Dixie 76 
Johnson, Erika 76 
Johnson, Jason 76 
Johnson, Jay 76 
Johnson, LaShunya 76, 220 
Johnson, Leslie 76 
Johnson, Mashone 76 
Johnson, Sheri 76 
Johnson, Stacie 76 
Johnson, Stacie 76 
Johnson, Tara 152, 76 
Johnson, Vickie 76 
Johnson., Vickie 123 
Johnston, Leslie 141 
Joiner, Barry 75 
Jolley, Crystal 152. 75 
Jones, Jason 76 
Jones. Jeffrey 76 
Jones, Ashle 76 
Jones, Ashley 152, 76 
Jones, Beth 76 
Jones, Carolyn 76 
Jones, Chad 76 
Jones. Charles 124, 76 
Jones, David 110, 76 
Jones, Foster 76 
Jones, Jennifer 152 
Jones, Leandro 76 
Jones, Merry 76 
Jones, Mica 162, 76 
Jones, Mike 76 

Jones, Scott 1 13, 76 
Jones, Steven 76 
Joneston, Leslie 76 
Jordan, Jason 76 
Jordan, Joey 76 
Jordan, Tracey 76 
Jordan, Tracia 76 
Jordan, Wally 76 
Julian, Andrea 76 
Julie, Anne Hallee 122 
Justice, Lana 76 

Kaetzel, Keith 76 

Kahlbau, Lon 152, 76 

Kale, Kate 76 

Kamm, Kerstin 76 

Kaykendall, Chris 77 

Keel, Anita 76 

Keen, Joshua 76 

Keil, Trisha 76 

Keil, Trisha 76 

Kelley, April 76 

Kellogg, Patrick 76 

Kelly, Heather 76 

Kelly, Krista 76 

Kelly, Timothy 76 

Kemp, C.W. 76 

Kennedy, Kelly 76 

Kennedy, Marie 76 

Kennedy, Mary 76 

Kent, Michelle 76 

Kervin, Kelli 76 

Ketchum, Jodie 76 

Key, Brian 140, 76 

Killets, Shannon 152 

Killets, Shawn 76 

Killough. Sandra 76 

Kilow, Robert 215 

Kilpnck. Jennifer 241, 243,76 

Kim, Suk 112 

Kimball, Ann 113 

King, Sondra 76 

King, Tara 76 

Kingry, Jason 76 

Kinsaul, Lori 76 

Kirk. Debbie 76 

Kirk, Scott 76 

Kirkland, Kimberly 112, 77 
Kirland, Amanda 76 
Knight, Jamie 77 
Knott. John 77 
Knotts, Scott 77 
Knowles, Kim 77 
Knox, Justin 77 
Kojima, Jennifer 77 
Kowal, Jonathan 77 
Kratzer, Misty 77 
Krpata, Lance 77 
Krug, Elisa 77 
Krug. Stephanie 77 
Kusz, Belinda 2 
Kyser, Buffie 77 

Lacey. Mary 77 
Lacey, Peter 77 
Lacy, Sean 77 
Lacy, Shenika 77 
Lacy, Tonya 77 
Lambert, Jennifer 77 
Lambert, Lori 77 
Lan, Jeremy 77 
Landry, Cynthia 77 
Lange, Matthew 77 
Langford, Kelly 124. 77 
Lansdon, Amy 77 
LaPrad, Philip 77 
Laroche, Kristy 77 
Larry, Culpepper 69 
Lassiter, Mandy 77 
Laster. Regina 77 
Lathan, Suzanne 77 
Laughman, Scott 77 
Lawerence. Connie 77 
Lawerence, David 77 
Lawley. Dawn 77 
Lawrence, Amy 77 
Lawrence, Dave 124 
Lawrence, Illya 215 
Lawson, Wendi 77 
Lay, Luke 112 
Layfield, Kim 77 
Layton, Meredith 77 
Lazenby. Melody 77 
Leak, Liberty 1 24 

Leatherwood, Jennifer 77 
Leatherwood, Keri 152 
Lee, Angie 77 
Lee, Jennifer 77 
Lee, Jessica 77 
Lee, Paulette 77 
Leonard, Karen 77 
Lero, John 77 
Leverette, Kendall 77 
Levy, Tamir 77 
Lewis, Kate 77 
Lieb, Kelly 77 
Ligon, Tara 77 
Linch, Laura 77 
Little. Amy 77 
Little, Amy, 122 
Lockett, Robin 152 
Locklar, Eric 77 
Lofton, Monolito 2 1 7 
Long, Brandy 77 
Long, Daniel 77 
Longcoy, Norma 77 
Lopez, Alex 77 
Loughridge, Cathy 77 
Lovejoy, Randolph 215 
Lovfald, Inge-lise 77, 123 
Lovik, Julie 77 
Lowery, David 1 24 
Lowery, Fred 77 
Lucas, Tammi 77 
Lumpkin. Daniel 77 
Lunsford, Blake 77 

Macy. Laura 77 
Maddox, Lynda 77 
Maestri, Don 217 
Magonigal, Erin 77 
Mahan, Latashia 220 
Mahan. Stephanie 78 
Mallette, Monique 77 
Malphrus, Abby 77 
Mancil, Kelley 78 
Mandel, Mary 78 
Mann. Colin 78 
Mann, Kevin 78 
Manning, Carol 125, 
Manning. Carrie 78 


Index "31 

Manning. Charles 78 
Manning. Charles, 110,125 
Manning. Deborah 78 
Manning. Nathan 78 
Manning, Nathan, 123 
Mansmann, Louis 78 
Mansmann, Michelle 78 
Mapps, Jerome 110, 78 
Marcus, Mark 126, 78 
Marks, Steve 78 
Marsden, Nikki 78 
Marsden. Nikki. 162 
Marshall, Derek 78 
Marshall, Jennifer 78 
Marsti. Lori 78 
Martin. David 126. 78 
Martin. Heather 162 
Martin. Jennifer 78 
Martin. Michelle 123. 78 
Martin, Stephanie 162 
Mason, Richard 217 
Mather, Renee 78 
Mathews. Bobby 126 
Mathews, Tonya 78 
Matlock, Joanne 78 
Matthews, Bobby 132 
Matthews, Carla 78 
Maturi. Heather 78 
Maund, Rene 78 
Maxwell, Amy 78 
May, April, 78 
May, Rick 78 
McAllister, Reggie 140 
Mcbourgin, Monte 78 
McBribe, Amanda 78 
McBride, Sharon 78 
McBryde, Sharon 78 
McCandless, Allison 78 
McCarthy, Kim 78 
McCarthy, Martin 78 
McCay. Laura 162. 78 
McClain. Jill 78 
McClendon, Mandy 78 
McClure, Kimberly 78 
McCollum. Timothy 78 
McCormiek, Joy 78 
McCoy, Jiles 78 
McCreary. Tracee 122 
McCroan, David 78 
McCrory, Lori, 78 
McDonald. John 78 
McDonald, Leah 78 
McDonald, Michael 78 
McFadden, Angela 78 
McFadyen, ( onnie 78 
McGhee, Belinda 78 
McGhee, Felcia 78 
Mc< rhee, Shawn 78 
McGhee, Tyler 78 

Mc( rilvray, Stacey 78 

■ ' 

312" Index 

McGinn. Suzie 2. 78 
McGinnis. Valerie 78, 152 
McGovern, Brian 78 
McGuire, Nicole 122 
McHaney, Chanda 162 
McHargue. Angela 78 
McHugh. Whitney 78 
Mckee, Jennifer 78 
McKenzie, Wade 122 
McKeown, Stephanie 78 
McKinley, Paige 78 
McKinney, Sonia 78 
McLendon, Gary 78 
McLendon, Mitzi, 241 
McLeod, Stephanie 78 
McMillian, Louis 78 
McNabb, Sunni 78 
McNeal, Angela 78 
McNeal, Angie 125 
McNeal, Johnathan 79 
McNeal, Launa 79 
McNealy, Keesha 125, 79 
McQueen, Sabrina 79 
McSwain, Theresa 79, 1 25 
Meehan. Jeremy 79, 110 
Meigs. Scarlet 79 
Melton. Catherine 79 
Merkel, Pamela 122 
Merrett, Joseph 79 
Messick, Dawn 79 
Metzler. Christina 79 
Middlebrooks, Jane 112. 79 
Middleton. J.J. 79 
Middleton, Jennifer 
123. 152, 79 

ddleton, Terrence 79 
kelljoy 79 
les, Rosalyn 79 
Her, Chris 79 
Her, Jennifer 79 
Her, Lori 79 
Her, Mary Jo 79 
Her, Rebecca 79 
lis, Cami 79 
IK. Christy 113 
lis, Jarnd 79 
Iter, Heather 88 
mbs, Brian 88 
nnelield. Patrick. 217 
ssildine, Susan 79 
tchell, Angela 79 
tchell, Arthur 79 
tchell, Brian 2, 112. : 
tchell. Jo SS 
tchell. Joseph 140 
tchell, Kristin 79 
tchell, Leslie 79 
tchell, Mario 214. 79 
tchell, Taisha 79 
tchell. Tom 140 


Moans, Brad 79 
Mock. Chris 79 
Mock. Meri 134. 135 
Mock, Meri, 79 
Money, Carolyn 88 
Montee, Richard 79 
Montgomery, Adria 241, 79 
Montgomery. Eric 79 
Montgomery, Latisha 88, 79 
Montgomery, Natalie 79, 241 
Moore, Daniel, 88 
Moore, Heather 152 
Moore, Sarah 152. 79 
Moore, Stephanie 79 
Moore, Yolanda 79 
Moorer. Merri 79 
Moorer, Thomas 79 
Morales, Ann 79 
Morales, Ev 79 
Morgan, Dario 79 
Morgan. LaToya 135, 88 
Morgan, Leslie 

134, 135, 88, 79 
Morgan, Melinda 79 
Morris, Neal 79. 113 
Morris, Richard 79 
Morrow. Angela 79 
Moseley, Noah 79 
Mosely, Noah 140 
Moses, Johnnie 79 
Moss, Angela 79 
Motley, Lisa 79 
Moultry, Jermaine 79 
Mount, Davina 79 
Mugler, Byron 79 
Mullen, Cindy 79 
Muller, Lonneke 126, 79 
Mullet, Gregor 79 
Mullinax, Shannon 79 
Mullins, Alan 112. 79 
Mullins, Julie 79 
Murdock, Heather 126. 79 
Murphree, Michelle 152, 79 
Murphy, Amanda, 220 
Murphy, Holley 152 
Murphy, Lisa 79 
Murphy. Michael 79 
Murry, Stacey 210, 215 
Musgrove, Alicia 79 
Myers, Stacy I 1 3 
Myers, Tiffanj SO 

Nabors, James 80 
Nail, Mario 80 
Nail. Melissa 80 
Napier. Aleah 80 
Nappier. Joe 80 
Nazary. Jill 80 
Neal , Tammy 80 
Neal, James 80 
Neal. Marvin 80 
Neal, Tashawn 80 
Neal, Tawaina 80 
Nelson. Christophe 80 
Nelson, Lucy 80 
Nelson. Michelle 80 
Nelson. Rhonda 80 
Nelson, Shelia 80 
Nessi, Matt 122 
Nessi, Matthew 80 
Neupane. Pradumna 80 
New, Harold 110 
Newman, Shana 152.80 
Newman, Valerie 80 
Nichols. Michael. 124 
Nichols. Sherry 80 
Nichols. Woodfin 80 
Nikolakis, Meg 80 
Nikolakis. Meg. 162 
Norris. Julia 126. 80 
Norris. Kim 123 
Norris. Kimberly 1 12. SO 
Nortoll, Rafeal 80 
Nowell, Rhonda 112. 80 

Oates, James 80 
O'Bannon, Trixie SO 

O'Brien, Amy 152 
Odom, Bettina 80 
Odom, Brittney 80 
Odom, Charlie 80 
Odom, Kris 80 
Odom, Neal 80 
Odom, Tiffany 80 
Oeters, Dawn 80 
Ogden, Chris 80 
Ogleshy, Ashley 80 
OHara, Brent 80 
O'Hara. Michael 80 
Oldnettle, Scott 80 
Olivastro, Andrew 80 
Oliver, Russell 80 
O'Neal, Rusty 80 
ones, Jason 76 
O'Reilly, Chris 2, 80, 14 
Orlandella, Brian 80 
Orzolick, Aaron 80 
Oscarssar, Fredick 80 
Osunde, Joyce 80 
Oswald, Jason 80 
Owens, Regina 113, 80 
Owens, Shirley 80 

Padgett, Midge 152 
Parrish, Cori 152 
Paula, Jowers 76 
Payne. Dale 215, 81 
Peavy, Craig 81 
Peevy, Emily 152 
Pendarvis, Pausha 152 
Penn, Mandi 81 
Pennington, Ashley 122 
Peoples, Myrtle 81 
Perdue, Chastiy 81 
Perdue, Kim 135 
Perreault, Tiss 152 
Perrigin, Delana 81 
Perrine, Laine 127, 81 
Perry, Holly 81 
Perry, Hugh 81 
Perry, Mindy 81 
Peterman. Laura 162 
Peterson, Christina 81 
Peterson, Lisa 81 

Peterson, Rhonda 8 1 
Peterson, Shawn 126 
Peterson, Timothy 8 1 
Peterson., Chris 220 
Petitjean, Mirielle 81 
Pfeifer, Craig 81 
Phillippi, Aimee 81 
Phillips, Jennifer 81 
Phillips, Miranda 81 
Phillips. Natasha 162, 81 
Phillips, Quinn 81 
Phillips, Rebecca 81 
Phillips, Rodney 81 
Pickering, Amy 81 
Piecewicz, Jeff 81 
Pierce, Shannon 152, 81 
Pierce, Varee 8 1 
Piggott, Amy 162, 81 
Pigott, Kerri 81 
Pilcher, Nicole 81 
Ping, Jason 81 
Pippin, Angel 2 
Pittman, Nancy 81 
Pitts, Amber 81 
Pitts, Burt 124 
Pitts, Frederick 81 
Pitts, Tommy 81 
Piatt, Diana, 112 
Poirier, William Jr 124 
Polite, Fitzgerald 81 
Pollard, Ardina 81 
Pollard, John 81 
Poole, Cynthia 81 
Pope, Chris 81 
Porter, Kristy 81 
Porter, Leslie 81 
Porter, Michelle 81 
Postell, Eric 81 
Pouncey, Tracey 8 1 
Powell, Angie 162, 125,81 
Powell, Jason 81 
Powell, Julie 81, 162 
Powell, Lori 81 
Powell, Sharanda 81 
Prater, Kim 81 
Prewett, Tonya 81 
Price, Daniel 135 
Price, Jarrod 8 1 
Price, Tonja 81 
Price, William 81 
Pridgen, Arleen 81, 112 
Pritchett, Latricia 81 
Pruski, Kara 81 
Puccio, Phil 215, 81 
Pybus, Kimberly 81 

Quandt, Becky 122 

Race, Maria 126, 11, 14, 81 
Rachels, Daniel 81 
Ragle, Rosemary 8 1 
Rainer, Will 81 
Randolph, Kristi 81 
Rankin, Kimberly 81 
Rankin, Rachel 81 
Rankin, Susanna 81, 112 
Rape, Betsi 152, 81 
Rasberry, Deonna, 81 
Rastogi, Abhishant 122, 81, 

Rastogi, Prashnant 81 
Ratcliff, Kristie, 241 
Ratliff, Kristie 82 
Ray, Kacy 82 
Ray, Kevin 82 
Ray, Kimberly 82 
Rayburn, Scott 82 
Reaker, Melissa 123, 162 
Reed, Emily 82 
Reeder, Tracy 82 
Reese, Britt 82 
Reese, Michelle 82 
Reeves, Dillon 82 
Reeves, Jason 82 
Reeves, Jo Ann 82 
Reeves, Melissa 82 
Reimers, Heather 82, 162 
Reiss, Lori 82 
Render, Clif 112 
Reynolds, Amanda 82 
Reynolds, Charlotte 82 

Reynolds, Lee Ann 82 
Reynolds, Richard 82 
Rich, Helene 82 
Rich, Heli 112 
Richards, Amy 82 
Richardson, Daphne 82 
Richardson, Garrie 82 
Richburg, Shelly 82 
Riddle, Katie 82 
Rietz, Ryan 82 
Riley, Kelly 82 
Risinger, Shani 82 
River, Lisa 126 
Rivers, Harrison 82 
Rivers, Stephanie 82 
Roark, Kelly 82 
Robbins, Christopher, 82 
Robbins, William 82 
Roberts, Jeff 110, 82 
Robinete, Jason 82 
Robinette, Nicole 82 
Robinson, Erin 82 
Robinson, Mary Beth 82 
Robinson, Novella 82 
Robinson, Royce 124 
Roche, Alex 82 
Rocque, Bart 82 
Rodger, John 110 
Rodgers, Melissa 82 
Rodgers, Shannon 82 
Rogers, Adam 82 
Rogers, Kristy, 123 
Rogers, Patra 82 
Rogers, Penny 135, 82 
Rogers, Virginia 82 
Rollan, Hope 82 
Rollins, Dee Anne 82 
Roselius, Shannon 82 
Ross, Alicia 82 
Rountree, Jennifer 82 
Rowell, Gayla 82 
Rowell, Jeremy 208, 82 
Rucker, Meredith 82 
Ruffin, David 82 
Rusnak, Bridget 82 
Russell, Dana 82 
Russell, Kelly 82 
Rutland, Russell 124,82 
Rutledge, Darbi 82 
Ryals, Aaron 82 



Sabo. Paul 141. 82 
Salkeld, Jean 242 
Salter, Rhonda 132, 126, 82 
Salter, Tiffany 82 
Sanchez-Prieto, Alberto 

122, 82 
Sanchez-Prieto, Manuel 122, 

Sanders, Scott 82 
Sandlin, Charla 141, 82 
Sassar, Kristi 82 
Sauer, Sascha 82 
Savell, Aimee 83 
Sayers, Renee 152 
Sayler, Jill 112, 83 
Schauer, Diana 135, 83 
Schauland, Melinda 125, 83 
Schenholm, Heather 152, 83 
Schletter, Christian 83 
Schmidt, Christopher 83 
Schmittendorf, Jamie 83 
Schofield, Suzanne 83 
Schroeder, Mitt 83 
Scott, Alison 83 
Scott, Billy 83 
Scott, Holly 83 
Scott, Tyrone 83 
Scruggs, Amy 83 
Seaborn, Dan 1 24, 83 
Seale, Kristi 83 
Sell. Sami 83 
Sellers, Brian 83 
Sellers, David S3 
Sellers, Rhonda 162 
Senn, Leslie 83 
Sergent, Derek 83 
Sessions, Wesley 83 
Sexton, Man in s 5 
Seymour, Copelin 140, 83 
Shaffer, James 83 
Shelter, Robert x< 
Shanlglin, Teresa 83 
Sharpe, Laura 83 
Shellhouse, Bennie 8 5 
Shelton, Han x< 
Shepherd, Arnita 8 5 
Slu-rlield. Thomas S * 

Sherrer, Amy 125, 83 
Sherry, James 122 
Sherwood, Barbara, 24 1 
Shont. Dudley 83 
Shores, Adam 83 
Shores. Jason 83 
Short, Kelley 83 
Short, Kristi 83 
Short. Tyrone 112 
Shorten, Melinda 122, 83 
Shull, Andrea 122. 83 
Sickman, Dale 140 
Sickman, Thomas 83 
Simpkins, Jeremy 83 
Simpkins, Ronald 83 
Simpson, Bart 127 
Simpson, Julie 83 
Sims, Hardie 83 
Sims, Rhonda 83 
Sims, Venerissa 83 
Sineath, Laura 83 
Singleton, Carol 126, 83 
Singleton, Robin 83 
Sipper, James 83 
Sirmon, Candice 162, 83 
Sisneros, Geno 83 
Sisneros, Geno, 112 
Skeen, Natalie 152, 83 
Slater, Brian 124 
Slater, Robbie 83 
Slausktar, Al 83 
Slusser, Holly 83 
Smith, Alicia, 241 
Smith, Amy 83 
Smith, Andrew 83 
Smith, Belinda 83 
Smith, Bryan 83 
Smith, Chris 112 
Smith, Christopher 83 
Smith, Christy 83 
Smith, Jamason 83 
Smith, Julie 83 
Smith, Larmon 83 
Smith, Louis 83 
Smith, Missy 84 
Smith, Randy 84 
Smith, Shannon 84 
Smith, Steven 84 
Smith, Tamica 220 
Smith, Thomas 84 
Smith, Victoria 84 
Smith, Wendy 84 
Smith, Willie 84 
Smitherman, Amanda 83 
Smitherman, Christopher S4 
Smitherman, Leslie 84 
Sneed. Kelly 84 
Snell, William 84 
Snellgrove, Carrie 125. 84 
Snellgrove, Rebecca 84 

Sollick, Amy 84 
Soloman, Robin 84 
Sonald. Cynthia 70 
Sonnier, Monica 84 
Sossaman, Sharon 152, 2 
Spader, Brian 84 
Spain, Kristin 84 
Spears, Christy 84 
Spears, Stacy 84 
Spencer, Fred 217 
Spikes, Shirley 84 
Spivey, Kevin 84 
Spoto, Eric 110, 84 
Springer, Kimberly 84 
Stabler, Sheila 84 
Stamey. Rhoda 84 
Stanford, Cindy 162 
Starks, Althea 84 
Starling, Shawn 240, 84 
Starnes, David 84 
Stearns, Josh 84 
Steedley, Tracy 84, 152 
Stephens, Sharon 84 
Stevens, Melonie 84 
Stewart, Jack 84 
Stewart, Adam 84 
Stewart, Chad 84 
Stewart, David 84 
Stewart, James 84 
Stewart, Jeff 84 
Stewart, Mandy 84 
Stewart, Siobhan 84 
Stewart, Tonya 135, 84 
Stillwell, Leigh Anne 84 
Stockley, Alison 84 
Stocks, Jody 84 
Stockwell, Shelley 84, 123 
Stodghill, Jennife 84 
Stokes, Carissa 84 
Stokes, Connie 84 
Stokes, Ryan 84 
Stone, Kim 1 12 
Street, Melissa 84 
Strength, Lisa 84 
Strickland, Branwyn 84 
Stringer, Mauric 84 
Stroud, Emily 84 
Stubbs, Heather 84 
Studstill, Julie 126 
Suarez, Rebecca 84 
Suber, Rame 84 
Suggs, Missy 84 
Sullivan. Ward. 217 
Sumblin, Carrie 84 
Surles, Stephen 84 
Sutton, Debbie S4 
Sutton, Erick 84 
Swager. Leigh 84 
Swal, Michael 84 
Swearingen, Amber 84 

Swindall. John 84 
Swol, Micha 122 
Synder, Kimberly 84 

Tale, Maurice 140 
Tanner, Mandy 84 
Tate. Maurice 84 
Tatm, Christin 85 
Taunton, Meridith 85 
Taylor, Cecilia 85 
Taylor, Holly 85 
Taylor, John 85 
Taylor, Kelley 85 
Taylor, Sherry 85 
Taylor, Stephen 85 
Taylor, Vernita 85 
Taylor.Tonya 85 
Tedder, Jana 85 
Tedder, Wendy 85 
Telfair, Leah 85 
Terrell, Jason 85 
Terry, Bridgette 85 
Terry, Leigh 85 
Terry, Pam 85 
Teston, Greg 110. Ill, 85 
Tetloff, Athena 85 
Tew, Kim 113, 85 
Tew, Melissa 152 
Thames, Wendy 85 
Thibodeaux, Michelle 85 
Thigpen, JeanAnne 85 
Thomas, Angela 220 
Thomas, Brandy 85 
Thomas, Jay 85 
Thomas, Jessi, 112 
Thomas. Michael 110. 85 
Thomas. Ricky 85 
Thomason, Benjamin 85 
Thompson, Angela 85 
Thompson, Tammy 152 
Thorne, Nancy 85 
Thornhill, Beth Anne 85 
Thornton. Kelvin, 217 
Thorpe, Treva 85 
Thrash, Stacey 85 
Thrasher. Leah 162. 85 
Threadgill, Chresal 85 

314" ln(lcx 

Till, Jay 85 
Tilley, Cari 85 
Tilley, Carmen 85 
Tillman, Kyle 85 
Timbie, Randolph 85 
Tindal, Justin 85 
Tinker, Joslyn 2, 3 
Tinsley, Shawn 85 
Tirey, Tonya 85 
Tivman, Kathy 85 
Tivnan, Christine 123 
Tolar, Joe 85 

Tolson, Spring 123, 152, 85 
Tompkins, Traci 85 
Tonegatto, April 85 
Toney, Christen 85 
Toney, Dwight 85 
Tonry, Christen 162 
Torres, Teresa 162, 85 
Touchton, Liza 85 
Townsend, David 85 
Townsend, William 85 
Trail, Camie 11, 85 
Trammel, Michael 85 
Trammell, Clem 85 
Trammell, Michelle 85 
Trotter, Elizabeth 85 
Tucker, Ronja 85 
Tucker, Terry 85 
Tulio, Iris 85 
Turk, Lisa 85 
Turner, Holly 85 
Turner, Kimberly 85 
Turner, Nancy 85, 113 
Turney, Holly 14 
Turvin, Susan 85 
Tyndal, Amie 162, 85 

Underwood, Kim 85 
Uptain, Leah 85 

Ward, LaDon 86 

Wilbanks, Brian 87 

■^^r- -^r 

Ward, Nikki 152, 86 

Wilemon, Neely 87 

^J / 

Ward, Raymond 110 

Wiley, Rhonda 87 

m / 

Waren, Brent 86 

Wilhelm, Traci 87 

m / 

Warren, Matthew 86 

Wilkerson, Benny 87 


Washington. Debia 86 
Washington, Prebe 86 

Wilkes, Olivia S7 


Wilkins, Melissa 87 


Waters, Melissa 86 

Wilkinson, Amy 87 

Watson, Anthony 124, 86 

Wilkinson. Billy 87 

Watson, Emily 86 

William, Clifton 87 

Watson, Melanie 86 

William, Shannon 87 

Watson, Shay 112 

William, Tracy 87 

Watts, Faith 86 

Williams, Art 87 

Vandiver, Debbie 

Weatherford, Johnny 86 

Williams, Donta 87 

132, 126, 85 

Weatherford, Tommy 86 

Williams, Felicia 87 

Vanlandingham, Travis 85 

Weathersby. Rosalyn, 220 

Williams, Jack 87 

Varvil, Terry 86 

Weaver, Michele 86 

Williams, Jeremy 2, 87 

Vaughan, Timothy 86 

Webb, Casey 86 

Williams, Keri 113, 87 

Vaughn, Heath 110, 111 

Webster, Kristen 86 

Williams, Kristi 87 

Vaughn, Rahe 152 

Webster, Kristen, 1 12 

Williams, Sheila 87 

Ventura, Roland 110, 111,86 

Weedon, Steve 86 

Williams, Tammy 152. 87 

Veracruz, Angie 127 

Weeks, Becky 125, 86 

Williamson, Carletta 87 

Vick, Amanda 86 

Weems, Kathy 86 

Williford, Emily 87 

Vick, Jennifer 86 

Weiss, Andreas 86 

Willis, Deborah 87 

Vickers, Leah 86 

Welch, Lahronda 125 

Wills, Allison 152 

Vier, Matthew 86, 113 

Weldon, Jennifer, 86 

Wilson, Angela 87 

Vilito, Debora 123 

Wellborn, Erin 86 

Wilson, Cynthia 87 

Villarreal, Sandra 86, 241 

Wells, Angie 152 

Wilson, Shannon 162 

Vitita, Rajeance 86 

Wells, LouAnn 86 

Wilson, Timothy 124 

Vought, Bob 126 

Wells, Sandy 86 

Winborn, Thomas 87 

Wentworth, MaryAnn 86 

Windham, Angelika 87 

^^^_, m ^^^ m — m^mr 

Werner, Amanda 86 

Wingard, Sharon 87 

^T ^1 T 

Werner, Amanda, 152 

Winston, Anquitnette 87 

m m\ I 

Wernicke, David 126, 86 

Winter, Wendi 112, 87 

m /m/ 

Wertz, Gretchen 162, 86 

Wise, Rosemary 87 

m/ ml 

West, Tonya 86 

Wise, Sherry 87 

W W 

Westberry, Melissa 86 

Wolny, Heather 152 

y Y 

Westover, Lucy 86 

Wood, Hilary 125 

Wetzel, Kami 86 

Woodfin, Amy 87 

Wheat, Becky 86 

Woodham, Keene 2 

Whee, Tad 86 

Woodham, Renne 87 

Whitacre, Deborah 86 

Wren, Ray 87 

Whitacre, Melody 86 

Wright, April 87 

Waddell, Heidi 86 

Whitacre, Robyn 86 

Wright, Clayton 87 

Wade, Tameka 86 

White, Calondra 141, 86 

Wright, Julie 87 

Wagner, Jill 86 

White, Cecelia 86 

Wright, Patricia 87 

Waldheim, Henry 86, 122 

White, Jason 86 

Wright, Russell 87 

Walker, Deanna 86 

White, Labett 86 

Wright, Stephanie 87 

Walker, Kim 86 

White, Ryan 86 

Wright, Thomas 87 

Walker, Mitt 86 

White, Stacey 86 

Wyly, David 87 

Walker, Rosa Lynn 86 

White, Susan 86 

Wynn, Hazel 141 

Walker, Sonya 86 

White, Tonya 86 

Wynn. Scott 87 

Walker, Stephanie 86 

Whitehead, Brandon 86 

Wynn. Tim 87 

Walker, Victoria 86 

Whitley, Britt 162 

Walker, Yolanda 86 

Whittaker, Warren 86 

Walker., Linda 241 

Whorton, Carolyn 87 

Wallace, Kevin 86 

Wickersheim, Michael, 

Wallace, Melvin 86 

110, 124 

Wanzer, Ronald 86 

Wiggins, Alyson 87 

Warblow, Kristin 122, 86 

Wiggins, Darla 162, 123 

Index "315 

Yancey, Libby 87 
Yancey. Libby, 152 
Yap, Su 87 
Yarbrough, Chad 87 
Yendell, Tim 87 
Young, Amy 87 
Young, Joe 87 
Young, Richard 21 1 
Young, Rita 87 
Young, Tabitha 162 
Youngblood, Melissa 87 
Younablood, Michele 87 

Zeigler, Sheri 126 
Zellers, Natalie 87, 162 
Ziegler, Sherri 126, 87 
Zinsmeister, Jason 87 

316" Index 

Here's the story... 

Nine months ago, two eager young women set off on the mission of producing a different and unexpected 
yearbook. Without much support for the idea of co-editors, we believed in ourselves and in our abilities. We 
looked at this task as an adventure instead of a job and knew that the unexpected was about to happen to us. This 
is how the theme" Expect the Unexpected" was born. Our first encounter was a staff of new faces. They were 
new to us and to the university and had no idea about Palladium publication. We had a staff and a theme and our 
work was cut out for us. 

We set up all of our specs, section editors, staff meetings and deadlines. We thought we had everything under 
control until one of our staff members went into labor during our first staff meeting. We looked at each other and 
told each other that we could handle this. Everything was once again organized, and we were ready to work. 
After one week into the quarter, our ladder was lost. We turned the office upside down and finally gave up. We 
created our own wall-sized ladder. We made our first deadline with extra pages and looked forward to winter 
quarter. Winter came and once again we had a staff of new faces. Honestly, we had not expected this. Was it us 
or maybe our huge wall ladder that intimidated people. We started training again. We had to turn entire sections 
over to inexperienced freshmen, and we tried to tell them how to do things and what to expect when we had no 
earthly idea ourselves. We relied on Subway to reduce our stress level and Pringles if the maid did not eat them 
all. Deadlines started coming and going, and we were amazed at the excuses we heard from staff members. We 
had no idea they were so creative. We finally convinced Lesa that Sports Information had all the facts she was 
searching for. We convinced Latoya that only organization advisers could identify people in photos because we 
did not know everyone on campus. We developed into two completely frustrated, stressed, overworked indi- 
viduals. We practically moved into the office but kept our patience. 

During this time, Penny was in training to take on the entire workload when Diana left for internship in the 
spring. Diana appointed Jerome the responsibility of taking care of Penny's sanity. We made all of our deadlines 
and said our good-byes knowing that Diana would come back. 

Afternoons were spent by Penny dwelling on the absence of Diana. Walking into the office the first day was 
terrible. I missed her so much and I realized I had to do this if not for me but for her. Once again, I became 
organized. The only problem was that spring was here and staff members did not want to come in. I found 
myself pleading for information on the status of their sections. Jerome was always there for me, telling me that I 
could do this when I didn't believe in myself. Diana called every week and Jerome always wiped the tears away 
when I hung up the phone with her. I handled deadlines, proofs and staff meetings, but I had no idea of the fight 
ahead. Palladium was being cut completely out of the 1995-96 budget. I then focused my attention on fighting 
for a book instead of deadlines. Staff members were outraged, publications were calling me for quotes and 
students were asking questions. The book survived, and I could then focus my time on deadlines. The staff 
almost gave up during this fight and seemed to loose respect for me. Diana came back and found me about to 
give up. After an afternoon in the office screaming so that the entire second floor could hear, Diana confronted 
the problem and handled it. I could then see just how special our friendship had become. 

Penny got over her nervous breakdown and was selected for editor again. The bad news was that we had 
another deadline and the good news was that one of our staff members was expecting another baby. Mr. 
McKerral always wondered what were doing up here. We just looked at Palladium as one big, happy family. 
We spent finals week trying to figure out how to do the index, and we hope you liked it. The best thing that 
came out of the publication of this book was the fact that we did it despite the negative feelings people first had 
andwe developed a friendship that will last a lifetime. 

318" Editor's Note 

Special ^Thanks 

Jerome-Pontaics are good cars. You just got 

lucky with your Honda. I like whip cream on my 

desserts also. Thanks for all of your help. 

Tonya-The quiet one. Have you talked to Tony 

Harris lately? Can we do lunch? We will miss 

you dearly. 

Meri-Have you signed your time card yet? Good 

luck with your family. 

Leslie-Be harsh in sending those bills next year. 

Collect money so you can get paid. Good luck! 

Lesa-You made it through your interview. We 

told you that you could do it. Good luck next 


Latoya-Photograhpy called and said they do not 

have the archaeological picture. You did a great 

job with organizations. 

Jeanine-Honestly, nothing happened on the 

yellow couch. You will be a great editor next 

year! We leave you sleepless nights, no respect 

and phone calls from Ed. 

Mac-Thanks for always believing in us and giving 

us the encouragement to continue. We could 

never figure out what you were doing from 

sprained ankles to throwing out your back to 

rumors about heart attacks. You will never know 

what a difference you made in our lives. Thanks 

for being our adviser and friend. 

Top Ten: 

Reasons to be yearbook editor 

1 . Your closest friends realize just how crazy 
your are. 

2. You become best friends with Ed. 

3. It looks great on your resume. 

4. You have nothing else better to do with your 
free time. 

5. Inherit the yellow desks and the used banana 

6. Deadlines. 

7. Your social life will be public knowledge. 

8. You lose your hearing. 

9. You cannot keep track of your keys. 

10. Everybody wants to be your friend. 

Famous Last 



"We can handle this." 


"Who's parked in the Palladium 



"Have you seen my keys?" 


"I'm not getting paid, but I'll do it." 


"Staff meetings are mandatory." 


"Call photography." 


"He really doesn't like me." 


Til do it." 


"I don't want to walk, I'll drive." 


. "Look for it on Latoya's desk." 


. "Where are the time cards?" 

Editor's Note "319 


Year to Remember 





Co-Editors Penny Rogers 

Diana Schauer 

Business Manager Tonya Stewart 

Student Life Meri Mock 

Features Jerome Brown 

People Diana Schauer 

Penny Rogers 

Organizations Latoya Morgan 

Jeanine Battle 

Greeks Leslie Morgan 

Sports Lesa Huckabaa 

Patrons Tonya Stewart 

Advisor Gordon McKerral 

How we 
Did It 

The Palladium was published by Delmar 
printing and Publishing in Charlotte, N.C.. The 
representative was Frank Myers. 

The theme was created by Penny Rogers, 
Diana Schauer and Phillip Burk. The cover was 
designed by Diana Schauer and Penny Rogers. 
The cover contained a silver foil stamp and a 
maroon silkscreen. The cover was black. 

There were 2,000 copies of the book printed. The books are given free to students that attend fall, 
winter and spring quarter. If a student missed a quarter, the cost was $5 for each quarter missed. 

The paper is 80 pound. The book contains 320 pages. 

Spot color used is PMS 199 and PMS 215. 

All copy and graphics were type set by students on the Macintosh computer using the Pagemaker 4.2 
program. Body copy and captions are Times 12 point and 1 1 point. Folios are 18 point (Page number) and 
1 2 point ( Section i. The fonts varied for each section: Greeks, Symbols and Zapf Chancery; Organizations, 
Bookman (Italic); Student Life, Helvetica and Chancery; Sports. New Century Schoolbook; and Features; 
I imes 

A special thanks... 

Delmar Sales Rep Frank Myers 

TSU Photography Donald Norsworthy 

TSU Photography Ed Mosley 

TSU Photography Staff David Martin 

TSU Photography Staff Andy Williamson 

TSU Photography Staff Kim Cockcroft 

Tropolitan Photography Staff Larry Glover 

Photography Jim Owen Photographies 

Cecil DeMonbrun 

Sports Information Tom Ensey 

Dept. of Speech & Theatre Lori Hancock 

Dept. of Speech & Theatre Tom Smiley 

Hall School of Journalism Dean Merrill Bankester 

Dr. Steven Padgett 

Journalism Secretary Mary Lou Linton 

Adams Center Director Ron Pierce 

Adams Center Dan Boswell 

Adams Center Billie Ann Quails 

Student Involvement Barbara Patterson 

Student Involvement Assistant Donna Oliver 

Student Involvement Grad. Assis Elisa King 

Student Government Association 

Linda Golden Postmaster 

The Tropolitian 

Vice-Pres. Financial Affairs Bill Hopper 

Provost Dr. Lawerence Lovik 

Assistant to the Provost Fred Davis 

Public Affairs Tony Harris 

Vice-Pres. Student Affairs Dr. Charlotte Davis 

Chancellor Dr. Jack Hawkins 

Vice Chancellor Dr. Douglas Patterson 

320 " Patrons 


I ■ ■ ^M ■ 

■' "